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This is a discussion on Shoot/ Don't Shoot test..... within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Whew my eyes & brain hurt Game Over Your Score: 675 Average reaction time: Black Armed:587.2ms Black Unarmed:666.52ms White Armed:598.92ms White Unarmed:653.64ms...

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Thread: Shoot/ Don't Shoot test.....

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    Whew my eyes & brain hurt

    Game Over
    Your Score: 675
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:587.2ms
    Black Unarmed:666.52ms
    White Armed:598.92ms
    White Unarmed:653.64ms
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    Slow, but correct.

    Game Over
    Your Score: 735
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:687.32ms
    Black Unarmed:782.36ms
    White Armed:714.92ms
    White Unarmed:710ms
    I agree that since this is from the University of Chicago there is something afoot with the results. I found that the presentation against the background not the skin color of the person mattered most.
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    I have the TV going in the background with a show I'm really wrapped up with. I stopped to do this and hosed the first few until I got the hang of the responses. Still, I managed to "smoke" a few good guys but I only GOT "smoked" myself, once.

    Your Score: 445
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:712.92ms
    Black Unarmed:804.6ms
    White Armed:722.72ms
    White Unarmed:742.6ms
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    Being left handed it took my about half way to adjust my shooting hand.

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    Game Over
    Your Score: 735
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:707.16ms
    Black Unarmed:800.4ms
    White Armed:713.44ms
    White Unarmed:766.12ms

    Got through clean, but a bit slowly. Perceived myself to be focusing on nothing but hands. Certainly not skin color. Yet...

    This seems to be an experiment designed to explore the degree to which our ideas of race correlate to a sense of threat or criminality. In my case, I "shot" an armed black man some 6 milliseconds faster than an armed white man. It also took me a whopping 33 ms longer to decide NOT to shoot a black man than a white man.

    There could have been only two reasons for this:

    1. I expected the black man to be a threat--or armed--more than I expected the same behavior from a white man.
    2. The guns were more visible and the cell phones, Coke cans, etc. were less visible in the slides with black men, or the converse, the guns were less visible and the other items more visible in the slides with whites.

    I want to believe that it was #2, but since any experiment worth it's salt would control for #2, I'm led to conclude that it's #1. While I know that we are all racist to some tiny or huge degree or another, it's still hard to have it slap you upside the head. (If that's indeed what this is showing me.)

    I guess I can cling to the fact that this MAY be a crappily constructed experiment...

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    Since I'm the original poster, I'll chime in here......

    When I found this & considered the source, I felt that there was some intent on the originator to prove some type of racial bias. I hesitated to put it up, but after some thought (& reviewing my own results), I knew that the gun was the thing we'd concentrate on & not skin color. That's is why I didn't mention the racial component in my original post.

    I think that the results we've seen here, on, are pretty accurate reflection of those who act responsibly with firearms & use good judgment. Most here will be more apt to concentrate on the the presence of a firearm, rather than color of skin.

    I think this same test given to other groups would NOT turn out the same way as it is doing here. I think that other groups may play into the source's intent & show racial stereotypes or 'profiling'. That being said....I think it speaks highly of the participants here.
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    Game Over
    Your Score: 635
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:652.16ms
    Black Unarmed:760.76ms
    White Armed:647.4ms
    White Unarmed:690.96ms

    It seems I decided to shoot white folks faster than black folks and that I genearlly took longer in assessing blacks than whites
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    That's an awesome site! Nice find. I shot one good guy (I'm sorry).

    Your Score: 710
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:571.12ms
    Black Unarmed:697.72ms
    White Armed:586.12ms
    White Unarmed:644.12ms

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    It was interesting to ignore the background and focus on the hands that kill you. I'd enjoy seeing that where there were multiple people pictured, e.g. one with a cell, one with a gun and then no with no guns, etc. Very cool.
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    Game Over
    Your Score: 625
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:587.32ms
    Black Unarmed:692.72ms
    White Armed:636.68ms
    White Unarmed:689.12ms

    I too am a lefty and got caught pushing the wrong button even though my mind registered it otherwise.
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    Game Over
    Your Score: 640
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:680.72ms
    Black Unarmed:741.24ms
    White Armed:686.28ms
    White Unarmed:717.64ms

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    very fun!

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    I tried it several times...if you never look at anything but the hand...
    Tough one with 61 year old eyes...

    Game Over
    Your Score: 750
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:689.68ms
    Black Unarmed:719.04ms
    White Armed:665.16ms
    White Unarmed:719.84ms

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    Well here it is.....
    Game Over
    Your Score: 685
    Average reaction time:
    Black Armed:681.52ms
    Black Unarmed:799.28ms
    White Armed:678.2ms
    White Unarmed:770.52ms thinks I need new spectacles!
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    Started off pretty slow but got hang of it.Finished up with a 690.

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