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A word of Caution this Halloween..

This is a discussion on A word of Caution this Halloween.. within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Did money actually change hands? Home insurance? I think they would say no way. Personal savings? I don't have that kind of ching ching in ...

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Thread: A word of Caution this Halloween..

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    Did money actually change hands? Home insurance? I think they would say no way. Personal savings? I don't have that kind of ching ching in the bank...
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    By thw ay SLIM hope you got the chance to finish the rest of that pumkin pie that night ? I stay home on holloween to many [Edited] are out causing trouble on that night, times have changed for holloween over the years
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    Halloween is not what it used to be.
    There are "kids" in their 30's going out trick or treating for free candy.

    Also some rare few will use the "holiday" to do "not such good things" while taking advantage of the fact that being MASKED will not call any special to themselves.

    That being said you also cannot let your kids go to any unknown houses and they should only eat the candy from known neighbors AFTER you carefully check everything.

    Personally if I had kids...I would let them do some trick/treating and then I would chuck it all away into the trash and just replace it with candy that I bought for them myself.

    That's just me I guess but, a few stinking candy bars wouldn't be worth me risking my children for.
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    Our kids don't go, and we don't pass out candy either.

    We stay home and enjoy a quite evening at home with the kido's.

    I had a friend that bit into an apple in colorado and his mouth and tongue got sliced in half, this was back in the early 80's.

    Folks don't need an excuse now days to act crazy.
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    We typically go to Chuck E. Cheese and let the kids eat bad pizza and waste our money trying to get tickets for $4 worth of crap.

    I'm not sure which is worse, Chuck E. Cheese or guarding the casa against Jason and Freddie breaking in to get my TV. I guess since Chuck E. Cheese sells beer now it ain't so bad
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