Combating tunnel vision

Combating tunnel vision

This is a discussion on Combating tunnel vision within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Anyone got any thoughts to helping control this? I have a technique I was taught , but wanna see what others think on the subject....

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Thread: Combating tunnel vision

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    Combating tunnel vision

    Anyone got any thoughts to helping control this? I have a technique I was taught , but wanna see what others think on the subject.

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    Only thing i was taught was to lower sights and force yourself to scan side to side ...

    Im looking for any options becuse im not sure this is enough

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    i just found a fair write up on this subject here it may not be wholly suited to your question but is food for thought

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    My own method Rocky - tho heaven knows in an emergency I still might not manage as well as I'd hope - is to always be stretching the potential of my peripheral vision. I am at any time while looking at a specific, analyzing my peripheral - movement of course is the prime thing. Scanning of course tends to to follow peripheral pick-up.

    I have found this helpful I think.

    Other day - a cat was in such a position to 90º of where I sat, that its tail was flicking into view now and again - just the very tip, 1/2" or so. Having ID'd what that was I proceeded to try and ignore it - no - saw it and looked every darned time.

    Same a few weeks back - outside living room I kept seeing movement - minute - it was the very tip of a plant blowing just into view outside window.

    I try to do similar with my hearing - not just ''let'' input come in but - analyze and identify. May sound tedious but over time I am convinced I have sharpened those senses.
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    The problem is that tunnel vision is only one symptom in an overall condition of extreme stress known as TACIPSYCHIA (pronounced tacky-psych-ia)at least I think that's the spelling. Besides tunnel vision, there will be a perception of not being able to move with any speed, arms feel like lead (although the reality is that movement is progressing as normal BUT you won't THINK so), also the hearing is affected to the extent that gunshots may not be heard and there may be no sensation of firing or any knowledge of the number of shots fired.
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    See what y'all think of this:

    Just a tidbit I found while googling for tachypsychia...also all of the "color code of situational awareness" is included for those not knowledgable of them. Also an excerpt from this text:

    "It has been noted that Condition YELLOW is not paranoia. A person can live their entire life in Condition YELLOW with no ill effects." Food for thought...
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    Funny story ( I think!): I was an actor in force-on-force training. I'm shopkeeper, behind counter toward rear of store. Shopper, ccw-student, is toward front. He sees something go down outside, out of my field of view and draws his weapon which has him broadside to me and 15yds away. I draw and "benchrest" on the counter and holler "Gun, he's got a gun" loud, like 5 or 6 times. He's COMPLETELY oblivious until the simunitions thumps him.

    Lesson here: just 'cause you're the good guy doesn't mean everyone else knows it!

    Stay safe.

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    good advice, check peripheral, scan... and remember what you are looking at.
    some story about the cop and fast food. it's easy to second guess all of it. i expected to read it was his kid who got shot.

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