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Where would you shoot to disable a vehicle?

This is a discussion on Where would you shoot to disable a vehicle? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Umm your armed? Simple. Pull over and see if he wants to play some more or take his ball and go home!...

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Thread: Where would you shoot to disable a vehicle?

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    Umm your armed?


    Pull over and see if he wants to play some more or take his ball and go home!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tobashadow View Post
    Umm your armed?


    Pull over and see if he wants to play some more or take his ball and go home!
    Absolutely a BAD idea, IMHO.

    When invited by a fool to play, there is absolutely no reason to accept the offer.

    If you stop, you're sure not in fear of your life, and you've arguably become a willing participant in the escalation. This is a good way to go to jail.

    Battle Plan (n) - a list of things that aren't going to happen if you are attacked.
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    I think that the scenario assumes that a larger vehicle is attempting to force you off the road. If the hostile is able to execute a successful PIT maneuver on you, it seems to me like you're basically certain to stop and have to deal with him directly.

    On the other hand, if he does like the movies and drives up to your driver-side and bumps your car -- and you keep control -- you may well be able to shoot through the door. Is that a good idea? Depends on the situation. If you're being run off the edge of a cliff, shoot away.

    On the other hand, if you're just on the interstate somewhere, probably not. If it was me - I have an old small (and slow) convertible, so it'd be very easy to run me off the road. I'd pull over and call 911 ASAP.

    Leave the engine running. If badguy approaches, zip off. It'll take him a minute to get back into his car, started, and catch up with me. Hopefully one repetition or two of this and there's enough time for the police to arrive. If he catches up and puts me in real, immediate danger I'll shoot, but it's a terribly dangerous thing to do as you're putting a lot of other people at risk.

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    I would continue driving normally I would not try to shoot the steering wheel "nut" if you shoot a tire out and he loses control and strikes another vehicle etc. you can plan on being sued at the minimum,if he tries forcing you off the road maintain you're lane if he hits you're car with his that is deadly force It's never a good idea to shoot at a moving vehicle.If he is trying to run me off the road I try to pull into a place where there are witnesses,if he pollows me and jumps outta his vehicle to come at me then he's getting drawn on and will be held for the police.If he thinks I won't shoot that will be the last bad decision he makes that day
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott View Post
    Shooting the vehicle would be illegal in my state, so I wouldn't shoot to disable a vehicle. I would shoot at the driver of the vehicle and if the stress made me miss, very likely, and I happened to disable the vehicle, then so be it. However, I would have been shooting at the driver to stop the threat to my life.
    I agree...
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    It's possible that I have not faced the "most" enraged driver in this type of thing, but I have always slowed down and let them in front of me. I can watch them or evade them when they are in front of me.

    If they slow, I slow more - always seeking to maintain distance. If they stop, I stop or backup. Obvously, this depends on the roadway and location, but the idea is to evade them.

    In my experience, an enraged driver will wear themselves out without someone to engage them.

    On California freeways, I exited as they passed the exit.

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    Scenes of Mad Max..

    There was no explanation why the other driver was being so aggressive. If he is a maniac and bent on running you off the road that is one thing but most people don't just snap for no reason.

    Whenever I have a tailgater I always try to tap the brakes to see if they will back off then if that doesn't work I slow down until they pass me and then I let them get out of sight.

    Seems in this scenario perhaps it is a multi lane and he can get beside you to run you off the road. If you can drop behind him and let him take the lead he hopefully will go on his merry way. It is unlikely he is trying to run you off to rob you or worse. But in remote areas that has happened, in that case you can probably use your weapon without too much restraint or fear of innocents being injured.

    This is another example where you should de-escalate the confrontation. The vehicles are more deadly than the weapon based on statistics.

    Be a friendly driver. If he insists on confrontation in person, try to make it in a public place if possible. Bring your weapon into play as needed.
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    I'll bite on this one, but first one question.

    What type of gun do I have? If you have a Keltec P3AT with no spare mag, will you waste shots on a vehicle? What if you do that, you get rammed and now your vehicle is disabled and immobile, and you just shot all 6 rounds out of your gun?

