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What would you do?--Wife Assaulted by Juvenile

This is a discussion on What would you do?--Wife Assaulted by Juvenile within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Kerbouchard It's amazing how different the responses are in this thread vs http://www.defensivecarry.com/vbulle...dled-date.html First he gets a chance to apologize, then he ...

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Thread: What would you do?--Wife Assaulted by Juvenile

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerbouchard View Post
    It's amazing how different the responses are in this thread vs http://www.defensivecarry.com/vbulle...dled-date.html

    First he gets a chance to apologize, then he gets a chance at a hammerlock and a chance to apologize to my wife. At worst he gets a dislocated shoulder and a broken wrist. For some reason I believe the tough kid will apologize.
    Exactly!! Everyone here would flogg the kids but want to call for help should a grown person feel up his wife

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    Quote Originally Posted by exactlymypoint View Post
    What is a 11-13 year old thinking is going to happen by making such comments and touching a woman whose husband is twice your size?

    I would be careful they had no weapons but a good arm grab and getting in his face may set him straight.
    Someone has probably convinced him that certain people (law-abiding, non-thugs) are impotent to stop him. I worked with a kid like that who thought he was Superman. He wanted to wrestle me out back. I outweighed him by a good 50 lbs., and he actually thought we was going to take me. In less than five seconds I was holding him upside down by the ankles. Sometimes they have to learn the hard way that just because someone looks "square," doesn't mean they can't mess you up.
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    My Ex, is also ex-Army, and she would have probably kicked his ass.

    My daughter, is 5'2" ... and when younger I taught her a lot on self-defense, etc. When 18 she was working a job at a baseball field and they didn't leave until 2 a.m..... and they all had to walk across a long lot to their cars. They all normally walked together for protection. Plus , she would call me on her cell phone and talk to me on the way to her car.. until she was in it and driving.

    One night... no call.... no call... no answer... no answer... no answer... Finally I get a call. She had gone out to her car by herself. Some 6' - 200 lb guy came up behind her and grabbed her from behind as she got to her car (attempted rape). As she was talking to me and letting me know what happened , I could hear comments and laughing in the background. It's was the 2 police officers getting the guy into the police car. She , uh, used the methods I had taught her and kicked his ass.

    The Police officer got on the phone with me, he said the guy was much bigger than her, and she had really done a number on him, and wanted to tell me ..... that I had taught her well. He said when they arrived... he was flat on the ground, in pain, with her standing over him. He would "not get up" when they told him to.... he was too afraid of her. They were going to have to take him to the hospital, because he had missing teeth, and they thought a broken arm and a broken nose. He laughed, and said... "the guy is pretty messed up and is all bloody".

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    I'd just stand back and watch as my wife dealt with the "little buggers".

    I'd actually feel sorry for them.


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    pressing in on me + even thinking about touching my wife = nice little push back while I tangle his feet W/ mine. Whoops..must have tripped there little boy.
    why don't you leave now...
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    Criminal Sexual Conduct is a Felony in most states, and the little dirt bag would have been eating some dirt waiting for the ambulance to show at the least.
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    my wife would have kicked his rear....I wouldn't have had time to do much, after a wicked backhand...he would have found himself in the pavement....then maybe I could have picked him up by his collar.

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    11-13 years old?

    Sounds like he's still young enough for a good spanking....

    ....on the other hand, if HE disagrees, then maybe he's ready to "fight like a MAN" instead.....

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    Had it been my wife both of those kids would have gotten a free ride in an ambulance and got to see first hand the inside of an Emergency Room!!!! Of course a police officer once told me that a dead man cannot testify against you in court!!!!

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    You could have intervened, taken him to the ground to the point that you had control over him and turned him over to the police for assault. Wrist and arm locks work real well--just bend the wrist or fingers 90 degrees in the opposite direction of the joint's natural rotation. Once he is down you can not pound on him when you have control over him--that would be assault. There are methods that you can control the perp's wrist and walk him to the police station.

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    Aren't you supposed to shake your fist and yell about kids these days?

    No, but really, gotta be careful of youth nowadays they can still stick you with a knife while they're up in your face and you're deciding what to do.

    Subtle differences between kids now, and when I was a kid(im 26). one of them is moving out of the way of cars coming into a neighborhood. I remember everyone yelling "CAR!" and moving. Then "GAME ON" and going back into the street...

    Nowadays they stare at you like a deer in headlights.

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    Given those circumstances, I'd look around to make sure there were no cameras and then I'd shatter his nose and start moving towards his friend. If there were cameras, I'd hose 'em both with the OC.
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    Oh No

    I would slap this kid, and kick him in the chest, I've been through this in NYC where I grew up. Kept a good eye on the kid to make sure he didn't escalate further, but usually they are humiliated and run off to find their "family". But I had a talk with the block don, u from Brooklyn, u know what I mean. Hey it's my wife and can easily be my 13yr daughter, hell no!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by LiveLFF View Post
    I remember everyone yelling "CAR!" and moving. Then "GAME ON" and going back into the street...

    Nowadays they stare at you like a deer in headlights.

    That's what my train horns on my truck are for!
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    if he did that to my wife he would still be in the hospital. Then i would have found his parents and taught them a lesson in manners, too.
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