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Do you have a BUG handy while you're cleaning your primary?

This is a discussion on Do you have a BUG handy while you're cleaning your primary? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; While I'm sure this will raise a few eyebrows... As a law enforcement firearms instructor I've always been taught NOT to allow ammo in the ...

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Thread: Do you have a BUG handy while you're cleaning your primary?

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    While I'm sure this will raise a few eyebrows...

    As a law enforcement firearms instructor I've always been taught NOT to allow ammo in the cleaning area. Since "cleaning area" includes my kitchen counter and/or workroom bench at home, I hesitate to take any ammo into that space.

    That said my dog and knives are always at hand and another gun is never more than one room away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joleary223 View Post
    I sure do, because I don't trust Murphy and his damn law.
    I cannot argue with a clear minded man!
    That's the best answer I've read for a very long time!
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    I always have another gun when I am cleaning my carry gun.
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    I do have a BUG while cleaning my pistols. 12 gauge winchester model 12 pump shotgun.

    I lock up ammo when cleaning guns. But the odds of confusing pistol rounds with a 12 guage is minimal. When I'm cleaning a 12 guage, 10/22, or 30.06 I doubt .38 Spl / .357 Sig pistol rounds will be much or an issue.

    My $.02.

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    Yes - my 1911's stable mate - another 1911!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Der Alte View Post
    Cleaning is usually after a range session and a loaded gun is on my hip while cleaning the other one. Once its clean it is re-loaded and replaces the one on my hip.
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    No, but I do clean my guns in the basement next to the safe. It's not by design or planning though. It would take me less time to proccure and load a new weapon than for a BG to get past my dog.
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    Do you have a BUG handy while you're cleaning your primary?
    Sure. No reason not to. Plenty of reasons to do exactly that.
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    Yes not far away or on the hip. You never know.

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    A BUG? I have several. And I just put the ammo to the side of where I'm cleaning. It won't go off when I disassemble because I don't pull the trigger, it won't go off when it is disassembled, and when it goes back together it gets loaded anyway. While putting it back together and loading it can take just seconds, if I had to shoot, I wouldn't want to shoot a gun that was only partly clean now would I? LOL.
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    Yup. If I'm at home, either one of the XD's or the M&P is on my hip. If I happen to take all three to the range, then I'll just have to settle for having the M4 close at hand.
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    Do you have a BUG handy while you're cleaning your primary?
    Sometimes, but not always. When I'm out in the shop cleaning, I usually have the lightweight 10/22 within arms reach for pest control purposes. Besides.....I can re-assemble any of my Glocks in a couple of seconds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonInNY View Post
    What if?

    You are in the basement, or garage, or wherever, cleaning your pr

    I'd be interested to know if this is something you guys and gals have thought about.
    I have thought about it. I do this work on my bench in the garage. While cleaning a gun I keep another one holstered and on my belt.
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    I only have one gun.. Although I'm not that worried about a BG having that perfect of timing.. I think theres a point where I would be considered paranoid. Although I am looking for a good BUG to complement my XD45
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    I always clean after i go to the range but i always keep 1 loaded and ready to rock. if im cleaning the pistols the AR15 is ready and the Primary is back on my side before the AR 15 is torn down

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