Young woman and baby needs a ride, what do you do?

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Thread: Young woman and baby needs a ride, what do you do?

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    So...for those of you who would pick up the woman with the baby...

    What do you do when she gets squirly on you?

    What do you do when she is sitting right next to you as you are driving and sticks a razor blade to your throat demanding your car or your money?
    Let her have it.

    Maybe she pulls out a crack pipe and starts taking hits off it, right next to you with the kid in her lap?
    What are you going to do then?
    Drive her to the Sheriffs Office.

    Gonna get physical with her to get her out of the car...with a baby right their?
    If need be. Ever wrestle a crack head chick? I have. I have'nt lost yet.

    Chivalry is great...but if it goes wrong, what are you going to be able to do to to pull it out of the toilet?
    Whatever it takes.
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    Pull over and wait for the cab I've called for her.
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    My mother and I were driving home from church one day and the front right wheel just came right off my mother's van. The van went out of control and flung itself into a ditch. Luckily both of us were not hurt but we were pretty shaken up and eight miles from the nearest town and this was before cell phones were getting readily available to common folk so we had no means to call for help. It was also EXTREMELY hot outside.

    Without anything else to do we started walking down the road.

    A woman and her child.

    Granted we were both in dresses and anyone who passed by the van could put two and two together but so many people just passed us without so much as pulling over and offering to call for help.

    Finally, a shaggy looking guy with a mullet in a station wagon pulled over and offered us a ride into town. He was tattooed up and down, stunk, and there were more cigarette butts littering the front of his car than there were stars in the sky but let me tell you, he was our savior that day.

    All he did was drive us to a fast food restaurant and gave us some change for the pay phone so my Mom could call my Dad. He then waited for my Dad to arrive so that he knew we'd be okay.

    Appearances can be deceiving but you just don't know what someone has been through and how your act of kindness can really make their day.

    Maybe I wouldn't offer them a ride (especially if it was 2 a.m. (besides, what the heck am I doing out that late much less a woman with a baby?)) but there's no reason I can't stop and offer to call someone for her or ask her if she needs help.

    Even if I don't trust strangers I can still be kind and courteous to them because I would want someone to do the same for me.

    If I were stranded out in the middle of the night with my baby you'd be sure I'd be looking for any kind soul to lend me a hand. More than likely I'd refuse to take a ride because I'd be afraid of you, the driver.

    Not to mention that JD would rightfully have a heart attack if I told him that I got into a car with a stranger while caring for our child.

    But it would still be nice to know there are some kind people in the world. The people who maybe don't offer rides, but they'll park, get out of their cars and hold umbrellas for people fixing their engine in the rain. They'll make a phone call for help and wait for it to arrive. They'll run to town and get a can of gas and bring it back.

    If I'd want someone to do that for me, why shouldn't I be willing to do it for someone else?

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