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What made you start to carry? :MERGED

This is a discussion on What made you start to carry? :MERGED within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The reason I carry---cause the state will let me now having to get their permission sucks. I can now keep my family and my self ...

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Thread: What made you start to carry? :MERGED

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    The reason I carry---cause the state will let me now having to get their permission sucks.

    I can now keep my family and my self safer, and I will help the stupid sheep if all the circumstances are right.

    An ounce of lead is worth 200lbs of cop.

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    I carry because almost 10 years ago I was in a situation that made me acutely aware that BG come in every educational and occupational level, not just street thugs.

    The longer I work, the more I am amazed at the level at which some BG achieve. For example, just last week my partner figured out he was the supplier for a local LEO and his wife (given that the couple is high functioning, we ASSume they're selling the stuff, but who knows). My partner's cut them off, but what happens now? I hope they simply find another unwitting prescriber and move on, but who knows? And since the guy's a LEO, I know he's armed and probably knows the local court/political scene far better than my partner and I...and he IS the people we're supposed to call when this sort of thing happens....it's frightening.

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    I believe the main catalyst behind me getting a CCW is the poor response times the Police now have in this country coupled with the increase in violent crimes. Officers today are so back logged, over worked and stacked up on call's that their chance of ever getting there in time to save you are slim to none. They will arrive, but probably to clean things up after the fact.

    I once lived in a Michigan county and at night the County had two officers on duty. One was a lone deputy and the other was a State Trooper. The two of them covered the entire county together. Now how quick would they be on the scene to prevent you from being shot ?

    It took me a lot of years to finally apply for a permit. But once I accepted the great responsibility of carrying a firearm into public, I applied and am now waiting for the permit to arrive.


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    Why do I carry?

    Well it all started about 8 years ago in a little state called Connecticut. I lived in a somewhat high crime area, drug dealers, punks, real scum. After the births of my 2 sons i decided to move to a small town here in Arkansas and take a job as a sherrif deputy. Being a deputy I carried 24/7. My contract ended with the local sherrif department. I took a position driving for the local taxi company, I figured that such a small town, shouldn't be a problem, no major crime at the time. In the 2 yrs I wore a badge I never had to draw my weapon on duty, in the 3 yrs I drove cab I had 3 guns pulled on me!!! There were numerous times I ran into people while driving cab that I had put behind bars. I still ask myself what would I have done had I not been armed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkhangel View Post
    +1 to what KeninColo said, because I can. I had a friend on the Colin Ferguson train, in the next car, he watched him gun those people down. He said he ran, went home and got stinking drunk in the dark. That will never be me. Because I can.

    Arkhangel, I was working in NYC at the time of the Ferguson shooting and had a co-worker who was not only on that train but in that car! He didn't come to work for about a week. The company we worked for was very understanding and got him into counseling right away (at the company's expense and on company time). Later on, he transferred from our building in mid-town down to our building on Wall St. where, on 9/11, he saw the first plane hit. Talk about having witnessed your share of tragedies...
    An armed populace are called citizens.
    An unarmed populace are called subjects.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sniper58 View Post
    7. Increasing violent crime in southern Colorado
    That does suck about Pueblo and the Springs. Used to be great little places to go and do the tourist thing.

    What got me carrying was my dad being LE, told me as soon as I turn 21 to apply for it. I did, I got it, and have been carrying for a while now.

    I'm required to carry for work, this weekend I was in Vegas, and seeing as how it was Vegas, and I knew I'd be drinking I did not take my XD. I felt naked and the absence of it bugged me the entire time. I did not venture anywhere I would need it, those damn casinos have everything!

    When I got back into my truck at the airport I unlocked my storage box and slapped her on.. I thought about giving her a little kiss.. but..well how weird is that. Carrying my winnings back from Vegas, I was a bit nervous.. untill I got to my truck.

    Btw... I love me some Black Jack.

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    I vote to sticky this!
    USMC rule # 23 of gunfighting: Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

    I am the God fearing, gun toting, flag waving conservative you were warned about!

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    Virginia Tech got my attention.

    Cheshire, CT, sealed the deal.


    I can't believe I was so naive for so long. I bought into the lie that this was a safe country, if one stayed out of the bad parts of town. What an idiot I was. And that's an understatement.

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    After I moved to NC from a state which did not allow concealed carry, I found I could now get a CHL. So I did. I grew up around guns, hunting, and served a lot of years in the military so I was familiar and comfortable around firearms - but my wife wasn't.

