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What made you start to carry? :MERGED

This is a discussion on What made you start to carry? :MERGED within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Limatunes, thats some real good reasons to carry. If what you posted is true, then I could not agree more to your reasons. I am ...

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Thread: What made you start to carry? :MERGED

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    Limatunes, thats some real good reasons to carry. If what you posted is true, then I could not agree more to your reasons. I am glad to see you pulled through everything. I also am saddened to think that something like that had to happen to get the ball rolling. I especially like the 911 reference. Mind if I use it?

    I carry because my life was threatened by a 12 year old who reached under his shirt. I drove away, later I was told that the same boy had been in trouble before because a carrying a gun concealed.
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    I just recently got my CC license. At first it was to defend myself from a thug or animal while I am hiking. ( Remember the Meredith Emerson story in the N. Georgia mountains?) I got a Kel-Tec 32. Love the light weight as this is important to me while hiking. Now I'm wanting a Kel-Tec PF9 to carry daily and the 32 as my BUG. Cant be too safe.
    "An armed society is a polite society"

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    My wife made me start carrying.
    She was at Sam's clubhouse and with our 4 year old grandson Joe, when she noticed a guy following her and trying to make faces and talk to Joe, he kept pace with her though out the store so she decided to leave went to the checkout and he got inline behind her, so she said something to the cashier about the freak and when she turned to look he was gone.
    When she headed to the car there he was leaning against her van she did a 180 right back into the store to look for help and guess what no security guard or manager could be found. l She looked back at the van and he was still there then she remember the panic button on the remote she pushed it and the van started honking so he stood up and she hit the remote starter and the van started running so the freak got into his car parked right next to the van and he left.
    she tossed the stuff in the van and left the other direction.
    After this she wanted a weapon but did not want a gun so she got a taser and I got the gun permit
    Two wrongs don't make a right but three lefts do

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    I grew up in the People's Republic of California, and felt that I needed to take responsibility for my family's safety. I purchased an alarm system for the house and appropriate weapons, but couldn't carry because of the difficulty of getting a permit there.

    Once I moved to Virginia (a shall-issue state), it was a no-brainer to get a permit. I love living here! My wife also carries, and I expect my daughter to in a couple of years when she can apply.

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    Having a brain.
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    Years back my wife, and I where camping in a lesser traveled area. A guy was acting strange as he came close to are camp.

    Some years passed, and I realized if I did not take my protection into my own hands, myself or my family could end up dead.

    Also with the turmoil in this country as well as the rest of the world, it is well advised to be armed. I feel the average citizen will be the ones defending are way of life in this country.

    If you don't protect your self, who will?

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    Got my permit due to feeling like a high profile "easy" target (relatively speaking- for my neighborhood, anyway). If I were a criminal, it would have been very easy and rewarding to mugg me.

    Started carrying in my vehicle immediately.

    Started carrying on my body most of the time 1.5 years later after my part-time job got cased by a gang.

    I can't (read: won't) change who I am, my profession, or my situation; but high security, firearms, physical fitness and martial training, trained canines, high degree of awareness and suspicion, people who love me, and redundancy on security/defensive measures make me a less-easy target, at least!

    I can't keep from getting mugged, but I can be sure the aggressors don't get away without some significant new scars.

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    I carry mostly because I can but here are some other reasons:
    • Luby's Cafateria
    • People like Colin Ferguson on the Long Island RR
    • the New Life Church incident
    • the "Trolley Square" shopping mall incident among others
    • carjackings happen daily
    • ever have to get up at 2:00am & go to the 24hr Walgreen's for a sick wife or kid?
    • To be (hopefully) grandfathered in if the political climate gets any worse
    An armed populace are called citizens.
    An unarmed populace are called subjects.

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    +1 to what KeninColo said, because I can. I had a friend on the Colin Ferguson train, in the next car, he watched him gun those people down. He said he ran, went home and got stinking drunk in the dark. That will never be me. Because I can.


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    Jacksonville, FL
    Another one for "because I can". Jacksonville, FL isn't exactly Mayberry, USA - bad things happen down here on a regular basis.

    Besides, I've been around guns for as long as I can remember and have relatives in law enforcement. Other families would play badminton, mine would practice blocks, take downs and defensive knife tactics.

    In some ways, it's not like I had a choice.

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    I had been thinking about it for the last 5 years (since moving to Texas) and saving my money. Every time I had saved enough for the class, license, and firearm it seemed some unexpected bill would surface. Then I was out of the country when the Virginia shootings and the VT home invasion took place last summer. That was it for me: I will protect my family or die trying. Returned home, CHL course, Gunshow (.45 1911), MTAC holser, 40+ days of waiting and it came! Now I carry 24/7.
    Kimber Pro CDP II

    "Though defensive violence will always be 'a sad necessity' in the eyes of men of principle, it would be still more unfortunate if wrongdoers should dominate just men." St. Augustine A.D. 354-430

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    Been carrying for a year now. About two years ago on my way out of a conveniece store I was attacked by 7 or 8 local youths. People ran out of the store to help and they ran. The city I live in has changed over the last 35 years and I decided I better change too. I am responsible for my own safety.

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    No particular event. Always wanted to shoot but parents were staunch antis and so was my Wife. Used to drool over them in department stores and sporting goods stores. One day the clerk was a "good old boy from TX" and whatever he said to my Wife . . . she gave me the "green light". Saw my Chief (need permits here to merely possess) and got my permit shortly afterwards (1976).

    Been carrying ever since. Also did a 17 year stint as a Reserve PO in the town and my current profession is also in LE and puts me in potentially dangerous situations with no backup.

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    I was raised with guns and they have always been a big part of my life, my family's lives and in fact almost everyone's lives in the area I live and grew up in. It's a rural area that has started changing the last few years, lots of new folks, most good, but some not. We've always been at least 30+ minutes from a police response so we've alway kept guns handy at home and in our vehicles, a CCL just made it a little more legal.

    Another good reason is that folks get'n a CCL really drives the anti-gun crowd crazy.
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    Back in 2006, I almost got stabbed by a knife wielding drunk guy in a Wal-Mart parking lot, and I simply refuse to become a victim.
    USMC rule # 23 of gunfighting: Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

    I am the God fearing, gun toting, flag waving conservative you were warned about!

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