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Motion lights and security

This is a discussion on Motion lights and security within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by threefeathers We came home a few years ago to find a car parked in the shadows of our yard. (I have a ...

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Thread: Motion lights and security

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    Quote Originally Posted by threefeathers View Post
    We came home a few years ago to find a car parked in the shadows of our yard. (I have a large home and yard) We saw it just before it pulled out and sped off.
    I have motion sensors on exterior lights and and remote wireless cameras that post pics via the net to my server. For when we are away or in case we lose the battle. As in your case we would have had pics of the car & plate to pass on to LEO. Also have bright halogen lights on a remote switch intended to blind any invader

    Quote Originally Posted by boscobeans View Post
    The Motion sensors I use send out a signal letting me know if someone is approaching my house.
    Exactly how does it notify you? Do you have a link, more info brand model number please? We have turkeys and dogs that alert us when folks are close to the house but since we live in the sticks and a ways off the road with a long drive way it would be nice to be alerted before they get up the driveway

    Quote Originally Posted by Wilhelm View Post
    A motion detector that tracks direction of motion-- if the object is moving in a direction to a front door or window, the light gets more intense (starting at maybe 40w for someone just passing by to 500w for someone who makes it all the way to your front door).
    As above more info please, Links etc
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    Quality was mentioned earlier; I second the notion.
    Our Home Depot motion detection outdoor lights have translucent plastic covers over the "eye" that deteriorate after a few years; they crack and eventually fall apart and fall out. The unit is now just an outdoor light controlled by the inside switch.
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    Link for all sorts of security products.
    Home Security Store - Wireless Security Systems - Security Cameras

    My outdoor system is middle of the road in quality and has been operating without a hitch for several years (just need to change batteries when they run down). I have 3 detectors that cover what outside areas could be used for entry.

    Home Security Store - Wireless Security Systems - Security Cameras

    My indoor system was installed when my home was built and aside from a wet cell battery change after 9 years (didn't need it-just did it to avoid problems) it has never failed to work. Loud enough to wake the dead and the speakers are in the air-conditioning ducts not out in the open.

    Outdoor system chimes when cell picks up motion. It also lights up so any experienced BG will see that his presence has been detected.

    Indoor system covers all windows and doors (basement also) and has 100% coverage for all areas on the first floor. This shows me (on a panel in my upstairs bedroom) which door or window has been breached and also shows where the person is moving on the first floor.

    My bedroom door is solid and has a steel bar securing it at night.
    If anyone decides to continue to my bedroom door I "should" be more than prepared and I know EXACTLY WHERE (on the other side of the wall) HE WILL BE STANDING as he attempts to bash down the door.

    By this time I am sure he means no good and will take it from there.


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    At our last house out in the country the bats learned to fly through the motion field at night, trip the light, and then feast on the bugs attracted to the light. Absolutely a great example of learned behavior in a lower level animal.

    Instead of a pure motion sensor, has anyone tried a PIR sensor (Photo InfraRed)? I've used some in a low-voltage application and found it pretty nice, but have never seen a 110 system.

    The PIR would eliminate the falses from wind.
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