    I got the proper equipment and carried sporadically for several years. I never felt particularly threatened but mostly carried only when I felt I was going to a "bad" area. My wife used to pick at me a bit for being so "paranoid" all the time and carrying when it was obviously safe when we were out and about. So, I carried less and less as time went on.

    One day not too long ago, I left my pistol at home as I was only going to the Library (no guns allowed!) and ALDI. Besides, it was the middle of the day.

    As my wife and I wheeled our cart to the car at ALDI, I noticed two Mexicans (illegal aliens, and yes, they are easy to spot around here) walking along the edge of the parking lot. I turned my back to get the car unlocked and the back open. The next thing I know, one of these guys (a really nasty, rough looking dude less than 1/2 my age and no doubt in a lot better condition) walked up to my wife and started demanding money. He couldn't speak any English but his intent was clear and he was being very aggressive. There was nobody else around. So, as a defense I got verbally aggressive myself and started rummaging around in the car as if I were looking for a weapon. Fortunately, he quickly backed down and left.

    I was lucky he either didn't have a knife or he chose not to use it or otherwise make trouble. He easily could have. But, I was not going to let him intimidate my wife or me and I sure wasn't going to give him any money.

    The lesson to me instantaneously became, there is no "safe" place these days.

    Now when we go out, my wife often asks me if I am carrying. She learned her lesson too.

    I almost always do carry now, and no longer make excuses to myself why I don't need to carry "today". I just do. The next time might not end so peacefully.
    "The constitutions of most of our States assert that all power is inherent in the people; that . . . it is their right and duty to be at all times armed. . . ." Letter from Thomas Jefferson to Justice John Cartwright (June 5, 1824)

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    The country just isn't like it use to be. In Arizona with all the drugs, crime, and illegal immigrants a person is crazy not to carry if they are qualified for a CCW...I sure do feel better carrying my Glock30 in Southern Tucson rather than just a cell phone...stay safe everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by spyderdude View Post
    I vote to sticky this!
    +1 great thread

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

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    As I grow older, now 60 it has dawned on me that I can not handle trouble like I use to. I believe it is my responsibility for my own protection and that of my love ones. Groups like the AARP are anti gun and do not went older folks protecting themselves. That is why I am not a member. I will not be a victim or a sheep, like so many older folks.
    John Steinbeck: Don't pick a fight with an old man. If he's too old to fight, he'll just kill you.

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    I've been carrying since I was 21 (I'm 23 now). I grew up around guns and have hunted since I was 12. My parents, although not anti-gunners by any stretch, weren't comfortable with me carrying a gun (mom still isn't) as they could see no reason for someone to "walk around like a vigilante with a gun." There was a string of burglaries in my neighborhood last summer when I was home from college. The night we found out our neighbor's house had been broken into my dad came in my room while I was laying in bed watching TV and asked me where my guns were, if they were loaded, etc. I explained that under no circumstances was I ever out of arms reach of a firearm (he'd always taught me that there was no one else in the world as concerned with my wellbeing as me). He nodded, walked to the basement and got his 12 ga. out of the safe and put it in the corner next to his bed (I'm still working on talking him into buying a handgun and getting his CC permit).

    I've never had to draw on anybody and I hope to God I never do. I won't, however, become a statistic. I explained to both of my parents that it's not about being a vigilante with a gun; it's about protecting my life and the lives of others around me in a sticky situation when LEO is 15 minutes away. I've invested money in the right equipment so when I carry, I can do so safely and nobody can spot my pistol(s). I've invested time in training so that if I ever have to use my gun I know that I'll be able to do so efficiently and effectively. I've read all the CC laws and regulations that govern permit holders in Pennsylvania and all other states that I travel to that have reciprocity agreements (WV mostly). Also when I get dressed in the morning and I strap on my pistol, I leave the house with a different mindset than I used to prior to carrying. I understand the responsibilities I assume when I carry. Carrying wasn't a hasty decision I made one day or a knee jerk reaction to a single incident. It's my personal commitment to my safety because, as many others have stated, you are responsible for your safety and screaming HELP doesn't guarantee that anyone will be there to help you.

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    Ex-wife was anti-gun, but after one of her new family members sexually assaulted my 5 yr old granddaughter, I got a 45 and a permit.
    "If you carry a gun, people call you paranoid. That's ridiculous. If I have a gun, what in the heck do I have to be paranoid about?" Clint Smith, director, Thunder Ranch

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    my first post here, but could not resist...

    my reason is K-A-T-R-I-N-A. I never even thought about it before then, and now I can not forget about it.

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