    I just got to do my daily during work round trip, and about the only stable shooting position that I could come up with while still being able to steer and watch the road was the following:

    If my caliber and capacity are up to the task of warding off a roadrager and I MUST, absolutely MUST shoot, I'm only going to go for the passenger compartment and if I'm lucky, I can roll down my window, not only to save on the repair bill, but to lessen the amount of debris my rounds will have to overcome, I will be driving with my left hand, keeping my right hand with gun seated in the crook of my left elbow to keep my aim steady and point shoot the heck out of the drivers compartment.

    Pending on what kind of auto you're up against, you have no guarantees. If you're in a lower riding car, and the aggressor is in a higher riding SUV or truck, you have little hope of shooting though his window, if your shooting from the rear oblique, you have no guarantees that your rounds will find a suitable target.

    Point shooting for the tires? Again, this goes to ammo capacity in my book, how many possible misses can you afford? If I've only got my HK P7 with 9 rounds total and no spare mag....well you do the math.

    If you're in front of the aggressor, I can't think of a "safe" way to engage the target with fire. My best shot IMHO is to be along side the car, slightly behind the aggressors front tire, open fire on the passenger side door and begin to slow after 3 or 4 shots in order to try and evade a possibly crashing truck.

    So up until the need to fire arises, I'm going to try and jockey for my ideal firing position.

    If I can break off the pursuit, fine. If I don't know where I am or on a free way, I'll watch the signs for a state police barracks.

    If I'm urban, I'm going to try and get behind the aggressor as much as possible so he has to use his mirrors and look over his shoulder for me, and all I have to do is watch him and the road in front of me.

    And as stated above.

    If you're being followed, DON'T GO HOME!

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    Quote Originally Posted by farronwolf View Post
    Why not just pull off the side of the road, and when the person gets out of their vehicle shoot them if they are that big of a threat? The car is already stopped and is not going to go out of control. You have a semi stationary target, and you don't run the risk of running off the road yourself when your trying to aim and shoot a gun while driving.

    I can't think of any reason to shoot from my vehicle while I am driving it. If someone happens to threaten to shoot me while driving or takes a shot at me from another moving vehicle, I will either stop immediately or use my vehicle as a weapon before drawing and trying to engage in a firefight while driving.
    Absolutely correct…

    Unless you’re an LEO and you have no choice but to shoot at a vehicle, then I would recommend never shooting at one.

    Many reasons, including you could miss, and hit the wrong person/car, or wreck yourself.

    Like farronwolf said. Pull over and if the BG gets out of his car and comes at you with a weapon, then use your weapon to take care of the situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoda View Post
    There was no explanation why the other driver was being so aggressive.
    "Reddneckkery." I have indeed seen someone shot because of it (rural community, SO & DA had no issues.) I wouldn't call it common...

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    I'd pull off the road at the nearest exit/turn-off. If the idiot insists on taking it to that level once I have stopped for a potty break then he has removed himself from the missile and I would act in the same manner as I would for a confrontation / assault that started on foot.
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    I'ld pull over and stop... in a very public location if it was bad enough, or be looking for a police officer. It's questionable in reality, that they are threatening your life at that point... a banged up car maybe, but doubtful it truly is a threat to your life unless you are on a motorcycle... then that's a different matter... they are threatening your life then.

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    I plan to jam the e-brake as I turn hard left and shoot out BG's gas tank. I saw it on MI2, so it must be possible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JD View Post
    I don't get why these people don't just E&E to the nearest PD.
    How, exactly, does one find the local police dept. in the next town, or an unfamiliar town?

    Agreed on the escape/evade plan, which is infinitely better than pulling over and stopping. But nobody seems to get specific about just how such a PD would be found anywhere but the home town. Being on a 911 call at the time is all good and well, but it's not exactly practical during E/E avoidance of a pursuing thug in a 3500 lb battering ram.
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    You never shoot at a vehicle, you shoot at the aggressor behind the wheel to stop the action threatening you, or a third party or to prevent the commission of certain felonies.

    If you aren't justified in shooting the driver of the vehicle, you aren't justified in shooting the vehicle either.


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