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....First Carry Scenario..just happened, almost car jacked

This is a discussion on ....First Carry Scenario..just happened, almost car jacked within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Make sure you tell her she did good. Most women I know would have never known about their attackers following until it was too late. ...

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Thread: ....First Carry Scenario..just happened, almost car jacked

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    Make sure you tell her she did good. Most women I know would have never known about their attackers following until it was too late. Good job to both of you. The only thing you could have done better is drive to the police station.

    Also try to get her to think about where these guys started following her. Tanning salon? Don't go back there. They may still be trolling in those waters.
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    Glad you made it out "OK" and you kept a cool head, and I'm very glad you have a place like DC to share lives most challenging moments'.

    It's hard to think during those panic situation, and over all you did a great job.

    As others have said; if this kind of thing should ever happen again, arrange to have her head to a public place you both know, or if there is a Police station in the area then head there. Then have her call 911 and report what's going on.

    Most of the time, the 911 operator will instruct her to keep moving, and have unites intercept her.

    About a month ago some LEO's where able to do that in Florida. Sorry could not find a link to it.

    Final thoughts:

    Having your CCL does not make you an LEO, and even a seasoned officer calls for backup when faced with a situation.

    And while you did a great job of not panicking, and keeping your cool, which saved your lives, the BG's may have been caught if you or your wife had called the LEO's sooner. Also, please tell you wife she did a great job of trusting that little voice. In my experience it's never wrong. And finally, you may want to consider doing what I do. I have my wife's and my cell phone GPS enabled, so LEO's can find our location if needed.

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    Good job man! Now like everyone else has said teach her the art of self defense with a firearm! I know it can be a battle to get her in the mindset that she can do it, but this should be all the reinforcement needed! Glad you two are safe, and continue to be vigilant!
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    Glad everything turned out ok for you. And your going to get lots of agreement that you should have driven to the Police Station.

    But I gotta ask a question or two. She got the bad feeling before she went to the tanning salon and asked you to go with her but you didn't. Then it just so happens that these guys show up the same night she got the bad feeling? What else is there that is not in the OP. What do you two do for a living or what else is in your daily lives that would bring this about?

    Did you get the license plate number?

    Some folks believe in the spidey sense, but usually that isn't before a 20 minute tanning session. It is when they are in immediate contact or proximity to a situation. This just seems an odd scenario to me. But it might be that I am the odd one too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tizzle0469 View Post
    so heres the skinny. my girl left to go tanning tonight and called before she left saying she had a bad feeling and wanted me with her...she left the salon and got into her car. she said immediately she noticed someone following her.
    Quote Originally Posted by farronwolf View Post
    But I gotta ask a question or two. She got the bad feeling before she went to the tanning salon and asked you to go with her but you didn't.
    Although its not terribly clear I understood it to say she called before she left the salon. (no real need to call while with him) My question (understanding the ole hindsight rule) is if she called prior to leaving the salon (based on the order of the text) and summoned him, why did she leave the salon before he got there?

    +1 on going to a PD or public place or staying put until the calvary arrives
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    Yes, good job overall and at least she got help before things got really bad.

    +1 to make sure she/you realize that this might not be over yet.

    +1 to never going to that salon again and hope they have not previously followed you/her home while selecting their victims.

    Condition yellow as always.


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    I agree with the general consensus: No one dead, no one shot, everybody safe and sound. Add those up together and you get a good scenario.

    I'm a little confused on the details--and of course in the immediate aftermath of such a harrowing detail you are forgiven for perhaps not speaking as clearly as you could have--so let me ask a clarifying question or two.

    1) You were on foot, yes? Or in a car? If in a car, then I agree with an earlier post to just keep driving until you get to a police station. If not, then you chose a good, well-lit place to enter her vehicle. I, however, would have hopped in and then immediately hit the gas.

    2) I'm under the impression that you both had cell phones? And that there were several minutes between her first phone call and when you met up with her? Then I think that the LEO's should have been contacted far earlier. I think instructing her to meet you at a certain place and then for her to stay on the line with 911 until you or LEO's met up with her would have been prudent.

    Hadn't thought of it until just now . . . but good call on not just having her race home. Would have led the BG's directly to your house. No need to advertise where you--and your wife--live.

