How many of you use rally points to keep your family safe?

Take the thread that talked about the gang fight in Wal-Mart. Ok. So we all agree that you don't want to hang around for that. So you run away and are safe.

Now you got away from all those gun, knifes and bats, but where is your wife and two kids who went to pick up the groceries while you were looking through the sporting goods section? Now what? You try and call her on her cell phone but,(you guys know what I am talking about) she forgot to charge it, she can't hear it because it is shoved down in her purse, or she forgot it at home. Now instead of getting away from trouble you have to go back into it. You go back in looking for her and get shot, just to find out later that she was already in the parking lot waiting for you.

This could be avoided by using Rally Points. Places you go all the time you could establish them well in advance. For instance, if you had to leave the house in an emergency, the RP could be the neighbors house, a telephone pole, or whatever. At wal-mart you could decided to always Rally at the left corner of the building as you exit the main doors. This simple system could apply to almost all business. Your RP at your house could even be used to keep self defense items, like an extra gun/magazine or whatever.

When you are traveling and get out at a gas station, mall, park or whatever, develop a simple system of establishing a rally point. As you walk through the mall, you might travel far enough that you want to establish a new rally point that is closer to you.

My simple system. The car is always the number one Rally Point. If something happens, and we are split up, we always link up at the car. This is natural. It allows us to exit the area immediately. It's always around somewhere so I don't have to remember to make everyone aware of it. When I establish a second Rally Point, I will point my index finger in the air and do the circle the wagon's hand signal, and then point to the RP. This RP is used if the car is not a safe place, or if we are so far from the car that a new RP is needed. My wife usually shakes her head, as if to say, "Would you just relax and have fun?" But the message has been passed whether she likes it or not.