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This is a discussion on Auto accident scenario within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ive transported 2 people carrying that I recall. First guy said "Im not sure what to do, I have a gun on me." I said ...

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Thread: Auto accident scenario

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    Ive transported 2 people carrying that I recall. First guy said "Im not sure what to do, I have a gun on me." I said "do you have a permit" he said "ya." I replied "then Im not worried about it, but it will have to be locked up by security at the hospital." He was cool with that. Next guy simply asked "can you lock up my gun for me." I said "sure." He removed the gun from his IWB holster, unloaded the round in the chamber, and handed the gun to me. I locked it up in our drug box with the narcotics until we arrived at the hospital. Then we handed it over to security.
    Ive transported many injured cops, and most of the time, if the injury is minor, they keep their guns. If they are seriously injured or receiving narcotics, another officer or sergeant will secure their weapon and ride along to the hospital.

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    I was carrying when I crashed a motorcycle 5 years ago. The LEO asked me for ID while I was on the gurney in the ambulance, and per TX law, I gave him my DL & CHL. He asked if I was carrying, asked where the gun was, I told him, removed it, unloaded it (revolver) & handed him the gun & ammunition. I had to go to the PD property room to claim it. Basically a non-event...

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    The dept. I work for has put lock boxes in all our ambulances to secure weapons found on patients so that they are safe and won't be misplaced. However, there has been no training to us lowly medics as to how to unload or make safe any weapons. My personal advice would be to give it to an LEO on scene. If you are not too injured I was sure you were a good guy, I personally wouldn't care if you kept it on you until you could give it to hospital security. (I'd keep an eye on you though.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by XD in SC View Post
    What would I do if I was in a non-life threatening auto accident and needed to be checked by EMS on scene? Or even worse transported to ER?

    I am always carrying when driving, so how would you go about staying concealed, but allowing EMTs/1st Responders to check you out?
    You question has been answered rather fully in earlier replies. However, it seems that you and all of the others have assumed that you are still conscious.

    In the event of your unconscious condition your first hope is that you have your wallet with your CHL included therein.

    Your next hope is that the ambulance, police, or hospital has secured your handgun, and that you will be able to retrieve it later.

    When you seek to retrieve your handgun your feared response from all will be "What handgun?" (not at all unrealistic in some areas)

    My suggestion for preparation of the possibility of "an unconscious event." Can't think of any at this time.

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    This happened to me a couple years ago.

    Our Paramedics have a lock box in the ambulance for your weapon. When they get to ER, Hospital Security takes custody of your weapon and lock it up. When you check out you stop by the Security Office and Hospital Security walks out with you and once out of the building he/she hands you your property.

    My 1911 was in a big plastic bag slide locked to the rear unloaded and the 2 magazines and one round ejected from the chamber were in another plastic bag.
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

    "A superior Operator is best defined as someone who uses his superior
    judgement to keep himself out of situations that would require a display of his
    superior skills."

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    If you're conscious, notify the EMT about it, if you're not, it's out of your control. No worries.

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    ems will notify LEO on scene and they will secure the firearm.
    As far as SC law for not carrying into a medical facility goes you are not willing doing it if it was not found before it will be shortly after, and after an accident I'm not worried about some law about carrying in a hospital.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XD in SC View Post

    What about being transported to ER? In SC you cannot carry into any medical facility. SO now what???? Technically the ambulance is a facility.
    I'm not sure about SC but in GA, well metro ATL most ambulances are not operated by the med fac, they are private and therefor don't fall under the same rules.
    I'd just tell the EMT's and let them figure it out.

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