    Finally, I think that having your gun out and clearly visible would have been defensible. Your erred on the side of caution, probably thinking, "Is this REALLY happening?" But letting the BG's know you were on to them with a cold, hard, direct stare AND that you were ready to defend your wife with deadly force might have been an effective deterrent. No predator relishes a prey that bites back. They'll look for something easier to devour.

    And yes, thank God it turned out all right. Be sure to get to church on Sunday and do that in person.

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    ok let me clear some stuff up, she didnt go to the police station because she was a good distance away from it without the frame of mind to find it easily and she was wigging out because she saw them retrieve something from the trunk and that made her nervous and unable to drive safely.she would have had to run alot of red lights to get there and she wasnt focused enough.. she couldnt call the cops because she was giving me the play by play on her location. the BG's had been following her for a minute and i felt i could get to her sooner than MPD. i told her after this happened, shes getting a piece, getting her permit, and learning to defend herself weather she likes it or not. i cant always be just around the corner. i told her in the future call the police first and head towards the nearest precinct. we went over the correct way for her to handle herself if this happens again.

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    Sounds like you did good. I think if my wife would have called me like you said I would have called 911 three way on my cell. I would have let the dispatcher give her instruction while I got in my truck with shotgun and glock and headed her direction. Glad it turned out good. Did you get the plate or the cops get them?
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    Glad to hear both of you are safe!!! It's very easy to say what you ...
    Done but didn't...
    All I can say is...based on the end results you both are safe ...Congrats To your wife for paying attention and seeking help from both you and the LEOs Stay safe Sir!!

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    oh yea, the car had drive out tags, i got a really good description for MPD

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    First your lady deserves huge praise for being aware and alert. If there is a single reason this turned out well it was her awareness. Not to discount you in any way, but her awareness saved the day. Very few people are awake enough to note they are being followed, much less not freak out once they know they are being followed. Her response to verify and than contact help was right on the money, though a call to PD may have been a better choice. Your actions were fine you could have driven to a PD as other have said or had LEO join your caravan. Your decisions worked out fine so I have no call to criticize them them. I think your not going to a mall or populated area was an acceptable choice. If a shooting out would have occurred it very well may have jeopardized peoples lives needlessly and so limited your options. Would not opt for a deserted or isolated area either. My conditioning is that once a shot is fired it is on and my role is to eliminate all threats. Considering your wife was with you, you were out numbered probably out gunned and did not feel as if you were under fire. I'd say you made the right call.

    I agree that it looks like your wife not the car was the target. I also have to wonder if this was really random? This may not be over it may be the beginning. Who are your enemies? Who are your wife's enemies? Which of them would want to do harm to your wife? Or which of your enemies would hurt your wife to get at you? If you say none, ask yourself again. Are you sure? Would you stake your wife's life on it? If names come up Do Not let them know you suspect them. DO Not talk about it on the board or with other people except those who must share this with. Talk to PD let them know your concerns I would ask that they not go after them directly, but try to build a case without them knowing you know. Than again maybe to open get a no contact order build a paper trail maybe a better route to take. Thrust the PD's advice, if it passes you bull manure detector. Be ready for them and remember if you have one set of enemies who would do you or your wife harm it is likely you have others. Your guess maybe wrong The next attack may come from another direction. Be Ready no matter where it comes from.

    I am glad your lady and you are OK Good job, well done. I hope it was a random attack and this is the end of it. Either way have your wife learn to shoot and carry every day
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    I'm glad you or your lady weren't hurt.

    The only thing I can see that might have been better to do would have been to call the police as soon as you were behind the car and could give a description and then start heading for the nearest cop shop or at least stay on a main drag!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TravisABQ View Post
    As determined as they were, I would not think
    that they wanted the car.

    They wanted HER.

    Wrap her mind around that.
    Yeah, that is what I was thinking. Glad the both of you are unharmed.

    I think you handled it good. Never stop for these guys, keep your car moving, go thru red lights safely if you need to, etc. Optimum would have had her go to a police station. But you know the area. If I was closer to my wife than the police station I would have driven to her like you did.

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    scary night

    not much too add that hasn't already been said.
    certainly a scary night from reading your post.
    glad to hear that you and your wife are ok.
    (man o man,what a crazy world we live in)
    stay safe out there.
    (SHERIFF BUFORD T. JUSTICE) "what the hell is
    the world coming too"



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