Why would anybody advertise?

Why would anybody advertise?

This is a discussion on Why would anybody advertise? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have seen this set of decals for a long while and I always thought it was a bad idea to let people know your ...

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Thread: Why would anybody advertise?

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    Why would anybody advertise?

    I have seen this set of decals for a long while and I always thought it was a bad idea to let people know your family "distribution." IMHO anybody with evil intentions would see how the amount of people in the household or a child molester see it as a possible menu for his appetites.
    Just plain dumb if you ask me.
    You have to make the shot when fire is smoking, people are screaming, dogs are barking, kids are crying and sirens are coming.
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    You know, I never really thought about that before. Good observation though!

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    Haven't seen that, but some of the local newspapers around here publish "students of the week" or other notable students. Complete with name, photo, school, grade and/or age, and sometimes the info could be even more useful, such as announcing that they have soccer/swim/whatever practice after school. It occurs to me that this announces that if the kid is walking home, they are way more alone at the "after-practice" hour then if they went right home after school, an thus potentially an easier target.
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    I've thought that often too. Even worse are the ones advertising what sports your kids are involved in... it tells where, what and who. For example, it has a soccer ball that says "Anywhere Lions" and "Juniorette". So now I know Juniorette plays soccer in the Anywhere youth league... wouldnt be hard at all to figure out the rest.
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    Sorry, but I really don't think it's a big deal. I don't think it would make you or yours any more likely to become a victim. Potential victims are too plentiful and easy to find.

    Oh, and I'm always happy to see an "OBX" sticker!
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    TMI: Too Much Information

    I sat at the restaurant eating my dinner and, as I often do, scanned the room around me while I chewed. I wasn’t expecting an Al Qaeda attack or anything of the sort, it was simply an habit from the old days that will not die.

    At the table next to me sat a husband and wife, in their fifties, looking forward to retirement in Florida , but now saddled with an unruly teenager who was recently arrested for drugs. The teenager attended some high school named after some long dead politician, and he was in his senior year.

    Across the room sat another couple, young, probably newly weds. The husband was either a police officer or a CCW guy fresh from military service in the Marines.

    The last table was occupied by a family of four. They were Christians and the father was in the refrigeration business. He was taking muscle relaxants for his injured neck, and his wife was allergic to MSG. The kids as well were a storehouse of free information.

    How did I pick up all this personal intell on all these good people?

    Simple. I listened.

    As I walked out into the parking lot after paying my bill, I’ll bet I could tell you which group belonged to which car as well.

    Is this a big deal? I don’t know..you tell me.

    I think it is.

    In a world where the bad guys are busy probing the populace for easy targets, allowing yourself to appear as an easy target is simply stupid. Specially when a little extra care would avoid the problem completely.

    How about the thousands of CCW carriers. How many of you are legally concealed as opposed to totally covert? Sure, its nice to wear all of the CCW fashions. But what are you really hiding?

    Bad guys look at gun magazines. So do ostensibly “good” guys in positions of authority that don’t like the idea of lowly, scum-sucking civilians owning, much less carrying guns. Are you making yourself an easy target?

    What about the robbers who walk into their next take-over robbery, or the terrorist who is scanning the place before blurting out the characteristics “Allah Akbar” prelude to a mass killing? What if they “make” the gun guy before the gun guy has any idea of what is happening?

    Will you be a deterrent, or the first target?

    What of the myriad ways an enemy can make use of the information such as : The names of your kids, where they go to school, your home address, your work hours, where your parents live, etc.

    How many of you have one of those “My Child Is An Honor Student At Good Guy School”?

    Sure we are proud of our kids, but I do not have such things on my vehicle. How hard do you think it would be for a thug to kidnap your kid with such information and either use them to get to you, or ransom them, or worse?

    American CCW folks are law abiding, honest, godly people. But they need to think like the enemy to see their own weaknesses. What we are talking about here is Operational Security, or Op Sec for short.

    In the civilian world, we also often hear the term TMI…or Too Much Information. Usually this is directed at discussion with kids describing their stomach flu or something of that nature. Nonetheless, TMI and OpSec are similar in that your information, be it sensitive or disgusting is not for publication.

    Watch what you say in public. Think the worst of those within ear shot. You want a private conversation, don’t have it in a public place. And if you must, then keep your voices down so only those involved in the conversation can hear it.

    A stranger asks you for personal information? Tell them to pound sand. Or if you must provide it for some reason, make a “mistake” and give them bad information. Yes, lie. Change the numbers of your address or give them a different address. Same for phone numbers, dates of birth, and social security numbers. If you must give out the true information, be as guarded about it as you would be with your pin number to the ATM.

    Look at your daily dress. Sometimes the job will determine the clothing, but if not, then avoid all the gun school wear and CCW Gucci gear as it will mark you for scrutiny or for targeting. If you don’t care, then keep doing what you are doing. What I will say is the casual construction worker look or the moderately paid office worker look will not get any attention, while the pressed and starched CCW vest with matching pants and gun logo hat will get stares from everyone.

