House was robbed

House was robbed

This is a discussion on House was robbed within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Thought I would share this with you. Several weeks ago we came home from vacation to find our house had been broken into and ransacked. ...

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Thread: House was robbed

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    House was robbed

    Thought I would share this with you.
    Several weeks ago we came home from vacation to find our house had been broken into and ransacked.
    We came home late at night, and I walked into the house before my wife. Happened to have my pistol in hand at the time as it was the 1st thing I wanted to move out of the camper back into the house while we unloaded.
    As soon as I walked in, I noticed cabinet doors open in the kitchen and went to condition orange/red. I told my wife to be prepared to call 911 and I walked a little further into the house.
    I saw a few more doors open in the hallway from my position and she called 911. From that point I went on and cleared the house. Took about 45 minutes for me to go through the house and the police arrived shortly thereafter.
    It appeared the robbers had left only a short time before we arrived.
    I learned a few things that I would like to share:
    1. It is a stupid thing to clear your own house when you know it has been robbed and help is on the way. We could very easliy have backed out to safety waited for the police. Do not jepordize your lives in a situation like this.
    2. Tell your neighbors you are going to be gone so they can watch. We have good neighbors, but don't like to bother them. We went and talke with them after the fact and now the entire neighborhood is much closer.
    3. Wait for the police. Let them know you are armed. Do not rush out to meed them. Carry a flashlight if it is dark. Stand in front of their headlights and identify yourself. If you are carrying, let them know. I did just that and everything went well. We cleared the house again together.
    4. Have some lights and the TV go on and off during the evening. If you are going to be gone long, invite a neighbor to check inside from time to time.
    5. Get a driveway alarm and give the receiver to a neighbor.
    6. Make sure you neighbor knows you do not want them attempting to stop a robbery by themselves. Make them promise to call the LEO and get lisence numbers only. I do not a neighbor being injured while trying to stop a robbery.
    7. Have someone mow you grass and pick up the paper and mail.
    8. Get a photo and write down the serial numbers of anything that is valuable to you.
    You will not recover valuables from you insurance company unless you can prove you owned that item.
    9. Do not touch anything that might bear a fingerpring.
    The theives turned out to be part of a large ring that had been working the area. In one home a 1/4 mile from us, the were able to activate the garge door opener, backed a pickup into the garage and loaded up with the door closed. In another they backe a moving van up to the door and began loading.
    I know this, because the ring was broken and the thieves captured because of a thumb print left at my home. I matche a few others on file and wrote the final chapter for them.
    We have been able to recover a few things thankfully. My wife has had more trouble than I after the fact as she is leagelly blind and it is now difficult for her to stay at home by herself.
    We initiated a training program for her based on her self reliance with guns before she lost her vision. She can she shadows and now with the help of her shotgun she owns the hallway and safe area of our home. She learned before the vision loss to identify, determine if there was a threat, and to shoot until the threat was no longer. She is beginning to feel like she will own the home again.
    I am thankful the thieves were not in the house. There very well could have been gun fire and I am more paranoid about that aftermath than any thing else. A shooting is like a fistfight; often times both sides have injuries and don't feel that much like bragging.
    Hope this is helpful; Best wishes.

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    Good words...


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    Know the feeling two well. My family was robbed twice in two days. The first time Friday day,we had no idea that we were robbed because the theif open and closed all the drawers neater than my mother kept them. My mother just happen to look for something on Sat that she put away the night before. She noticed other items missing as well. Not a good feeling. Police come find no prints and leave. On Sunday afternoon my father and I come home from work and we are sleeping in the car in the driveway. He is half asleep and he see two people with hoods over their head riding bicycles up our lawn into our backyard. Next thing my father opens the car door and I wake up. Looks up the block and tells my neighbor to call 911. So my father walks into our backyard and grabs the first person and throws them to the ground and grabs them by their hair and telss them if they say one word he is going to put this foot into and thru their mouth. He drags the person flat on their back from one on side of the house to the other by their hair. Perp doesn't say a peep. As the second person is climbing out of out living room window backwards does not see my father who was 5-10 and a easy 350 pounds standing there. He now throws the second person next to the first. Police finally arrive to lock up the two people. It was my babysittier and her best friend who had a great plan to leve the dinning room window unlocked Sat night. Darwin Award!! They get locked up, court and ws the embarrassment of the neighborhood. So bad they had to move way. NEVER LIKED HER BEFORE!! The first person who broke in was finally caught and he too lived in the neighborhood, he figured out how to open his parents locked windows from the outside so he decieded to go down the block.

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    Sorry to hear about the robbery but also it's good that your wife is now empowered and can defend herself if you are not home .
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    House was not robbed. House was burgled.

    People are robbed. Structures are burgled.
    Considering yourself to be defenseless is the first administrative step to becoming a victim.

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    Good read & some good advice as well, iam glad that you did'nt have a direct confrontation w/the burgler's.
    You just never know
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    I just learned how to clear a house. I ain't doing it unless I have one of my kids in jeopardy.
    Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse or Rapture....whichever comes first.

