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What made you start to carry? :MERGED

This is a discussion on What made you start to carry? :MERGED within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I started carrying after a good friend who is a police Lieutenant explained to me that the U.S. Supreme Court had ruled several times that ...

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Thread: What made you start to carry? :MERGED

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    I started carrying after a good friend who is a police Lieutenant explained to me that the U.S. Supreme Court had ruled several times that the police had no responsibility to protect me or my family. It was the first that I knew that I was responsible completely for the safety of myself and my wife. Immediately thereafter I bought a shotgun for home, took HCP classes and obtained HCP. I then purchased not one , but four S&W revolvers and a Glock. I put in ADT Monitored alarm system and double lock doors with locked storm doors on house. Got dog and put up strong exterior lights.

    I refuse to believe I am paranoid, but by golly I am prepared!
    Retired Marine, Retired School Teacher, Independent voter, Goldwater Conservative.

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    Why I carry

    As so many have said, it is my right as a citizen. I also believe it is my responsibility.

    I will not be a victim. Will not go quietly and will protect my family.

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    What made me start to carry?
    I was chased by a car full of guys while riding
    my bike ( I was about 10 At the time)
    I knew they could have killed me at will,
    they just chose not to.
    At 8yrs old I had a Daisy Red Rider
    then moved up to a Pump up bb gun
    Then a single shot shotgun,
    Then a Auto loading shotgun,
    At 21 I got my first handgun A G19
    then a 357 mag
    I had the 357 in my truck on a date when
    a car started to follow us ,they made every
    turn I did so I started to run the stop signs
    I would just pull up to the sign slow down and
    roll thru them .my date never knew they were there
    she just though I was rolling thru the stop signs.
    After they saw I was not going to be an EZ
    target they quit and left us alone.There was 4 of them.
    I never told my date it happened or that I had the gun.
    As soon as CC was passed in NC. I got my CCL.
    My EDC is a G33 (357sig)
    People say that the 357sig is only for The Highway
    Patrol because they are the only one who need to
    shoot into cars.
    Thats BS!!
    I don.t know where you live, but I,m always
    surrounded by cars and cars are being used as deadly
    weapons be BGs.
    Zoe: "Preacher, don't the Bible have some pretty specific things to say about killing?

    Book: "Quite specific. It is, however, somewhat fuzzier on the subject of kneecaps."

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    Although I believe in a higher power as my true savior, I know he gave me a brain and the ability to defend myself against the dangers of this day in age.

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    When I was very young my Dad had a double barrel side by side shotgun behind the door of his bedroom. He got rid of it when we moved from PA to Florida when I was 7. He never had another gun in the house and still doesnt. My grand father was a deer hunter so he had some guns but I never shot any of them.

    Fast forward to when I was 18. I was married and a friend of mine I went to high school with came down from from Chicago and the three of us went to a bar (yes we were not old enough to be in there). We left and were robbed at gunpoint by 3 men. One went around the car to my wife who was already in the passengers seat. Another pistol whipped my buddy knocking him to the ground and the 3rd put a gun to my head.

    I was mad but really never thought about it much after that but always wanted to get a carry permit. I then got divorced and married my new wife.

    When my son was 11 I decided to pick up a few shotguns so the two of us could shoot clays at the local county range. Something we could do together and we've had a blast doing that ever since.

    So I had a shotgun and so did my son. We still have them. During the hurricanes the power was out and I still remember sleeping with the windows and doors open with a loaded shotgun right next to me due to the robberies and looting.

    When I moved to SC I started looking into getting the permit and then putting it off. I live in the woods and have a few neighbors and the nearest towns are 20 minutes away. My wife has to leave for work at 4:30 am and of course its dark. If she has to stop for gas, its dark and she will be pretty much alone. So we started talking about the permits again.

    Finally,a bit before this last election I started hearing the gun grabbing stories and felt the need to excercise my rights. I am now on a 2A tear and fully support groups who are fighting for those rights. I also joined here to speak with and get to know and learn from like minded people.

    The wife and I took the class a little over a week ago and the applications have been sent we have 11 weeks or less to wait for the permits. In fact they have already cashed the check for her application LOL

    Sorry, I know that was a long read.

    I value life, liberty and the pursuit of happyness and Im not going to give that up quiety to any thug. Ill go down fighting.

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    I'd been around guns all my life, owned a .22 as long as I can remember. My dad was an avid hunter and even taught hunter safety education classes in our basement.

    I liked going out target shooting, but not being into hunting myself I never really could justify anything more than my .22's.

    The wake-up call was about 4-5 years ago my garage was broken into and cleaned out, they got about $4k in tools. I had always known in the back of my mind that I'm the only one responsible for my self and property, but this solidified it. Immediately got a 12ga pump for home defense and shortly thereafter applied for my permit.

    Been carrying since. I've also got a good start on a gun collection and shoot USPSA when I can. My wife got her permit shortly after I did, the reasoning was in case she's in the car and my carry gun is too. She now has her own P3AT and frequently carries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David in FL View Post
    Common sense and a healthy sense of my responsibility to my family.

    more later...

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    I didn't used to carry but did carry a gun in my service truck on late night calls. One night I was in back of a store making out a bill and was approached by a guy and girl trying to get some gas money. When I told them I didn't have any they began to get nasty and wanted what ever money I had. I reached for the 357 beside me and laid it on my lap and the couple decided to leave.
    The second time I was fishing and we got into a heavy downpour and the boat took on a lot of water. As we were coming in to the dock we saw a group of ten guys coming towards us and thought they might be coming to help with the boat.
    I got out of the boat before they arrived and went to get the van and trailer I saw where someone had tried to break into the truck. About that time I heard my fishing buddy yell. One of the group of thugs had hit him in the head with a rock. I got the gun out of the truck and yelled that I had a gun. The group scattered. We managed to get the boat on the trailer and were on our way. As I looked back I could see the group of thugs coming back with reinforcements. We made it just in time.
    After that I got to thinking about what would have happened if the thugs had managed to break into the truck and gained access to the gun. Thats when I decided to get a carry permit.When we called the cops it took over an hour for them to show up.

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    Iíve carried a handgun in my vehicle since I was 16. No it wasnít legal but itís what we did. My father in his younger days was a DI and later retired as chief of police in SC. I had been around guns my entire life and was drilled at an early age on proper use. Not only did I understand how to handle a weapon safely but turned out to be a great shot as well. I had no choice but I'm glad it happened that way.

    Prior to the laws changing I had to use a gun to stop a home invasion. Long story but it had to do with a crazy guy believing that the house I built and had been living in for the last 6 months somehow was his. As he went door to door trying his keys I tried to talk some since into him as my wife was on the phone with the operator who was trying to get the police out there. This was prior to 911. When he picked up a rod iron chair from the patio and about to throw it through my sliding glass doors I had no choice. I shot the man.

    At the time I lived in a new housing development where there were only three other homes being occupied. When I learned that neither of them owned a gun I couldnít believe it. I thought everyone had a gun. If this drug crazed demon had gotten in their house they would have had no way of stopping this huge man.

    I donít care who you are, what the circumstances are once youíve lived through something like this or have had to shoot someone you never really get over it. After 20 years I find myself still looking over my shoulder and guess I always will.

    When CC classes were first offered in NC back in 1995 I was one of the first in line. Iíve carried a gun legally every since making CC a way of life. Personally I refuse to go anywhere my gun is unwelcome and hope you will do the same. Over the years Iíve seen a number of the no guns signs come down.
    As a citizen of this country I consider it a legal right but yet a privelege to carry a handgun for defensive purposes. I'm also comfortable knowing there are others out there that feel the same way.

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