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How do you check out possible threats

This is a discussion on How do you check out possible threats within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm like Moga... I take the bull in the china shop approach. I'll meet potential threats head on, and 9 out of 10 times thats ...

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Thread: How do you check out possible threats

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    I'm like Moga... I take the bull in the china shop approach. I'll meet potential threats head on, and 9 out of 10 times thats enough to throw their plans off enough for me to control the situation.
    Of course thats just one tool in the old tool box, there are other situations that call for different approaches.
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    I hate it when people are walking behind me. I have stopped and looked into a window (window shopping) but kept myself kind of sideways, not with my back totally facing out.

    I have a pet peeve about resturants. EVERY time I go into one and they sit me they put me facing away from the door. I just ignore where they put the menu and sit facing the door. When eating with friends or family they will nearly always assume I want to sit with my back to the door. I never do. I have not wanted to sit with my back to a door since 1989 when I was working at a prison.

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    If given the opportunity and think you are being followed, duck into a shop if one is available. Its a great counterintelligence technique. If you're in a suit, drop into a jewelry shop or someplace that you wouldnt look out of place being dressed the way you are. See if they follow you. Itll give you a good even ground to check the person out. If they seem threatening, don't leave. At this point I wouldn't be subtle about eyeballing them if they stuck around... Especially if they look quite out of place where you are.

    But this is assuming you can even make this move. Nothing wrong with turning around and reversing direction either. Just keep in mind that we live in a three dimensional world and you are never committed to a certain path or vector.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 4my son View Post
    You are going through out your daily routine, and something catches your attention, someone coming up behind you as you walk along, or someone that you can't quit see, but other than their position (tactical advantage over you) you have no real reason to believe it's nothing more than coincidence that they just happen to be there.

    Not wanting to seem like a Paranoid skitzo, how do you casually give them a glance to asses the situation without going into full defensive mode and creating a scene where there is no need. We pass hundreds if not thousands of people every year, month or even week, there has to be some level of civility in our actions.

    The best way, for me, is to make eye contact and keeping a neutral facial expression.....or even a slight smile....while evaluating the principles of your concerns. Direct eye contact coupled with a confident, upright posture is the best unspoken (nonverbal) form of communication to display. That gives the "I know your there and I'm watching you/I'm not someone to be messed with" to whoever your 'confronting' without being overtly threatening (keeping that smile/ammused/neutral look on you face) In your case you presented, that may mean stopping and turning to face them while looking at a window display, looking at/admireing a parked car, waiting on a crosswalk light at the next street, etc.

    Your letting yourself be 'known' without really escalating anything......and when whoever sees you, a nod or even a spoken "good morning", etc. further keeps the situation light without displaying a "I'm a harm-less sheep". Projecting a confident, alert outward appearence while maintaining a friendly 'look' about you is my best 'approach'. Takes a little practice actually but it works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moga View Post
    I always make direct eye contact when people are acting shady. It lets them know that you are keenly aware of their position and that you aren't going to cower in intimidation or fear from their presence. If your adversary is incensed by this gesture, then he's already made up his mind to find a reason to bring it to you, so you've lost nothing by keeping your eyes on his hands and gained an important tactical benefit by not looking away.

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    I always first look at the persons hands. After that split second I would make eye contact so that the person knows I am aware of them and my surroundings. I would continue to do a mental evaluation of the situation and take it from there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JudoJake View Post
    I probably look like a turkey walking around town. My head is always bobbing in every direction, taking in everything.
    For the most part, nobody is paying any attention to you. If the BG is paying attention to you, he will see you are aware of your surroundings and probably look elsewhere for a victim.
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