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Scary time at the mall in Memphis

This is a discussion on Scary time at the mall in Memphis within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I think we all have had a time or two like that... and actually prob some we didn't even know about, which is spookie too. ...

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Thread: Scary time at the mall in Memphis

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    I think we all have had a time or two like that... and actually prob some we didn't even know about, which is spookie too. Glad things worked out as well as they did.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tizzle0469 View Post
    yea, i had a similar experience from a guy that fit that same description. exept he was limping and told me he was an ex-boxer, lol he even felt the need to re-assure me that i didnt need to be scared! i guess he mistook my posture (turned sideways with my piece out of his view) for me being affraid. i made sure i told him i had nothing to fear and that i cant afford to be giving away my HARD EARNED cash!

    WOW! That is part of the story that I didn't include, but he DID have a limp, and told me he hurt it playing ball!! Even showed me the scar! Suspect that his physical size impairs his ability to panhandle without coming across as imposing.

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    Sounds to me like you handled the situation just fine. I hadn't thought about it in a long while but I was approached leaving work one day in downtown Nashville. Like your situation, the guy kept eyeballing my right front pocket while he talked. I told him I was broke and continued on toward the parking garage. It wasn't until I sat down in my car that I realized he was staring at the Benchmade clipped to my pocket... LOL, that was a small gent's folder, he had no idea of the larger Benchmade I had clipped IWB for just such contingencies.

    Anyway, I'll give ya' an " 'Attaboy" for handling the situation as well as you did.

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    Most of these folks are "harmless" con-artist and who knows if this guy was or not but better to put them out and say nope sorry cant do it then waste your money or your life.

    These people think nobody knows their sob story game. We use to have one a month show up at the fire house claiming their house burned down (dont you think the FD would know) or that their brother/sister/cousin/dad is a FF in Wherever and "got really seriously hurt and is in the hospital not expected to live and they trying to get money to go see him." Did these ppl think we were stupid and don't know when other FFS get seriously hurt across the country? Heck i get emails on this world wide. 3 Months later same person different story.

    They try to find what they hope will work for a quick $20 score.

    Still, Well Played

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    I don't think these beggars know how close they come sometimes...

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    I keep them away before they ever get close enough to 'give me the story'. I use a loud unfriendly voice along with my presence...they just think I'm a crazy man...that's OK with me.

    Stay not befriend strangers...stay safe!
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    Speaking of sob stories from panhandlers and the such...
    3 years ago, I was approached by a lady in the parking lot of a Best Buy. She gave me a story that she was abused by her husband and was staying at a woman's shelter, had nothing to her name, and was trying to make ends meet. She was selling little pouches of potpourri with a big acrylic heart bead on them. My wife felt sorry for her and gave her 3 bucks for the pouch. My wife went inside the store while I walked back to the car to toss it in. The lady, now out of pouches, walked over to a Lexus. I detoured and walked around the aisle to see what was going on. She sat down, pulled out a cellphone and started talking. In the passenger seat was a man eating Wendy's and talking to her. He leaned over, gave her a kiss and sent her back out.
    I told my wife about it, and she chalked it up to a friend.

    1 year ago, I'm at Best Buy... Same lady walks up to me...same sob story. I ask her which woman's shelter...1 minute of stuttering and stalling..."it's down the street in Hollywood." "Whats the name of it?".... 1 minute of stalling..."I just got there yesterday...I don't remember."
    I ask her if she has been there before..."No, I just left my husband" I glance around looking for a Lexus, and two lanes over, I see one. "Just left him, as in, he's in the Lexus over there?"... she stuttered so hard I thought it would register on the Richter Scale... finally the disheveled facade drops and she just plain says "Are you going to buy one or not?"... I walked off, went to the manager and told him. He says they have chased her off every day, so I talked to my friend in Loss Prevention and told him to serve her with a no trespass. He called the local PD and when they walked up to the car to serve them, the "husband" had 7 warrants and she had 3...

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    Poor lady, would feel bad for her, but at least she was able to intermittently reconcile her relationship over a triple...

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    You did GOOD!! These things happen fast ! A SMALL dose of paranoia isn't so bad nowadays!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mighty HD View Post
    Regardless of where he came from...

    You should study this article about Memphis.

    American Murder Mystery

    Very good reading.
    That's a hard hitter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rusty Bouquett View Post
    That's a hard hitter.

    It may be a hard hitter, but it is nothing but the truth.

    The same thing is happening in the city I live. The crime was always concentrated on the north side of town. Exactly where the poor minorities/ghetto trash lived in the projects.

    They tore down the projects, had to move the people into other areas. 90% of them moved into good white neighborhoods.

    What happens when you put ghetto trash in middle to upper class neighborhoods....crime spikes.

    Section 8 and crime go hand in hand. The facts don't lie.

    It appears the same thing has happened in Memphis, but on a much larger scale.
    Mighty HD

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