Last January in Inner Harbor Baltimore, some coworkers and I were taking a break from a day-long meeting and heading out to a local restaurant for lunch. This guy and girl came up to me and gave me a story about how he needed money for food and no one would help him. He said I looked like a nice guy and ask if I could give him some money because he hadn't eaten in a couple of days. Trying to be a decent human being, I offered to allow him to pick something off the menu and I would order it for him and bring it out to him. The song and dance started about how he couldn't eat that kind of food, etc. I said I couldn't help him then and his demeanor got a bunch nastier. Fortunately, there were tons of people around so I could get away from him safely. My coworkers then proceeded to tell me what and idiot I was for even talking to him. They pointed out the telltale marks of a typical Meth Maggot. Heck, I learn something new every day.