Auto accident scenario

Auto accident scenario

This is a discussion on Auto accident scenario within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; OK so I thought today while driving..... What would I do if I was in a non-life threatening auto accident and needed to be checked ...

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Thread: Auto accident scenario

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    Auto accident scenario

    OK so I thought today while driving.....

    What would I do if I was in a non-life threatening auto accident and needed to be checked by EMS on scene? Or even worse transported to ER?

    I am always carrying when driving, so how would you go about staying concealed, but allowing EMTs/1st Responders to check you out?

    What about being transported to ER? In SC you cannot carry into any medical facility. SO now what???? Technically the ambulance is a facility.

    Locally, I can ask any of the LEO to take possession for me until everything is checked out, but what about out of area?

    ETA: Ok let's say you end up with a broken leg, and have to go....... what do you do with your weapon? You can't leave it in the car, it's being towed. Legally, you can't take it to the ambulance or hospital, and you really are going to have to ride in the ambulance.

    I know the other alternative is to refuse medical treatment at the scene, but then there will be other questions to deal with.
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    I'm sure LEO could secure your weapon should you need transport. But I could be wrong.

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    According to SC 23-31-215 which lists hospitals and the like as being prohibited:

    A person who wilfully violates a provision of this subsection is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, must be fined not less than one thousand dollars or imprisoned not more than one year, or both, at the discretion of the court and have his permit revoked for five years.
    If you are in an accident and dazed and confused, this may apply. But I ain't no lawyer.

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    I asked this question once. I think Ron said that if you are in an accident EMT's would notify the officer of the gun. The officer would take the gun and return it on a later date.
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    EMT's can have dispatch send out a LEO if one is not present to take possession/secure your pistol for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rocky View Post
    EMT's can have dispatch send out a LEO if one is not present to take possession/secure your pistol for you.
    I agree with Rocky. I think no matter where you are, LE would take possession of the weapon.

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    I personally wouldn't worry about the EMT's or anyone sent to help me after several minutes after the accident. I'd be more worried whoever hit me, or whomever I accidentally hit was going to fly into one of those road rage tantrums, and try to finish me off! That scenario is getting more realistic every day.

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    If in an accident and armed, I'm not going to worry at all about my weapon. If conscious, I'll inform them (?) and let them worry about it...uncounscious, they'll find it, and again, I'll let them worry about it.

    I'm not worried about being arrested because I had a legal weapon when I was in an'll work itself out. OMO

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    I've had 2 CCW'ers in my ambulance. One had the Trooper on the scene secure his gun until his wife showed up on scene.

    The other one we let him keep the gun and had the local LEO's meet us at the ER and let them secure it.

    Also, at least in my state, ambulances are not classified as a medical facility nor are there any state laws prohibiting carrying a firearm in an ambulance under the state EMS act.

    I've also dealt with tons of illegal weapons on patients... Just the two card carrying good guys so far.
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    Yup, LEO will secure it or hospital security will.

    I've dealt with it at work, both with other people and have been the gun toter being transported... its really no big deal.
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    If I responded to an MVA and there was a CCW'er on scene and he informed me that he had a weapon, I would either arrange for his spouse to come and pick it up on-scene or at the hospital or have an LEO come pick it up on-scene or at the hospital. As long as your not someone I picked up from LE custody, I wont worry too much about you being armed.

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    Any hospital ER has a policy to secrure weapons, this is basically a non issue. Things happen that is life! Cause what happens should be unrepsonsive? I said a non-issue. There are safes in our ER, and we just have security secure the weapon.

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    On a side note, our SWAT medic is trained to disarm us if we are seriously injured on the job. That is his first priority and the reason is to make the scene safe, which is the first step of first aid. The thought behind this is that we have most likely been in a fight and if you go in and out of consciousness you might come to and start fighting again.

    I know this doesn't necessarily apply to a vehicle accident, but it is important to note that you might not be in a good state of mind to be carrying a weapon at that point. Another problem could arise if an EMT or a cop is attempting to take your weapon and you suddenly regain consciousness. I could see how somebody could not be aware of who was disarming them and go into a weapon retention and attack mode. Also you might not have been injured in an auto accident. You might have gotten injured in a fight.

    You might be better off giving up the weapon once help has arrived if you think their is a possibility that you might lose consciousness or you have already been unconscious prior to their arrival. I'm just thinking out loud here.

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    After a motorcycle accident at 5 AM on the way to work a few years back the EMS secured our guns on the way to the hospital. The hospital put them in a property bag with our other belongings. The LEO that showed up four hours after the accident did not know we had them until we left. Good thing because he was a complete idiot and probably would have freaked out. As it was upon seeing our leathers etc he concluded we were a pair of 1%ers out partying. As I lay on a gurney with oxygen tubes up my nose IV's every where and a catheter awaiting emergency surgery he had a blood test taken. Than cited me for DUI because I had pain killers in my system. Duhh ya think I had stopped a 700 pound motorcycle with my face, cost us a fortune. Anyway I would not sweat it. If you are able let the EMS or LEO know and you should be good to go. If LEO are on the scene they will probably be a bit brighter than ours was
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    Having been in two accidents where I needed to inform others where I wanted to go. I would NOW include that I was/had been in the vehicle, armed. NOW being that I was not armed before but am now.

    It's a mantra,

    I'm ???, i want to go to ???, I was armed it was a ?????. Inform ????. repeat.
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