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Do you have a BUG handy while you're cleaning your primary?

This is a discussion on Do you have a BUG handy while you're cleaning your primary? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have several carry guns and if the one i usually carry is being cleaned it's not my primary anymore,yes I always have a concealed ...

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Thread: Do you have a BUG handy while you're cleaning your primary?

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    I have several carry guns and if the one i usually carry is being cleaned it's not my primary anymore,yes I always have a concealed handgun on me even at home
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    It isn't called that...
    But I could get ahold of one right smart...
    I guess it would be called a designated derider...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonInNY View Post
    What if?

    You are in the basement, or garage, or wherever, cleaning your primary gun. The springs are out, the mags are soaking etc. It's completely useless at the moment, when the SHTF. You hear noises or a break-in, or a commotion outside.

    Do you have a BUG immediately available in case of emergency? Or is it in another room? Do you purposely keep a BUG handy while you're cleaning the primary? Maybe you have other defensive capabilities in the interim; a knife, pepper spray, a dog, etc?

    I'd be interested to know if this is something you guys and gals have thought about.
    I have at least one, and probably two "handy" while cleaning the Primary, as I routinely carry three guns daily.

    The safe is also open and I can put my hand on a few more as most guns in the safe are loaded. The only ones that aren't loaded are the CAS guns and Hunting Revolvers.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Thanis View Post
    I do have a BUG while cleaning my pistols. 12 gauge winchester model 12 pump shotgun.

    I lock up ammo when cleaning guns. But the odds of confusing pistol rounds with a 12 guage is minimal. When I'm cleaning a 12 guage, 10/22, or 30.06 I doubt .38 Spl / .357 Sig pistol rounds will be much or an issue.

    My $.02.
    My cleaning area is garage. I also have two acres and a 90 yard driveway so I can see anybody coming.. I have a Maverick 88 12 Guage pump close by with all ammo (except 5 in pump) in ammo cans at other end of garage.
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    I Clean at my workbench within an arms reach on my always loaded Remington 870, as well as an unloaded model 700 with ammo handy. I also have a USMC KaBar in a display case right above the bench.

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    Aw jeez ... I shouldnt read these scenario posts. Now I'll have to buy another gun.
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    I never shoot all my guns at the same range session, I always have a spare or two available when cleaning.

    I'd say most of us who are serious about carrying end up with more than one gun sooner or later. If I only had two then I would never clean the second until the first one was back together and ready.

    As far as having ammo nearby while I clean, I don't. -At least not loose ammo. Ammo in mags inserted into my holstered backup guns and ammo in mags inside spare mag carriers don't count as "ammo" to me as I am not likely to accidentally insert them into the gun I am cleaning.

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    I figure that a home invasion in my area at my house at that time that my gun is disassembled is remote enough that I don't concern myself with it.
    High crime area,drugs and what not maybe I would rethink things.

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    I do all of my cleaning in my gun room anyway so I have numerous other options within reaching distance if I needed it. No matter what though my pooch would alert me of a bad guy and would have atleast a full minute to get the gun abck together which is more than enough time.

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    I have often thought this one over. What would I do if_____? I also make sure I have a loaded "clean" firearm on my person when I leave the range. It is easy to shoot up all the ammo and drive home dry. BUG is a good idea.

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    I rarely break down more than one gun at a time. I just don't want my table cluttered with parts of several different guns at the same time. Not that I couldn't keep them straight... It's just a pain to do so.

    Yes, I always have a functional weapon at the ready when I am cleaning guns. The gun that I am carrying will be the last gun I clean, after I've cleaned and reassembled one to use.

    So in that sense, Primary and BUG changes roles as each one gets cleaned.
    Semper Fi

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    I always take two to the range. My para 9 and Smith 642. When I get back home, both are cleaned one at a time so the other is always ready.

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    Even while being pursued by a BG, if you 're hiding in a restroom and you drop your gun in a toilet you're going to need to clean it off... take it apart and clean it on the baby changing station. If you have a baby with you, just lay it down by one of the toilets... then clean off all the parts of the gun and put together real fast, before the BG catches up to you. Hint: you might want to dry off the firing mechanism by using the hot-air blowing hand dryer. I saw it in a movie... couldn't find it anywhere on youtube...

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    I am always armed. I have more than one primary. When one is down, I use another, same for the front pocket J frame and the back pocket KT. I also have backups for my AR's and Shotguns.
    They are mechanical - be ready for failure - be ready for bad stuff - remember 9/11 - stay alert!
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    Always. If someone kicks in the door, I don't want to try and reassemble under that stress. Even though I can take down and reasseble any of my Glocks blindfolded in 15 seconds.
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