What made you start to carry? :MERGED

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Thread: What made you start to carry? :MERGED

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackPR View Post
    Some crazy old guy with a gun, confused me with a squirrel and started playing sniper with his .22 short.

    Maybe you need to stuff that bushy tail inside your pants?

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    I carry because I'm x-military,x-LEO,the world is changing and I use to live in Salina Ks. where they have a homicide every year or two and maybe 6 armed robberies a year and several burglaries a year,but everybody felt relatively safe.Then in 2006 Kansas passed a will issue CHL law,the Governor swore to reject it but it had enough votes to over ride her veto.I moved to South texas in late 2006 and had already decided to get my CHL by then,after watching the local news a couple night in a row i couldn't believe the difference,there was almost a homicide a day for awhile and at least 2 a week armed robberies almost daily.home invasions and kidnappings,I am handicapped so i have a big red victim target on my back anyway,only this target packs a .45.I am currently going to convince my daughter to get her license when she moves to KC Mo. at the end of the month,i might have to go up to teach her to shoot get her in a class and give her one of my guns.I will give her the old look I can't protect you from 1200 miles away speech.When i see on the news where an armed citizen could of changed the outcome I feel all law abiding citizens should be able to carry anywhere in the United States period
    "Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in the country,"
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    First started carrying when I owned my own business. Leaving the shop after dark with days reciepts on me. Then decided that it didn't matter what I had on me I could be a target to the BG's. Have been carrying every sice then.

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    started carrying in the Military in the 80's

    been carrying wherever and whenever legal since

    once Ohio got statute in place got licensed

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    In all honesty I decided to start carrying because I wanted too and I felt like I could protect myself better in situations then waiting for the police to show up 10 - 15 mins later. (no offense I understand LEOs are busy). Being a young small female, I feel like I am a sitting duck, when I am not carrying. I try to avoid situations that make me feel like a sitting duck by all means, but sometimes some circumstances are unavoidable, so why not have some form of protection on my person that can make me less of a sitting duck.

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    These are always decent threads. Seen a few in my time here.

    Taylor Behl Murder - Full Case Coverage, Breaking News and More - The Crime library

    She was a friend and an employee of mine for 8 months before I left for AZ. That is a picture of the Starbucks I worked at. I took responsibility for her safety on the job and protected her more than once.

    I won't go into the details of her murder but.. well.. you guys get the idea.
    The Gunsite Blog
    ITFT / Quick Kill Review
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    I grew up 'playing' with toy guns yet learned early the seriousness and safety issues involved. Grew up with a father who hunted (prior to my birth, unfortunately ) and owned a few rifles and small caibre pistols. Dreamt (sp?) of legally carrying for years.

    OH made that dream a reality in April, 2004.

    As was previously said, just a natural progression.
    It's not about the caliber you carry, it's about how you USE it.

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    I been carrying sence 1960 concealed sence 1966 and got my CWP in 1987
    and have had it to this date

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    I was stabbed twice (graze once, once stitches), shot at numerous times, and was once run over by a pickup truck at the bank as a teenager. I survived and now I work with proven bad guys/convicted criminals since 1996. I've been threatened and attacked several times (pushing and shoving) by disgruntled clients. I've been followed and have had my cars vandalized.

    I decided a long time ago that I WILL NOT! be a victim waiting for one of these guys to finally succeed at trying to kill me or harm my family.

    So I carry. So far the SO has not seen fit to issue me a permit but I carry anyway. I do so openly which is allowed as long as I follow the rules about how to do it legally. Hopefully the SO will issue my permit soon but until then everyone knows that I am armed and WILL defend myself if need be.

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    Guess it all came about quite naturally. I grew up in the coalfields of WV and started shooting and hunting at quite an early age. I had to carry with my first job - driving a dynamite truck for the coal company. Then I wanted to be patriotic and joined the military for 24 years, then as a Federal Agent. After returning to what is referred to as Civilian Life I felt naked and carried fairly regularly before permits became available and was one of the first to obtain a permit. Never had to draw down on anyone but there were several times that I was sure glad that I had my weapon - the story is, you never know.
    Its a shame that youth is wasted on the young.

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    My Cousin was in a holdup where he had a gun held to his head, he really didn't like that so he got his permit. I've always been into gun, learned to shoot with my dad, etc... Never thought about carrying until that. Then a while later I got saved, and started going to church. As I began to serve my Pastor let me know that he carrys and if possible would like the people who serve, that can, to get thier permit. It was just a suggestion but I'd been thinking about it anyway. That's how I got started.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob P. View Post
    I was stabbed twice (graze once, once stitches), shot at numerous times, and was once run over by a pickup truck at the bank as a teenager. I survived and now I work with proven bad guys/convicted criminals since 1996. I've been threatened and attacked several times (pushing and shoving) by disgruntled clients. I've been followed and have had my cars vandalized.

