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Would you Hesitate?

This is a discussion on Would you Hesitate? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; As stated. You shoot in SELF DEFENSE or when there is a threat to you or your family. If you can stop the threat long ...

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Thread: Would you Hesitate?

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    As stated. You shoot in SELF DEFENSE or when there is a threat to you or your family. If you can stop the threat long enough to get away, then you have won. There is no prize for dropping someone for the full count. If that time ever comes though, don't hesitate or it may be you that is taking the count. It is a responsibility called Concealed Carry.
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    I don't think I would see age, just weapon pointed at me. Since I can't out draw my 1st reaction would be movement for cover then to sight center of mass.

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    Certainly shoot to stop the threat. If that means a fatal shot, then that is the choice. Shooting a kid is almost unfathomable, but your need to survive I believe would be stronger.
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    No matter the age or sex, if they are pointing or firing a weapon at me I will do what I have to. Yes I may fell bad, but I will be alive to fell that way.
    John Steinbeck: Don't pick a fight with an old man. If he's too old to fight, he'll just kill you.

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    I am not living in the US but in Africa and have done so for the past 24 years, Now in early 50s . I have always had a carry weapon even in countries where it was not strictly legal . I have also worked in some very hairy places ..
    I think carrying a concealed weapon of even having one for home defence places responsibilty on the holder.. I think knowing when not to produce and/or fire is as important as knowing when to act. Would i hesitate of course I would but once decision is made then I go full belt.. In the 24 four years I have lived in Africa several friends / acquaintances have been killed in car jackings, household robberies, I have had two attempted hijackings, outran one and opened up on another.. several attempted houehold robberies two serious, in one i was shot ( not serious ) by a helping neighbour ,, but I know taht having a weapon on me I am more responsible,aware :reduce the beer consumption and generally am more concious of avoiding trouble

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    I was shot by a 16 yr at the time I got carjacked.

    My answer, Yes i would shoot and kill them.

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