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I saw him, I watched him walk away...

This is a discussion on I saw him, I watched him walk away... within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; A BUG while at work is out of the question. I carry enough crap on my person as it is, and having one accessible in ...

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Thread: I saw him, I watched him walk away...

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    A BUG while at work is out of the question. I carry enough crap on my person as it is, and having one accessible in the Company vehicle is a definite no-no (others occasionally are in it to move it). My truck is a '98 POS Chev 3500 standard cab, bench seat w/service body.

    I have also pondered transferring from IWB to a cross draw or my TAC vest when driving, again, not feasible while at work, possibly doable when going off shift.

    So...Yes definitely a wake up call. I am going to have to ponder my options.

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    Sticks----mind sending a PM with the name of the hotel? I need to be aware of where that is in my area. I'm not supposed to have any weapon in my marked company truck (Chevy 1500). That said, I do. My 1911 is in the driver's door pocket and is not visible from the passenger seat or from any vantage point outside the vehicle. My wife questioned me once about company policy and I reminded her that it would be highly unlikely anyone from upper management would say anything at my funeral! I am, however, much more cognizant of my surroundings after the incident a few weeks ago by the Midtown Plaza (suspicious dirtbags casing me several times). That was a good wake up call for me and this was a good one for you. Glad you are safe!
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    I love Jang's message

    Quote Originally Posted by Janq View Post
    Not true, unless you think so and thus make it true.
    Fighting from within and about a vehicle is very much possible and real world doable as well as effective. Don't sell yourself short.

    - Janq
    I love Jang's message.

    Its a rare day this guy isn't spot on.

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    yup...maybe just a wake up call, glad you are ok and nothing came from it...maybe next time at least unbuckle the seat beat before getting on the computer, so you have easier access to your firearm if needed...or remove it from the holster and tuck it in the seat or under your right leg while working on the computer...just my .02

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    I can totalily relate to this one. I was on a warrant detail late one night with 2 other officers. If was late at night with a light rain. I had my head down reading the warrant and a drunk walk up to my window and bang on it and scared me to death. Almost had to go change clothes. It happens to everyone sooner or later. Just be glad you get a second chance.
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    You might want to consider going to a cross draw holster if you spend a lot of time in a vehicle.

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    Everyone zones out once in a while. It's impossible to be alert all the time.

    I carry with a IWB holster at 5 o'clock. I can draw it fairly quickly while sitting in my car.
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    This is such a regular occurrence where I live that I cannot count the times I have been approached for money, cigarettes, etc. Our area is littered with vagrants in the winter time because of the warm weather we have here.

    If I am in a charitable mood, I will give them a smoke or some change. If I am not in a charitable mood then I respectfully tell them no. Not once have I ever had a cross word with any of them ever. They typically smile and walk away and say sorry for bothering me.

    These guys are all known on a first name basis with the local LEO's. They know they will get shipped out of town on a rail if they bother citizens. So for the most part, they watch their P's & Q's.

    Now with that said, just watch some vagrant blow me away for a cigarette next week while I am sitting in my car............LOL.....


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