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5:30 on a Sunday evening

This is a discussion on 5:30 on a Sunday evening within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I wouldnt have left my home directly after that encounter....

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Thread: 5:30 on a Sunday evening

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    I wouldnt have left my home directly after that encounter.
    "Just blame Sixto"

    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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    Sounds like you did fine to me. Did you make some mistakes? Yes. Did you do most things correctly? Yes. As much as we plan and train, nothing is ever going to go exactly as we hope for. You did what you needed to do, you adapted and overcame the obstacles you were faced with.

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    Glad you are smart enough to piece together how you could have improved upon your actions, much more glad to hear that your family is safe.

    One thing...yesterday was Saturday!
    A man in the hands of his enemies is flesh, and shudderingly vulnerable. - author unknown

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    @ Wits' End

    What about the guy who rings the doorbell...no one home, then goes around back for B&E?

    I suspect your instincts were right on. Nothing happened because you were home. If you had NOT been home, may well have been a different story.

    I think SIXTO may also have been alluding to the fact that this guy could well have been casing your house.

    You done good, my friend.
    He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose. - Jim Elliott

    The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.
    Albert Einstein

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vtxdpm View Post
    You didn't mention in your note, but one last important detail I think would have been to call the police and report the 'incident'... You didn't reveal your weapon to him, but he probably knew what you had and could have played the innocent victim card and made up a story that you pulled a gun on him... You calling first would pre-empt that situation.
    You're right. Hadn't thought about that. I was too busy doing damage-control with the wife.

    Quote Originally Posted by rmarcustrucker View Post
    You can't second guess your gut instinct. You have to learn from your experiences and that is life long.

    Quote Originally Posted by rmarcustrucker View Post
    Spent time in uniform? Military or police??
    Military. Did a small part to help win the Cold War in Europe, at a time when the Soviets far outnumbered us in personnel and weapons, including nukes. It was publicly revealed later they had deployed chemical weapons to Eastern Europe to use on us if we actively engaged. Spent some time in Panama before the invasion. Noriega deserved what he got.

    That's the difference between my wife and me: I know the evil men are capable of--she refuses to acknowledge it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cthulhu View Post
    Being friendly is overrated.
    (including your other comment that got deleted Email notification--too quick for moderator actions.)

    Quote Originally Posted by alfack View Post
    If I were you, I would get a "No Soliciting" sign and put it by your door.
    Excellent idea. Our City Hall gives out these signs, but I've been procrastinating getting one. Forgot all about them until you reminded me. I will get one this coming week.

    Quote Originally Posted by sniper58 View Post
    this is EXACTLY how people get robbed (or worse) in broad daylight. Everyone suspects these guys as magazine sales people. THAT'S the mindset that will turn someone into an instant victim.
    What a great cover! All you need is a tablet... and a gun.

    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    Even if he hadn't rung the doorbell unless you have outside video you can't see who or what might be lurking
    Yep, outside video is definitely on my list to buy.

    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    The bad thing about driving into a garage with an overhead door is if somebody dives under the door without tripping the obstruction beam you become trapped in the garage with them and a lot of people drop their guard once they park their car.
    Thanks for the reminder. That's exactly what I do once my garage door lowers--lower my guard. I'll start making a conscious effort not to do that.

    Quote Originally Posted by 1911packer View Post
    Had you moved to the front door to greet him, you would not have had to be as assertive.

    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    Those little hairs on the back of the neck are there for good reason. Listen to them, since they are frequently right in their assessment of things... You fail to recognize those signs and react, in the wrong situation, and your family's dead. You simply draw the line and demand that someone go elsewhere, he may leave bummed but your family is okay.

    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    Now, there's only one remaining thing: who was he? Did your other neighbors have him approach and give a spiel? He indicated he was "just meeting people in the neighborhood," yes?, so he must have contacted someone else both before and after you. Some neighbor has him on film, on the remote video, or someone spoke with him. Time to explore the neighbors and their experience that day.
    I'll try to catch the neighbors and ask them if they were also contacted.

    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    keep your "radar" up for the next few weeks

    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    your wife's response was to claim you anti-social. Yet, my guess is she didn't see/hear what you did. Either it's latent anti-gun fears rising to the surface, or she/you have a problem seeing situations for what they are. Time to talk, if that's the case, 'cause part of your response plan is going to depend on your family's ability and willingness to be a part of it.
    She saw it all. She is unwilling to believe people she encounters can be bad. To her, bad things always happen "in another part of town, and to someone else." I sat both of them down before, presented my daughter a pistol, and told her she is responsible for taking care of Mom when I'm gone because Mom won't do it. (I did this so wife wouldn't veto the issue once they were alone.) I keep it locked up, but I've given daughter the combination. I've trained her on the pistol and what to do if someone breaks in. She is the only hope I have for protecting the wife when I'm gone (well, and a super-duper burglar alarm, but that introduces a delay in response). Wife is in permanent condition white. It'll take someone getting hurt or her really getting scared before she'll open her eyes. That's why I'm so adamant about security around the home--it's all up to me. You guys who have wives that pack, count your blessings.

    Quote Originally Posted by rdoggsilva View Post
    I really learned from you on this one.
    This is the reason I posted.

    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    I wouldnt have left my home directly after that encounter.
    Point well taken.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arkie View Post
    It's Sunday already? I lost Saturday!!! LOL.
    Quote Originally Posted by Scot Van View Post
    One thing...yesterday was Saturday!
    I didn't catch that, even after Arkie's comment! Ha, now it's obvious my life is going in 20 different directions at the same time!

    Quote Originally Posted by miklcolt45 View Post

    What about the guy who rings the doorbell...no one home, then goes around back for B&E?...this guy could well have been casing your house.
    You're right about that. That's where our burglar alarm will help... IF the wife will use it when I'm gone.

