CQC Airsoft and friends...

CQC Airsoft and friends...

This is a discussion on CQC Airsoft and friends... within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ok. The other night, a few friends and I were out at his new house (new to him - in renovation) and decided to break ...

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Thread: CQC Airsoft and friends...

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    CQC Airsoft and friends...

    Ok. The other night, a few friends and I were out at his new house (new to him - in renovation) and decided to break out the Airsoft guns. I have a CO2 powered S&W w/ .22g pellets, they all have spring powered and .12g. Well...here's how it all laid out, and what I realized.
    Out of my 3 friends, and I... myself and 1 other have prior handgun AND military training, the other 2 are untrained (just video games).
    We were using the house, garage, attic and yard as a field. It was about 7pm so there is a little light out. I was taking the game rather seriously (gotta win attitude) and clearing rooms, checking under beds, not approaching windows (no glass).
    I cleared the back hallway and came to a door. I'm by myself and did a quick check to leave the hallway. I made it out and to the bushes, no fire and decided to head to the garage. As I crossed a tree, one of them came at my strong side, but wasn't intending to. Problem I had. He was so close to my side that I couldn't turn without a delay (but he couldn't either.) I didn't think to switch and shoot with the other hand. He came at me, so I monkey tossed him to the ground and double tapped him.
    Got to the garage and my other (Marine trained) friend is in the attic near a window. I could see him from the glare off a street light. So I tried to figure out the best way to get to him without endangering myself. He ended up spotting me first and taking a couple shots, but missed. I circled around the outside and got him through a window.
    We took a break, ended up finding the other friend locked in the attic of the house. He closed the hatch behind him and didn't know there wasn't a latch (he called me)

    So I got to thinking...(and didn't hurt myself doing it...)

    When I got training with the Special Forces. (I was in a helicopter unit that became a "little brother" unit to them) we got some CQC training. Used paint pellets and simulated flashbangs. I always had a team to clear a room with me. So I never had to do it alone.

    If I'm at home and clearing my house after hearing noises, and I come to a room...and the BG is behind the door, or at my strong side? At home, I don't often carry my knife with me. And if I'm sleeping and get awoken...I don't grab it either (maybe I should).

    Any given day, its me, the wife, and the dog. So any additional movement or noises I know are not us.

    Anyone else play Airsoft?

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    I have a airsoft guns and we use too.. We need to buy some more and get some semi autos.. It would be alot of fun to get a whole bunch of people together..

    ~XD-45 Compact~
    You might be weak but God is Strong!

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