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Remaining Silent as a Defensive Tactic?

This is a discussion on Remaining Silent as a Defensive Tactic? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by dcb188 I think that is right. We really don't have much time to figure him out, just see what he is up ...

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Thread: Remaining Silent as a Defensive Tactic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcb188 View Post
    I think that is right. We really don't have much time to figure him out, just see what he is up to and act accordingly.
    Like any tactic, it requires some knowledge. Without the knowledge, it will most likely fail. One needs "operational parameters," not a reactive decision tree that runs the gamut from waving politely to drawing a weapon, that one restarts at the beginning with each new progression by the BG.

    It's called various things, "Force Dynamics," "Managing Unknown Contacts," etc., etc.. If you can't afford the trip for a class with SouthNarc, Marc Denny, James Keating, or similar, there is probably a decent MMA gym not too far from you that will give some basics.

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    The reality of a confrontation with a predator is that he is thinking how he can best rob, beat, kill you, or all three.
    A chl civilian would need to be acting immediately on a means of egress and increasing distance. Cluttering up the mindset with words would be counterproductive. Thinking about how/when to deploy the gun would be a better use of the seconds available.

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    I'm sure you've got some good responses above but I do not have time right now.

    First if for any reason, GG is standing still listening to #1 BG babble , GG is a target for #2 on an ambush or #1 is still interviewing/positioning or is whacked out. BGs have a number of creative verbal ways to draw you in ... not all hostile or obvious.

    The best time for THE QUIET STARE IMHO is during the slow approach ... quiet up and down the body, hands, eyes, follow your skeptical gut on this to identify predatory appearance.

    Any meaningful reservations? it's PAST time to put your hand on your hidden baby and move ... confidently into the street, at least away.

    I successfully used THE FENCE during a 2-person attack when they got inside 10 ft (used the 1 second delay to draw) and a few times when street people got too close-pushy. It is very much worth learning and really works. It is basically a forward flat palm toward attacker coupled with a strong VERBAL COMMAND like 'Back Off Now', 'Stop', 'No Closer', 'Step Back' etc. There's lots more to it than that ...flows nicely into martial, forward hand is a block, weapon, spacer and distraction.

    This move clearly tells all to stay out of your personal space and prepares your mind and body for what might be coming and usually will buy osme time and end the situation ... their cover's been blown and in a way you've got the initiative.
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