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    Sorry to hear that your home was burglarized...sorry the dirtbags were only permanently ended would have been better.

    Had a rash of car burglaries in our neighborhood...once...about a dozen cars hit...guys were eventually caught. Their big mistake was breaking into a police car and taking cell phones and weapons. Idiots used the phones that police traced. Charges of 'armed' burglary was accompanied by long taxpayer vacations.

    It is a terrible feeling of personal invasion...I know...I was not a happy camper.

    Hope you and your wife can get over this.

    Take care...

    Stay armed...expecially in and around the home...stay safe!

    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    Sorry to hear that bro! Good tips!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bandit383 View Post
    Good words...
    Quote Originally Posted by exactlymypoint View Post
    I just learned how to clear a house. I ain't doing it unless I have one of my kids in jeopardy.
    Agreed, 100%. ^^

    Sorry to hear of your situation Golfer. :(

    - Janq
    "Killers who are not deterred by laws against murder are not going to be deterred by laws against guns. " - Robert A. Levy

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    I have returned home twice to fins evidence of a breakin twice. The first was long ago when my wife and I were still young. WE were living in a mobile home, and returned home to find the front door standing open. I was fairly sure there had been no intruder because I could see my shotguns and rifles still in the gun cabinet, near the door. Still, I went around back, unchained my 80 pound shepherd collie mix (who didn't like anyone other than family members) and shoved him inside. Then I followed, grabbed my Browning A5 from the cabinet and loaded it with buckshot before clearing the home. Nothing was missing, and there was no sign of anyone being there. WE finally discovered that the front door latch was defective and the door had probably been blown open by high winds in an earlier storm. The second instance was about 12 years later. My home was actually broken into and burglarized while I was at work(daytime). Two guns (an S&W Model 19 and a Ruger Mini 14) were stolen, along with some ammunition, cash and various other items. I called the police and they sent an officer to take my report. I asked him if they were going to have someone come and look for fingerprints and such, but he said, "No, it is more than like juveniles, and there wouldn't be any prints on record." This in spite of the fact that the guns were taken. The worst part of this whole incident was that several months later, after my homeowners policy had paid my claim for the loss, a detective from the local police department called me to ask if "I had recovered my guns yet" He got a bit upset when I replied, "I thought that was your job."Then when I told him that my insurance had paid off on my loss claim, said, "You aren't supposed to do that". In this case, I made no attempt to clear the house before calling the police, because all of the things taken were in my bedroom, which was located at the back of the house, and I didn't discover the broken window and the robbery until I went into that room, nearly half an hour after entering the house.

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    Sorry to hear you and your house were victims, and from past experience I know how mentally fatiguing that experience can be.

    Glad they caught the BG's, but the scary things is with today economy I expect it to get worse not better.

    Good advise. And before we take off camping again, I'm going to update my inventory and pictures.

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    Having your home broken into is a terrible expierence for anyone!! I showed up one day and found the back bathroom window busted and the screen torn off. My wifes car was in the driveway and all I could think about was some dirt bag having his way with her. Our house has woods that surround it, so once a person gets to the back of the home nobody would know they are there. I have been trained to clear a structure, and even with training don't recommend doing it yourself, but I had to see if my wife was okay. She was, she about messed her shorts when she turned and saw me coming through the door with a gun in my hand telling her to get out. I cleared the rest of the house and called the cops. They caught the dudes a couple weeks later. two Redneck brothers hooked on crack, they sold everything they took from our house for drugs. At least out here in the country the penalty was stiff, they each got 10 years, probably will only serve two if lucky, but gad to see them get caught. Glad you and your family are okay, material possesions can always be replaced.
    When Seconds Count, The Cops Are Just Minutes Away!!
    Carry On!

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    Old Story

    Quote Originally Posted by golfer View Post
    1. It is a stupid thing to clear your own house when you know it has been robbed and help is on the way.
    Many years ago, a friend of mine came home with his wife to find the door ajar. After a brief discussion of "did you lock the door", my friend checked the house UNARMED. Fortunately he didn't find anything. His wife insisted on calling the police who showed up promptly. The officer asked if they would like him to check the house. My friend said, "No, he had already done it," but his wife insisted.

    The officer proceeded to clear the house room by room, with my friend trundling along behind. In the spare bedroom turned office, the Officer opened the closet door. My friend is standing directly behind him when facing into the empty closet, the Officer pulls his weapon with his right hand, turns left knocking my friend hard to the side with his left hand and aims at his computer. In a loud voice, the Officer says, "STAND UP NOW!"

    Low an behold, a strange guy stands up from behind the desk. It turned out that the guy had been drinking and the Officer SMELLED him!

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    Getting Old2; that is a good story and a reason why more than 1 should clear a house whenever possible. Thzt was a good cop too.
    Thanks for shariong that.

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