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This is a discussion on Plan B? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; To start with, when 2A no longer allow you to protect yourself, then don't plan on saying anything about it because 2A protects 1A. There ...

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Thread: Plan B?

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    To start with, when 2A no longer allow you to protect yourself, then don't plan on saying anything about it because 2A protects 1A.

    There is 'no way' our legislators could deprive every U.S. citizen of his/her guns...all hell would break loose, both inside and outside of political channels.

    I can't imagine doing anything illegal as being out of jail is better than being in jail, and that aside...I would certainly become a 'part' of a HUGE voice would probably become a national uprising...
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    Unfortunately, if I can't have a gun, then I have to rely on my size, and acing skills to intimidate someone. Oh, I can probably get a punch or two in, but my ability to do more than that has dropped considerably over the past 5 years. I inherited my father's genes for spinal arthritis, and I proved the adage "No good deed goes unpunished". At 16, I joined a local volunteer rescue squad, moving from American Red Cross green book first aid in the late 60's, working my way up to full paramedic. I rode an ambulance for 22 years, for free! But the lifting in and out of ambulances, and carrying people down flights of stairs when the stretcher weighs 50 lbs empty, caused me to start injuring my back by the time I was 18. The wear and tear from riding the ambulance, coupled with my genes, has left me with severe arthritis and spinal stenosis. I have constant pain, and take enough narcotics to put some people into a coma! I function fine with the meds but even with all of the narcs, I am never pain free.
    I'm stiff, and walk with a limp. So, I'm not much use in a fight. I do also carry a SOG Flash II pocket knife, with assisted opening, which allows be to open it one handed and get into, play quickly. for the most part, without my gun, I'm screwed!

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    Well I guess we Texans would have to exercise our option under the treaty between us and the United States and subdivide into four states. We would then send nothing but right thinking people to Washington and with our new majority set things back to the way they should be. Failing that, secession. I hear there is this mission in San Antonio that is fairly defensible that we could fall back to....

    On a personal level I guess I should try to get back near my old fighting weight. I do have a good amount of training, but doubt I still have the ability. I could probably still get away with about 75% of what I used to be able to do, but don't ask me to do it for long or even twice in the same week!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian@ITC View Post
    It is unfortunate that those who carry handguns have a false sense of security when it comes to personal safety. All of the firearms training in the world does not mean that you are prepared for any or most confrontations. If what you are basing your survival on is the presence of your gun and your “abilities” with that gun, you are limiting your chances of survival because in the real world, things never go as planned, and you might not ever have a chance to attempt to use your gun. Even if you do use your gun and actually hit what you are aiming at, what are you going to do if and when the threat(s) is still coming?
    Very well said sir!
    "Being a predator isn't always comfortable but the only other option is to be prey. That is not an acceptable option." ~Phil Messina

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