Living witnesses VS dead or almost dead ones.

Living witnesses VS dead or almost dead ones.

This is a discussion on Living witnesses VS dead or almost dead ones. within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Why would a gunman shoot you BEFORE robbing you? I was thinking about this and I believe there is actually a reason for this... first ...

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Thread: Living witnesses VS dead or almost dead ones.

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    Living witnesses VS dead or almost dead ones.

    Why would a gunman shoot you BEFORE robbing you?

    I was thinking about this and I believe there is actually a reason for this... first look on these videos though.

    In Brazil, gunman shots bus driver without asking for anything, he simply takes the money off of the man he just killed. - Murder in bus. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. ( Caught on Tape )

    several gunmen shot clerk up without asking anything, clerk managed to run away, while gunmen go for register. - Shooting caught on tape

    Look through my other post to see 2 other video's I posted already, of victims getting shot (one guy got shot literally to pieces) BEFORE the criminals made any demands.
    Example, the well known "5 on one" video showing ruthless scum shooting up clerks without demanding anything, he clearly intended to kill his victims, then steal from them AFTER they got dealt with. - 5 on One

    Not the BG shooting first, but still interesting, junky robbed first, then tried to execut father AND SON by putting them on the knees even after he got his money... drugs + gun, what else but the worst could happen? If you ask me, the father and son were lucky they guy was a bad shot. - Store Owner Shot in front of Son !!

    Who needs to make up scenario with these things are already happening every day, some where? (Especially that woman's clothing store that got robbed, with it's 6 women shot dead [hog tied and executed]).

    It's just they are not captured by video most of the time.

    IMHO, the reason some criminals SHOOT FIRST, then rob last, should be clear... it ensures the victims does not fight back, run, get help etc because the victim is either dead, or seriously incapacitated.... making the job of the scum that much easer.

    If you had no heart... carrying nothing for life, this is really nothing to lose by dispatching victims before or after robbing them... no witness, no threats (fighting back). A living victim seems to be a BIGGER RISK than a dead, or unconscious one... if you think about it in a cold way.

    Why would a desperate low life risk leaving a living witness, when that increased the chances of him getting sent back in the pen so he could push weights and cuddle with bubba ? That sort of level of violence reflects desperation... desperate people do desperate things.

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    In a place with low likelihood of getting caught: increased probability of success, pure and simple.

    As more and more folks have the ability to withstand attack, I see the incidence of this technique rising, since the only way to ensure they'll get their way is to ensure that nobody will be able to take 'em out.
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    About a year ago, or less, there was a thread running here about a news story of a guy who was shot from behind as he left WM. Apparently the BG only wanted to take the GG's truck. I did a couple of searches but can't find the story here.

    I remember thinking and posting in the thread that in some cases now, the BG is doing this simply to eliminate any possible resistance from a GG. Sadly this may be a "tactic" of some BG's fearing the GG may be CCW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CR2008 View Post
    That sort of level of violence reflects desperation... desperate people do desperate things.
    No desperation, just business. It's a "world-view." Some individuals are predatoristic, and are unable/uninterested in empathizing with others; some are literal sheep, incapable of thought or much life without the group and follow the strongest leader(I disagree with Grossman's "Sheep/Sheepdog" construct, but that's another issue); some, like predators, lack any particular empathy, but recognize the survival benefit of the group and prefer to mold the group for self-sufficiency so that work/risk is more evenly distributed.

    Individuals will display varying levels of conformity to the above groupings, but with high predictability do conform.

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