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I dont think we've done this one yet

This is a discussion on I dont think we've done this one yet within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; All I am going to say the adrenaline rush in shooting your first bull elk at 100 yards, or deer, or any other game is ...

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Thread: I dont think we've done this one yet

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    All I am going to say the adrenaline rush in shooting your first bull elk at 100 yards, or deer, or any other game is not going to be the same sensation as trying to shoot a human being at 100 yards away. Homicidal maniac or not. Add to the equation an "apparently" innocent victim just inches away.

    You may be sitting here thinking taking the shot is no problem.

    Let me know when it really happens!

    More then likely, I bet looking through the scope under that kind of pressure will be like trying to look through a scope while you're water skiing!

    A successful hunter is not the same thing as a trained sniper, I don't care what you say or how many successful hunts you have. There are major mental differences between the two.

    I'm not saying you won't be able to make the shot! I'm just saying if you do, and it doesn't end horribly wrong, I would say that more than likely it's because you had a pretty powerful guardian angel perched on your shoulder when you pulled the trigger.

    There is a big difference between the types of stress that occurs in a up close and personal self defense shooting ccw holders expect to encounter and trying to take a precision rifle shot at distance against a human target with an innocent inches away.

    Sure, these situations happen... (man hacks child to death with machete) But creating these crazy wild scenarios up where you have to take an impossible shot for almost anyone... and then ask something along the lines of, "do I take the shot?" "what would you do?" I think is just silly and bordering on stupid.... Really it accomplishes nothing. Unless you earn a living taking shots like that for real, you have no business fantasizing that you are up to the task. JMHO... YMMV
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    good stuff i hadnt thought of thanks for your thoughts.

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    ....movie set.

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    I will entertain this scenario. If I estimated the range to be around 100yds and I had a rifle zeroed to that distance I would definitely think about it. The thing I would be concerned about is, if I hit my target, will my projectile go through the target and hit the innocent party? If somehow I didn't have to worry about that, then yes I would shoot. 30.06 to center mass.
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    Are you familiar with shooting at that steep an angle?

    If a rifle bullet hits cement within 15 or so yds at an angle greater than about 7* it will disintegrate - yes know it for a fact, work at a shooting range. At 100 yds even going thru a person at such a steep angle, I'm betting it will still disintegrate, not ricochet. Of course, there will still be splatter. ls that worse than a machete?

    Depending on what I see the crosshairs doing, little kid (not teenager) vs. man with machete - l'm thinking take the shot.

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    I have hit a milk jug size target standing upright at 380 yards with my 7mm Weatherby Mag. with a cold barrel with an ~8% up grade. If the gun was tuned AND recently verified AND the angle of attack will drill the ground/backstop and not friendlies AND all else point to a favorable shot I'd drill him right in the head and drop him into the useless pile o' crap he appears to be. The law in FL is okay with this.
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    What a scenario.
    Here in CO, deadly force is authorized if you are reasonably convinced that you, or someone is in danger for your (their) life.

    How do you truly know what is going on? Can you see the Hollywood camera crew filming its latest "Dirty Harry" movie?

    It certainly looks legit, and if you don't act the child IS in danger for his/her life.

    I personally might try to yell, and get a response from assailant to either end the attack, or verify if this is what it looks like.
    And be prepared to shoot!
    It’s so much easier now days, to "Love and honor" my wife, when she is armed, and shoots a better group than I do. (Till death do us part, eh?)

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    If memory serves me well, I remember a situation that occured in Texas in the 1970's, different but similar.

    A hunter traveling down the highway saw an individual shoot a patrolman. He stopped a hundred yards or so down the road took out his rifle and killed the BG. The Sheriff in the county where this occured refused to divulge the name of the "HERO" that took care of business.

    As indicated above this is what I remember and it came to me in the newspaper.

    In regard to hitting a small spot (2" dia.) at 100 yards with a scoped rifle it's a piece of cake.
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    Take the shot. Hacking up a kid with a machete buys you a one way ticket. I wouldn't want to live with the memory of watching the deed through a scope waiting for police to come and pick up the pieces.

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