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What made you start to carry? :MERGED

This is a discussion on What made you start to carry? :MERGED within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; While living and working in DC was in a bank during a robbery where shots were fired and was targeted victim of 2 attempted muggings. ...

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Thread: What made you start to carry? :MERGED

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    While living and working in DC was in a bank during a robbery where shots were fired and was targeted victim of 2 attempted muggings.

    1 attempted mugging in Baltimore.

    Breakin when living in Bremerton, WA and an unsuccessful daytime followup a few days later when they thought no one was home.

    In about 12 yrs in Tacoma, Wa .. 2 attempted assualt-muggings by multiple bg stopped only by a full draw. 2 more stopped by initiating a draw.

    Saw 2 people shot dead by a deranged individual while I was less than 10 feet away....1972

    Buddha said ' Life is hard. Deal with it and get over it.' --- or words to that effect.

    Yeah ... Deal with it!
    Old testament....Shooting to Live 1942
    Newer testament... Kill or Get Killed 1976/1987

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    I got my CCW mostly for protection while riding our motorcycles. Daily carry really isn't practical because I work and park in a gov't facility.


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    I started taking personal protection seriously when my wife said she was scared at home at night when I wasn't there. After we had 2 illegal aliens move in above us I bought a handgun and showed her how to use it. After reading this site and a few others I realized I was not really that aware or protected. I joined the gun range, sold the 32 and bought a .45 and got my GFL (georgia firearms license). Now, I'm more aware and prepared. Wife is afraid anymore.

    Illegals moved out, finally.

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    I never felt the need or even considered owning or carrying weapons for self-defense to protect my loved ones, or to protect my property. It just wasn't necessary. The odds of something "bad" happening were next to zero.

    Those days are gone forever.

    What used to be…
    You didn't have to lock your house.
    A very high percentage of the population respected other people's lives and property.

    What is today…
    You do have to lock your house.
    A very high percentage of the population doesn't respect other people's lives or property.

    I was born and lived most of my life in "what used to be". We didn't lock our house. We walked anywhere we wanted without any concern for our safety. Our children went out to play or to school without concern of kidnapping or sexual molestation.

    Now things have changed — for the worse. More people break laws per capita then ever before in my lifetime. Prisons are overflowing, and those are just the ones who where caught, convicted, and sentenced to prison. All the others are still out there — a real danger to us all.

    The change has been swift — in about two generations (less than forty years) words and deeds such as: manners, honesty, loyalty, compassion, empathy, are rarely uttered and even more rarely demonstrated.

    Growing numbers of people today think it is normal to lie, to cheat, to steal, to harm, or do anything to get what they want.

    In the recent past, even the most experienced, hardened criminal would in some manner, measure the rewards to the action.

    A purse-snatcher (small reward) would be grab and run (small action). An armored car holdup (large potential reward) may involve shooting (large action). This is not to be condoned but it makes some sort of (albeit twisted) sense.

    Today, even an inexperienced teenager can be a hardened criminal — a criminal who will act without any measure of reward to action. Teenagers recently have killed for a pair of shoes or a coat they wanted, or even just for the "fun" of it.

    Killing other people for "fun"? This never would have happened just a few decades ago. Today there is little to no consideration for others — no empathy, no compassion, no love, no questioning of right and wrong, no "putting yourself in the other person's shoes", no caring.

    In the past there were break-ins and burglaries, but there was no threat of "home invasion" as we know it today. Most criminals in the past were looking to 'score big' with as little hassle as possible. Home break-ins were usually done at night while hopefully everyone was asleep or if during the day, when the house was unoccupied. They wanted no trouble — all they wanted was the 'loot'.

    Today a gang will bust through your door in broad daylight and kill or maim anyone in their way without any concern for life, limb, or property (including their own); — all for a DVD or a TV, or even just for kicks.

    (There are many things in our society that have contributed to this drastic downhill change. Those I won't go into here — it would be another lengthy discussion.)

    This recent decline in general public safety is the reason that I am now, for the first time in over seventy years, taking measures to protect my loved ones, my possessions, and myself. It is a shame that I have been able to live in relative peace and without concern for so many years, but now at this juncture, feel the need to take measures into my own hands.

    My aids in this are home security devices that include but are not limited to locks and alarms, and defense devices such as chemical and edged weapons, and firearms. I once considered these things ridiculous, now I consider them a necessity.

    I now carry weapons 24/7, and I do mean almost literally "24/7". Showering and doing certain other things that limit carrying certainly occur. Even so, the weapons I can't actually carry during certain situations are always within arm's reach. This means I am armed in some way or in many ways at ALL times.

    I don't believe I have become paranoid in my old age. I just know from own observations how dangerous this world has become — and it is getting more dangerous by the day.

    What a shame on us as human beings!
    Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other"
    ~John Adams

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    I got my first CCW back in 1987 following a armed encounter with a armed dope grower who had a really bad attitude. On a public trail along some railroad tracks in the emerald triangle.
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    I started carrying back in the early 80's. I had my FFL and at times had to transport large sums of money and firearms.