    Look at your car. How many unnecessary stickers describing you or your family appear there. My favorite OpSec faux pas is the stencil cartoon of all family members along with their names and ages sharply detailed on the back window.

    Come on guys. How many of you would walk into the “soon-to-be-released” ward of the local mental hospital for the criminally insane and give a 30 minute briefing on your family and where they can be found? That is in effect what you are doing.

    Home address. How many of you have your address printed on all your personal info? On your CCW or driver’s license? Consider getting a mail drop. A mail drop is a physical address with individual mailboxes such a Mail Boxes, Etc., or a UPS Store. Have the psychos and terrorists show up there when they want to find you and not the real address.

    These are just a few things to consider. In future articles we will get into the mind set issues of alertness and profiling which will give you an edge when the passive Op-Sec principle of guarding information is bypassed.

    The bottom line is that all the skills and weapons in the world will not save you if the bad guys can target your weak points and ambush you. So not only must you stay alert, but also guard your information like it was worth its weight in gold.

    Gabe Suarez

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    I guess I can see Miggy’s point, but bumper stickers are the least of my worry for advertising personal information. If a pedophile wants information about kids, he can simply go to MySpace or some other similar sites and get all the info he needs. Kids post everything without regard to personal safety. They chat online with friends and strangers across the country.

    Many adults aren’t that secretive either. Many have personal websites where they can post pictures and accomplishments of the family to share with relatives and friends out of state. We also set up websites for our businesses that may advertise personal and business information. A friend of mine Googled the name of a guy he was getting ready to interview with. He found out all sorts of information about his interviewer. He freaked out the guy, but got the job.

    And as MitchellCT pointed out there are many other ways you can get info without a computer. Just sit, watch and listen. Every month we write checks with our name, address, phone number and account info to pay our bills and then we send them to strangers. When someone wants to see our ID for a check or credit card purchase, we show it to them. Our other option is carrying cash and buying money orders. In this case, the price for convenience is increased vigilance.

    Plus, most pedophiles aren’t attracted to two-dimensional, cartoon bumper stickers. They are attracted to children with specific characteristics. My bumper sticker simply reads, “My Border Collie is smarter than your honor student.” Now everyone knows I have a dog and that’s fine.

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    The thing I find most amusing about that picture is the dealer logo on it. That van has Florida tags, but the dealership that originally sold it is in Rockville Maryland. I actually worked there twenty some years ago. Most dealerships I am familiar with take the competitions badges off before selling the trade ins, so they are probably the original owners. Lucky me, I now have an "in" to get to know the family better. We can talk about "the old neighborhood" and become fast friends.
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    Why would anybody advertise?
    Because most people are unaware that Evil exists in the World around them.

    They do not realize that there are people who like to cause pain and destruction because they enjoy it.

    It is unthinkable to them that there are people who are more animal than human. They can not fathom that some one may see them as just a slab of meat and not a father, Mother, Daughter, Son, etc.........

    The only sticker I have on my car is "My Other Car is a Viking Longship" Liscense plate holder
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    The only sticker I have on my car is "My Other Car is a Viking Longship" Liscense plate holder
    Tsk... Tsk...

    Terrible OPSEC.

    In all seriousness, I think this is a being taken a bit overboard. A BG can just case you and your family the good old fashioned way - its worked for centuries.

    Freaking out about a sticker, criticizing someone for exercising their personal freedom of expression ... that's a bit paranoid, and frankly, over the line in my opinion.

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    Because they are sheep and have NO idea as to who is out there counting how many little ones they have at home.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by obxned View Post

    Oh, and I'm always happy to see an "OBX" sticker!
    on a Florida car none the less! :) Tells you how great OBX is if Floridians have its sticker on their car ;)

    as for the topic...I don't know how many criminals use bumper/window stickers to case their victims...there are certainly easier ways.

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    Well, if you point out that there are females and young available, the lions are less likely to go for you...or am I just being cynically evil?

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    Went to the mall last night. I know, I know.
    The wife and daughter made me.
    (I am feeling a little protective at the moment.)

    Saw a guy with a Glock t-shirt.
    No belt, so no gun in his belt. Could have been carrying in the pocket.
    Might have got the shirt at Goodwill, for all I know.

    I just don't know why anyone would want to make themselves any more of a target. I don't want ANYONE to get shot. But, I especially don't want ME or MINE to get shot.

    He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose. - Jim Elliott

    The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.
    Albert Einstein

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    Yea, I wonder about the guy we saw at the mall a couple of weeks ago with his untucked USMC black T shirt, combat belt, and not-so-concealed IWB firearm (please for the love of all sacred know this: you can (and often DO) print with black T shirts, they are not a cloaking device!!!!!). What was he thinking?

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