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What made you start to carry? :MERGED

This is a discussion on What made you start to carry? :MERGED within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; For me it was the general realization that many thugs on the street (in any part of any town) will kill you just as sure ...

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Thread: What made you start to carry? :MERGED

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    For me it was the general realization that many thugs on the street (in any part of any town) will kill you just as sure as look at you. Too many tough guys that will attack you with minimal provocation or an innocent slight. The only thing these guys understand is force.

    That and the fact that 911 is no garauntee for my family's safety.

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    What most of the country doesn't know about what goes on in the land of The Rat (Orlando) is what keeps them coming back. This is a town that has increasing violence, home invasions, and general jackassery.

    One day I was at the mall with my wife and newborn - there were the usual wanna be thugs around - but that's when I realized that if they decided that they wanted something that I had - the odds were really stacked in their favor.

    I just wanted to level the playing field.

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    Being robbed, injured, raped or whatever would'nt be as bad as knowing I was being viewed as prey buy some worthless stinking parasite and I'd let him get the better of me.
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    When in doubt, wup it out....

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    Quote Originally Posted by HITCH KING View Post
    Hanging out with Rob P can be hazzardous to your health!
    LOL! Actually most of my friends/family have never even been in a serious fist fight. I seem to be the one everyone wants to "take out" first thing. I don't know why.

    Now, I work alone, have to go places decent people don't even like to think about (usually at night), and my clients are convicted criminals/gang members who have problems understanding that I can't magically make their convictions go away or that I'm not colluding with the "enemy" to keep them in prison. I also do a lot of work with mentally disabled criminals as well. These people tend to show up where they're not wanted and are totally unstable and unpredictable and sometimes (like most of my clients ) they are violent.

    So I carry and everyone around me knows about it because I carry openly. At least until the SO gets off their butts and issues me my permit.

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    When I was a very young lawyer, I had a client, who was a seriously bad dude, threaten to kill me and the judge. I had a good relations with the local LEOs and one of them arranged for a CCW at a time when they were hard to get here. I asked him about police protection (yes, I was that naive) and he asked me when I walked my dog. When I said, "When she has to go", he asked me, how LE would know that.

    I had one "dark night of the soul", friends, but with a wife and young kids, I decided that my responsibilities outweighed my reluctance to "pack heat".

    Since then, my world view has changed to reflect my unwillingness -- total unwillingness -- to allow someone else to harm my family or me. Our little area in Northern MI has seen a serious increase in crime and drug use, so I now carry pretty much all the time, hoping that I won't have, but prepared if I do.

    I also see the world as a lot different than "back then", when no one walked into classrooms and opened fire, kidnapped and killed little kids and flew planes into buildings in the name of religion. My carrying is a part of my reaction to changed perceptions of risk.

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    Moving to Florida and seeing all the idiots walking/driving around. There's a reason why FL has great gun laws, we need them!

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    I began carrying after the Amish school shootings in Oct., 2006. It happened in the SD I teach in, so it was pretty close to home. I can't carry at school, of course, but I usually carry when I'm out alone fishing, hiking, etc.

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    I don't carry yet, but my CHP is on it's way. I decided to get my first handgun a few months ago. I have an elderly neighbor that had a guy come up to his house and ask him if he could do some chores to make money to buy food for his kids. My neighbor knew the man's father so he let this guy hang some gutters he had bought and agreed to a price. After the work was done, the man wanted twice the agreed price. My neighbor refused and paid him the original price. Later that day, the man's father called and said his son told him he wasn't paid what he was owed. My neighbor set him straight and that was that. Until his portable generator disappeared overnight from his carport. He told the police who he suspected and the cops said they knew the guy and he had a lot of problems with drugs.

    We live outside of town and know most of the neighbors, but we're becoming "the country" a little less each year. More houses are being built and the city keeps getting closer. And if the drug addicts are willing to steal an old man's generator, they might get a little braver if they need a fix fast. My wife and daughter are worth too much to me to let some junkie hurt them just to get a fix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rmarkob View Post
    The Founding Fathers would tell you they didn't give us that right, our Creator did. The 2nd amendment was put in place to recognize and guarantee it.

    I started carrying after Virginia Tech.
    The first 10 amendments to the Constitution are "The Bill of Rights". These were written by our founding fathers and not our Creator. The Declaration of Independence talks about our certain inalienable rights given to us by our Creator, but not about the right to self preservation. That is why the second amendment was written in order to establish a military and to give individuals the right to self preservation of themselves and their country by owning and bearing arms. That is why other countries in the world have weapon confiscations and takeovers of government. Our Creator did give us free will to defend ourselves, or not, and that is why we have martyrs and saints, and also why we have evil tyrants and despots.

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    excellent posts

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    I started considering carrying in 2003 when my state first allowed it. I took the class and all but realized that I wasn't ready for the responsibility for doing so.

    Since then I got married and had a son and I have realized that I owe my family a safe and worry free life (the best that I can provide) by not allowing us to become victims by being easy targets. I have been carrying for over a month and have never felt more alert and attentive to my surroundings.

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    The Virginia Tech massacre, my wife being pregnant with our first child and just opening my eyes to how dangerous our world around us has become, all 3 made me decide to carry.I came to realize that no one was responsible for my families saftey more than me , and at least if I'm carrying, I have a fighting chance. I have one extra reason to carry now, ain't she adorable?
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    Got beat up by a bunch of lowlifes back in the 70's! Never again will I or my family be victims of senseless crimes! There was a time when someone thought that I cut him off while passing a slow moving vehicle ahead of me. He tried to cut me off at the traffic light, started shouting obcenities even after I apologized. There were three other men in the car and I was with my wife, two female friends and my Glock 27. If any of them come out of their car, the G27 would have come out of the holster. I guess they saw that I was not intimidated by their actions so they took off like a Bat out of h**l, Thank God!
    I carry everyday and everywhere it is legal to carry!
    Freedom isn't free! Don't ever take it forgranted!

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    I was a sheep until I realized that the criminal element was becoming more brazen and violent, so there was a series of events that led up to it.

    1. My truck got broken into and the police were aware of the "String" of break ins that were moving from west to east of our 1 square mile of town. The police chiefs exact words were when we confronted him on it at the local town meeting "That's the price of living in the city." and their position was that it will soon move into the next jurisdiction, so just ride it out.

    2. Neighbors houses to the north and south of me were broke into in the same week, shorty after 8 am.

    3. I started a new job and was working nights as a field service mechanic in remote locations, and the company was experiencing theft of fuel and wiring from these areas, and the oiler (oil change guy) had someone lurking in the shadows at one of the sites for a couple of hours while he was servicing a couple of units.

    4. I decided I did not want to be the next guy at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Grasseater // Grass~eat~er noun, often attributive \ˈgras-ē-tər\
    A person who is incapable of independent thought; a person who is herd animal-like in behavior; one who cannot distinguish between right and wrong; a foolish person.
    See also Sheep

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    I still vote to sticky this!
    USMC rule # 23 of gunfighting: Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

    I am the God fearing, gun toting, flag waving conservative you were warned about!

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