Question About Staying Aware

Question About Staying Aware

This is a discussion on Question About Staying Aware within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My question about being aware in my surroundings is when I am in a public place like parking lot, gas station, etc. When I am ...

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Thread: Question About Staying Aware

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    Question About Staying Aware

    My question about being aware in my surroundings is when I am in a public place like parking lot, gas station, etc. When I am looking around trying to stay alert, how do you "look" at people. For example to you look them in the eye, in their general direction but not directly at them? Or any other way.

    I have heard many times a criminal say "He looked at me the wrong way." "He was eyeing me." Comments like these. And I am trying to just make sure I don't spark a situation.

    Now I do not have a CHL yet, I am waiting till I get back to home to take a class. So I am sorry if this is a complete "newbie" question. But any advise would be helpful.
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    don't look agressive or angry. Just confident of yourself.
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    I always wear either very dark brown/amber sunglasses on bright, sunny days or lighter tinted ones that are lightly silvered/reflective on hazy, cloudy days.
    I don't like people to know exactly where I'm looking.
    I had both pair custom made.

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    Just casually look around, like people do. It's not that you have to change your behavior, and look everyone you walk by up and down for weapons or peculiar behavior... just look around like everyone else does, but pay better attention. If they happen to meet eyes with you, say "howdy". Good question, but I've never really thought it was an issue. If you walk around sizing people up, and looking in everyone's hands, and observing things too closely:
    1) It's going to be exhausting
    2) You will appear nervous, and people will start looking at YOU. This may make you even more hyperaware, and make this situation worse.

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    I use a lot of peripheral and inconspicuously casually observe people,you can usually pick out unusual behaviour pretty quick
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    One can be extremely alert and realize who is in the general area without looking like you want to 'stare' anyone down.

    I 'notice' everyone around times eyes may connect. When that happens, I may just nod, or I may pass with subtle "Good morning...", etc.
    The individuals with whom you may have suspicions get a 'quick look', only to let him/them know that...I know he/they are in my path/area...again, it may just be a 'straight face' nod. (Polite but not friendly...)

    Knowing who is around you is not rocket science, just common sense when traveling through a world full of dirtbags who may mean you harm...they are predators looking for victims.

    Stay armed...don't look like a victim...stay safe!
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    Back during the period when the Va/MD snipers were doing their thing, I often open carried my S&W 686 and at gas stations, I always checked the area for the best looking sniper hides and tried to keep the gas pump between me and likely hiding places. Not sure what good the .357 would have done me against a rifle, but it made me feel better to know I had it.

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    I'm usually wearing sunglasses also. I rarely 'look' at people directly. When I am looking their direction, I tend to look through them and down into their soul.

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    "They eyes may be the mirror to the soul, but no one ever killed someone else with their eyes," I heard or read that somewhere. Anyway, I look at the whole person, eyes, to feet casually as if looking at what they are waring, then move on. Unless something stands out.

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    I point and laugh.

    Okay, that's probably NOT a good idea. I do like the others said, just casually look around.

    I don't get out of the car w/o sizing up my surroundings. By the time I'm out of the car I pretty much know if I feel there is a threat. I haven't had an instant yet where I felt there is a threat and I shouldn't get out of the car. But I'm not getting out of the car if I have a bad gut feeling about someone or something.

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    Look at their hands.... and then their eyes... and if anything "clicks" negative... do a full body scan and keep an overall eye on the person - pay attention to anyone else they "contact" to get a feel for others who may also want to play.

    Most pro criminals will KNOW that you are not an easy mark and look for/target somebody else.
    “We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm” - George Orwell

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    Keep your eyes and head moving around all the time. If someone catches your attention, then look over them..then look back.

    I'm usually wearing sunglasses other posters, no one can really tell where exactly I'm looking. If something/someone stands out...then I'll move my body so I'm facing towards them...makes it easier to keep them in sight
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    Just because you asked, tells me you have trouble with eye contact. First thing is get yourself a set of shades that are dark, not mirror just dark you are in TX so no one will notice anything.
    Remember to keep in mind that no one can see just what you are looking at.

    After a short time in a public area you will begin to notice that people will look at you like you can’t see them looking at you. The thing is if they don’t see your eyes they don’t know what you are looking at.

    If indeed you spot someone you think is a possible threat to you keep an eye on this person, not to stare but don’t shy from looking. If caught looking and it is obvious nod your head if at a distance if close mumble “ A-what up “ just an Aaaa will do. But don’t shy away, if you do you will be seen as prey.

    In closing keep in mind not to act till its time, but have a plan to kill everyone in the area if necessary.

    Where I live I deal with these pieces’ of poo every day!

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    Most potential threats want two things.........

    surprise, and not being identifiable.

    By making brief eye contact, you remove both from the threat. You don't have to glare at someone.... just a glance that says "I know you're there". As posted, empty hands are in your best interest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    I'm usually wearing sunglasses also. I rarely 'look' at people directly. When I am looking their direction, I tend to look through them and down into their soul.
    My mind's computer tends to display their criminal history. Sometimes, their reaction makes me wonder if they see it, too.

    Sort of a "Ghost Rider" thing going on there.......

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