    I decided a long time ago that I WILL NOT! be a victim waiting for one of these guys to finally succeed at trying to kill me or harm my family.
    Hanging out with Rob P can be hazzardous to your health!

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    The law in my state finally allowed it!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

    "A superior Operator is best defined as someone who uses his superior
    judgement to keep himself out of situations that would require a display of his
    superior skills."

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    I've been asked this question many times and every time I tried to give it just one good answer. Then I realized that there isn't one good answer. I have so many reasons why I arm myself everyday and every single one of them is just as good an answer as the previous.

    I've posted this before, but I've added a few reasons.

    I carry a gun because six years ago I was kidnapped, raped and beaten.

    I carry because no one helped me, though many saw.

    I carry because I'll never wait for someone to save me ever again.

    I carry because two years ago, three men attempted to rob my husband.

    I carry because if he had not had a gun with him that night I may have never gotten to hold him again.

    I carry because I have a beautiful life I want to protect.

    I carry because I can.

    I carry because I know what it's like to be helpless, and I'll never be helpless again.

    I carry because I know there is such a thing as a fate worst than death, and I refuse to be part of that again.

    I carry because no one will ever prey on me without experiencing the biggest fight of their life.

    I carry because it took me fourteen years to learn my life was important and I deserved to be happy. It took me another four years to build that life for myself. I WILL defend it.

    I carry because if anyone hurts me they are hurting my unborn baby and a threat to my baby WILL NOT be tolerated.

    I carry because my husband deserves to know that his child, when in my care, will be guarded and defended with my life.

    I carry because 911 can take up to 25 minutes to respond. My .45 responds at a rate of around 900 feet per SECOND.

    I carry because I want to come home to my husband EVERY night.

    I carry because force only understands an equal or greater force.

    I carry because I know the capacity for evil in people.

    I carry because screaming, "HELP!", "RAPE!", "FIRE!" or any other word doesn't seem to make a difference to people who are determined not to get involved.

    I carry because nothing says, "I'M SERIOUS!" quite like the business end of a handgun.

    I carry because experience has taught me I'm no match physically with some people, but Wilson is a great equalizer.

    I carry because I fully understand that my life is my own responsibility.

    I carry because no one else has stepped up and offered to protect me.

    I carry because I'm the only person I can trust to be around all the time and 100% dedicated to my own well being.

    I carry because I have a RESPONSIBILITY to my family to be here for them.

    I carry because my husband is worth it. Because my future children are worth it. Because my family is worth it.

    I carry because I'm worth it.

    Because the only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.

    I carry because one day I looked into the face of evil and I shrank. I let fear and doubt cripple me and it almost cost me my life. I'll never look in the mirror again and feel ashamed that I did nothing to defend myself. If evil wants me, it will have to take me fighting.

    I started carrying because all of these reasons have been swirling in my head for years. Because I was angry that so many people had erroneously taught me that other people were supposed to help me and when I desperately needed someone, no one was there. I realized this life is no one's and nothing if not MINE and it's what I make of it and do with it and how I protect it that makes it worth anything in this life.

    For too many years I waited for someone else to do all that for me because I got the wrong impression that that was how the system was supposed to work.

    Well screw that! I woke up one day and realized that if I kept living my life that way I was going to end up dead, or worse.

    It took me four LONG years to rebuild my life. It was scary. It was hard. It was exhausting and it was lonely, and somewhere along the way I realized that I not only had the RIGHT and the power to say, "NO!" but sometimes, you need something in place to enforce that right.

    My fight response grew from there and when my husband asked me to consider carrying a concealed handgun as a means of self defense when he was away it made so much sense. It was a natural progression on my path to rebuilding my life, to standing up for myself, to defending what I managed to regrow after it had been taken from me years ago.

    I'm not the person I was six years ago and I'm proud of it.

    And let me tell you, my child will never be told that public places are safe. He will never be told that yelling for help will always bring help. He will never be told that giving in is the best way not to get hurt. He will never be told that someone will always be there for him.

    My child will be told that no matter how much Mommy and Daddy try to protect him and be there for him there will be times when he'll have to stand up and fight all on his own and we are going to do all we can to prepare him for that.

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    I Started carrying as soon as I could!
    I Have been hunting all my life, and shooting since 6.
    I will not be a willing victim, and for people like Lima!
    I'm a BG free zone!
    I couldn't sleep at night knowing I could have prevented harm from someone and didn't !!
    I have heard there are worse things then death!

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

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