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    What started me carrying concealed was two robbery attempts. The first was at night when a guy and his girl friend tried to rob me while I was sitting in my service truck filling out service invoices behind a red lobster. I did not have a carry permit at the time but I did carry a 357 in truck. I grabbed the gun and when they saw it that ended the robbery attempt and they left in a hurry. The second attempt happened while a friend and I were on a fishing trip on a lake in a bad part of town. we were coming in with a boat full of water due to a heavy down pour and a sump pump that wasn't working. As we neared shore we saw a group of about ten punks heading for the ramp. This group of thugs ranged in age from sixteen to their early twenties. I had left my fishing buddy with the boat to bail it out while I went to get the truck. When I got to the truck I found someone had tried to break into it and had failed to gain entry. About this time my fishing buddy started yelling. One of the punks had hit him in the head with a rock and they wanted money. I opened the truck and grabbed the gun and pointed it at the thugs and yelled at them to get away from my buddy. The thugs took off running. We baled as much water out of the boat as we could and got it on the trailer and were on our way. About that time we saw the group of thugs coming back. That was a very close call. I took my friend to the nearby fire department for some medical help. I then called the cops and it took more then forty five minutes to respond. After that I applied for my concealed weapons permit and have carried ever since. Help from the police is not always there when you need it. They can't cover every thing that goes on and usually show up after the fact. There are times you have to do for yourself. We never went back to that lake.

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    Virginia Beach
    Shooting rifles as a kid got me interested, six years in the military exposed me to 5" guns, .50 cals, 20mm canons, M-16's, shot guns, 9mm and .45's.

    Since then,

    My house has been robbed twice. The first time the thief was inside when my wife and son came home from the store at 11 in the morning. I was in CA and they were in VA. I never felt so helpless being 3K miles from home.

    My jeep was vandalized in front of my house twice.

    Three weeks ago my neighbor's 16 year old son was mugged on his way home from work at the mall, for his cell phone.

    I live in VA so the Tech shootings impacted many close friends who went to school there.

    I've had permits since 1985 when I was old enough.

    Now I carry because my kids,wife, friends won't be victimized if I can prevent it.

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    I live in South Texas, Illegal immigrants and Hispanic Street gangs run rampant in the bigger towns...luckily i live in the country and don't visit these area's too often. My town has never had a homicide, but with the way this disease is spreading the goblins may be showing up soon.
    I carry a gun too protect me and mine. I will not rely on LEO's to ensure my family and I are safe and secure....
    USMC 1984-1992
    To err is human.
    To forgive is divine.
    Neither of which is Marine Corps policy.

    "It's all about shot placement."- David (Slayer of Goliath)

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    What prompted me to start carrying .... we have our 8th child on the way. I realize a strong need to protect my family and myself from senseless acts of random violence. I have owned firearms since I was of legal age, but now understand the significant responsibility we have to protect those rights....

    My oldest 3 sons have begun shooting USPSA competitions with me - we try to make it a family affair with one of my daughters usually coming to the matches also to load mags.
    No arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women.

    Ronald Reagan

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    Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina
    1)Peace of mind knowing I can protect myself and loved ones
    2) I can't carry a cop, and cops can't be everywhere at once
    3) BGs carry
    4) Because I cant carry a rifle
    Mixed Martial Arts Record= 2-0.......Kyokushin Karate Record=5-0

    USMC.....helping enemies of America die for their countries since 1775

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    Aug 2008
    I used to live in Georgia and I worked next to a restaurant that had been robbed at closing time. The robbers weren't satisfied with just taking money, they assaulted the staff and several patrons.
    I was friends with a police officer who came by my store to check for witnesses who may have seen the people responsible.
    He told me about the incident and said "one person with a weapon in that restaurant and things could have turned out differently".

    Thats when I realized police officers respond to crimes after they've occurred, they can't be everywhere. We have to protect ourselves when possible.

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    Jun 2008
    To protect my Wife & Children with something more than a RO, Home alarm, Pepper Spray...Insurance...

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    Central California
    Criminals usually have flawd logic, so there is little chance of reasoning with them. I'm getting to the age where a fast exit is not an option. The IWB helps hold up my pants.

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    I considered getting my permit when it became law in SC but never followed through.

    Fast-forward to the fall of 2006:

    My wife & I had invited some friends (husband & wife) to watch our oldest son play in a high school baseball game. They came to the game in separate cars. When they left the wife had a slight lead & took a couple of back streets leaving the school. The husband followed, but the twists and turns of the road caused him to loose sight of his wife.

    As the wife made her way toward the primary road, she came up behind a car driving way below the posted 30 MPH speed limit. She attempted to pass the car, but the driver slid left and blocked her. The wife slowed way down but the car ahead came to a stop. The driver, your typical gang bangin' homie type, stepped out and began approaching her car.

    Mr. Gang Banger had closed about half the distance to the wife's car when the husband came around the corner. He pulled up behind his wife & got out of his car. At the sight of the husband, Mr. Banger turned and left in a hurry.

    Not sure what would have happened if the husband had been minutes behind his wife instead of seconds. My suspicion is it wouldn't have been good!

    We all (well, except for Mr. Gang Banger) signed up for & took the CWP training class ASAP & received our permits in Jan. '07.
    NRA Endowment Member
    GOA Life Member

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