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What would you do ? - Russian office worker freaks out

This is a discussion on What would you do ? - Russian office worker freaks out within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well I would immediately notify my supervisor that I consider this to be a hostile work environment and if they didn't do something about it ...

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Thread: What would you do ? - Russian office worker freaks out

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    Well I would immediately notify my supervisor that I consider this to be a hostile work environment and if they didn't do something about it they would be hearing from my attorney!
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    Truth be told, probably every person that works in a cubicle farm has days they would love to do just what is shown on the video.

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    That looked like a BAD Dilbert cartoon.

    Call police and MAYBE engage/contain him. Wouldn't draw though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SonofASniper View Post
    That was a little more than property damage. He assaulted any person that was within his reach. And no I would not have used OC. In a confined room, that stuff can have an affect on everyone.
    Nah...He's just blowing off a little steam. Just get him some "anger management" and put him back to work.

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    Probably pepper spray him.
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    All this because he lost his coffee break?

    No gun was needed...the guy did not seem to be attacking any person, just the computer screens...

    Any two of the male office workers could have ended this guy's rant in a few seconds...OMO
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    Lots of opportunities to take him down with a full contact body hit when he was distracted with destroying something. I've done it many times as a linebacker (although the last time was several decades ago, I think I still have a few in me). Then he could either be subdued or pounded into submission. Maybe some of the wimps standing around would even help after the guy was taken down.

    He needed taken out early. I think the first monitor he threw hit some lady in the head.

    What a bunch of wimps. The guy was actively putting people in danger, and people just stood around and watched.


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    one word - tazer

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    Quote Originally Posted by raevan View Post
    Truth be told, probably every person that works in a cubicle farm has days they would love to do just what is shown on the video.
    Yeah, I gotta agree. I found it more humorous than anything. Probably the funniest/saddest/most pathetic thing are the guys with the camera phones taking video. One of the guys with a camera gets knocked over when the video blips around 1 min. A second guy comes in the door around 1:30 with his camera out to video. Pathetic.

    Aside from the assaulting of people and, I guess, the unmerited and illegal destruction of property, the anti-industrialism/modernism in me almost applauds the guy. Office Space, anyone?

    Gutsy on the security guard at the end who rips the lamp out of his hands; he could have gotten clocked big time there.
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    I don't know, I rewound the second throwing of the computer monitor a dozen times and he absolutely levels that lady. I mean that was some serious intent to harm -- he threw it right at her. That's a bit more than having a bad day. If I saw this entire video minus that part, I'd agree with what most folks are saying....If I were standing RIGHT there while I saw that monitor take out the woman...I might draw.

    Go back and rewind that part! She gets completely taken out... Right at about the 25 second mark.
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    He just needs to ride the lightning....that would cool his jets...pronto

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    This is why God gave Man finger-saps.

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    Several Of The Employees Should Have Tackled This Guy. He Was Really Having A Bad Day. Theres No Need To Pull A Gun In This Case.

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    Like I said, too corny. Nobody who really went berzerk would jump around like a ninny as this guy did. When people go nuts bosses end up in the hospital.
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