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Aiding an Officer - What would you do?

This is a discussion on Aiding an Officer - What would you do? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by LongRider There is no debate. Only imaginary rationalizations to justify not doing what we know was the only right, just and honorable ...

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Thread: Aiding an Officer - What would you do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LongRider View Post
    There is no debate. Only imaginary rationalizations to justify not doing what we know was the only right, just and honorable thing to do. In short vain transparent justifications for cowardice. Disregarding race uniforms and all other irrelevant garbage, The fact remains that you observed a fellow human being in danger of serious bodily harm or death, under the threat of attack and vastly out numbered. Driven by an obvious sense of duty honor justice morality and integrity that some others apparently lack. You used your head and courageously intervened to effectively deescalate a potentially deadly scenario, Obviously no one can reasonably say otherwise. Thankfully there remain men like you in our nation. Men who know there is more to being human than standing on two legs. More to being a man than owning a penis. Because any one who would stand by and allow a human being be beaten maimed, mutilated and murdered is less than human and less than a man. A coward is far to polite a term for those who exist only for themselves without honor. Whose pathetic existence is driven that the illusion that there is nothing more important than their own comfort and safety.
    You're right. There is no debate. Only name-calling and intolerance ... at least, as of that post.

    "Pathetic existence." "Dishonorable." "Cowardice." Dismissing any other viewpoint as "irrelevant garbage." Who made you Pope, pal?

    The spitting name-calling and cutting the legs from all alternative perspective has put a chill on the discussion. Thanks, from all.

    Keep in mind: people have to make a decision about what's most important in life. Nobody else shaves your face in their mirror.

    Reality is, no single purpose makes one honorable, to the exclusion of all other actions ... no matter what name-calling is used. Be careful when jabbing fingers into the chests of so many, laying claim that the one right way of behaving is known by you and has no alternative or variation. Dialog can't occur when one's eyes/ears/mind are closed so tightly.
    Your best weapon is your brain. Don't leave home without it.
    Thoughts: Justifiable self defense (A.O.J.).
    Explain: How does disarming victims reduce the number of victims?
    Reason over Force: Why the Gun is Civilization (Marko Kloos).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duisburg View Post
    who on earth has advocated fighting witht he police on this forum?
    I was responding to an earlier post advocating resisting "police aggression". I believe the poster was stating that the people have the right to resist laws they believe to be unjust, or some other similar anarchist ideology.
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    What is legal and what is not will depend on the laws of the state you live in. In Tennessee you are expected or even allowed to assist a police officer legally only if he asks for assistance. If he doesn't, you are interfering with an officer in conduct of his duty. In short you are now a BG. It's a sort of on-the-spot ipso facto deputization if the officer asks for assistance. You are still going to get sued for everything you've got, because you are not a sworn officer and the City/County/State is going to disavow any knowledge of your mission. The CCW does not make you a militia, it just gives you the right to defend yourself and your family from direct and imminent life threatening danger. As far as throwing your familly to the fire to be the hero, you are not directly responsible for the safety of a stranger but you are directly responsible for the safety of your family! You take care of them first. this isn't what is destroying the fabric of America. it is the opposite, it is fathers and mothers not taking care of their families. If you are alone and have no one to protect then do what you have to, we all will. But if you break the law doing it, the ranting against the government and ethics will not change the fact you broke the law and are going to receive the punishment due a criminal. If you feel an overwhelming compulsion to get into the fray, run back and lock up your gun in the trunk, grab a club and go at it. If you use the gun, you must follow the letter of the law. The state assumes when it issues a CCW that the bearer is a law abiding citizen, be one! I served 30 years in the USMC and 6 years in Viet Nam. I do not consider it cowardice to consider my family's safety first, I consider it my duty as a father!

    I do not carry to be a masked crusader and defender of the weak or a pseudo LEO. I carry to protect myself and my family. If that means removing them from the arena of action, then I will remove them. the gun stays holstered and I hide my wife and kids from danger.
    Retired Marine, Retired School Teacher, Independent voter, Goldwater Conservative.

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    Well, I did receive a letter in the mail today from the State of Washington !!!
    The letter states that they are thankful for me stepping in when this officer was clearly outnumbered, and that they feel me doing so helped avoid a potential "deadly use of force" situtation the officer might have resorted to if the situation had not toned down when it did.

    The officer suffered quite a few injuries, but is okay. The BG is still in custody on felony drug, alcohol, resisting, assault, etc. etc. charges.

    It made me feel good to receive that letter, and I'm happy things turned out okay, the way they SHOULD be... with the BG sitting in jail, possibly for a LONG time !!!

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    Might want to keep it in your vehicle, it may get you out of a speeding ticket, lol!!! I still have the card, somewhere, the two officers sent me all those years ago.

    When Seconds Count, The Cops Are Just Minutes Away!!
    Carry On!

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