    Thanks for all your comments. I appreciate all of them, even the ones I didn't comment on. This event drove some principles home. I'm not making the same mistakes again.

    Thank you all.

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    Maybe he got worried when you stuck your hand in your pants, thought you had the hots for him.
    I think you handle it well. My wife says that I am unfriendly at times too. Especially when I change into my MC instructer's voice. But she is learning.

    Semper Fi

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    Quote Originally Posted by grady View Post
    I commend anyone trying to earn an honest dollar. If this guy was legitimate, at least he was trying do some honest work… .

    If he refused to answer your questions, and kept giving you that "I'm just meeting people" crap instead of stating his real business, he WASN'T "Trying to earn an honest dollar". He was trying to con you into whatever.

    I'm sorry, but in this day and age where home invasions occur far too often, and many times result in murder, door to door salesmen, etc. are not welcome at my house.

    If he was selling something, he should have been smart enough not to approach the garage door, but wait outside, away from the house where he could be seen and talked to openly.

    Your thought on people trying to make a living is a good one, but in this situation, I don't feel it has a place, not when the safety of your family is concerned.

    When you listen to your wife disagree with you on these issues, remember that she, and your daughter, are here (alive) to have that conversation.


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    Quote Originally Posted by grady View Post
    Him: “Hi, I’m out in the neighborhood trying to meet people tonight. How ya doin’?”

    Me: “We were just leaving. Are you selling magazines?”

    Him: “I’m just trying to be friendly and meet people.”
    Sounds like he met some people, alright!
    Probably nothing, but what you've described (a shifty guy in your space) is a perfect example of why folks carry. Well done, great thread.

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    Your family and you are alive; that's all that matters.
    Les Baer 45
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    I don't think you overeacted at all. First he said he was just trying to meet people, then said something about a trip to europe. That would for sure send a flag up for me. At that point I would have known he was after money and people do crazy stuff for money. As soon as he reached behind his back he would have been in trouble. I don't think I would have been as calm as you. There are no do-overs in this world. I say good job, you were aware and were willing to take steps to defend your family. Nobody reacts 100 percent correctly in these situations. IF there is any way to act correctly. You stood your ground without having to pull your weapon. Now he knows you are not going to be a victim and you didn't pull your weapon so he can't run to the cops and say you pulled on him.
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    I'd call the police now and describe the guy, there was probably a break in in the past 24 hours. Also let me second, or third Buy a video system preff Nighttime capable and place at the front door, back door and garage at least. Most of these systems are relatively cheap and send out a video signal. You can buy a Video to TV converter at WAL Mart for $20 and have it on CH4 throughout the house. Or a lot can play through your home network/you can watch the hose periodically while on vacation (Look for a Nanny Cam type system)
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    What is "over-reacting" to many is what I consider being reality based. What many label as being "paranoid" or "OCD" or "over-reacting" is just smart, street-wise, common sense oriented thinking as far as I am concerned. I've been called all of these things before but I am the one that will be the least likely to be victimized so who cares?

    I am impressed to read how you reacted to this kid and you are being modest by saying you did anything wrong at all. We do not live in a bubble and cannot keep our guard up perfectly 24 hours a day. While avoiding conflict is important, having the sheep dog / warrior mindset if TSHTF is most important.

    I had a similar situation almost twenty years ago. A scummy looking dude with a bandana and no shirt or shoes was trying to mooch money from me while I was washing my truck. He would NOT take "no" for and answer (several no's, and a "I don't have any money"). After watching him grab something from behind him that I could not identify (he kept it in a semi-closed hand) he was following me around my entire truck as I was retreating to my driver's door. I opened the door and kept it between us as I grabbed my five shot Ruger .357 (SP-101?) revolver. As he stepped around so that the door was not between us, he saw the .357 hollowpoints staring at him as I saw that he had an unlit cigarette in his hand. He said "Hey I don't want to get shot, I just wanted a few bucks." I replied "It looked like you had a knife." He then said "I'm Old Joe and everybody knows me".
    I replied "I don't know you, get out of here!"
    As a side note, I kept the car-wash sprayer in my other hand to use as a prod to keep him away from me long enough to unload my magnums into him in case he did have a knife. Now days, knowing how incredibly deadly a knife is, and the 21 foot rule, and the fact that in the last nine years I have had a permit to carry concealed, I would probably egress more at the first sign of a possible conflict. Back then, my gun was close by, but, not on me the whole time.
    There have been many occasions over the years where I was happy my weapon was nearby.

    Cheers to CCW!
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    This is really really interesting. Same ploy happened to me and my gf in our apartment about 2 years ago. A big burly guy was knocking and had the exact same story yours did. I had the door half open to where he could see my right side, with my 9mm in my left hand hidden behind the door. He kept trying to hand me stuff and kept asking me if i'd ever been to europe. What struck me as odd is he said he was a student and he was definitely over 25 yrs old and not dressed as if he lived in the neighborhood. He also appeared to be trying to look behind me. I remember finally telling me him I had to go and shut the door in his face.

    Struck me as really odd, to which i promptly reminded my gf to never open the door ever if i'm not home and she wasn't expecting anyone.

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    Sounds like a good outcome to me. If he was a "salesman" of some sort, I think he would have been more neatly kept. Maybe looking for trouble, maybe not, but here you are telling the story.
    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch; Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote."
    -- Benjamin Franklin

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    Grady, what part of near St. Louis are you. We live in the West County area, with family in St. Chuck. We'll keep on the lookout for this guy. Lately, there have been a lot of people here in parking lots trying to get people to sign their petition..or some crap.

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