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Thread: Weird dream.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JSBaker View Post
    Cop trainer Dave Grossman says that all of these dreams with bad bullets or broken guns mean one thing: you need to get on the range and train more. He swears that as soon as you do, the dreams go away.
    I've read his books. Excellent material. Good point even though my dream didn't have anything to do with actually drawing the weapon. I remember I had one dream where my bullets were like paintballs, and then I was having malfunctions. Haven't had another since I started shooting IDPA.

    I wonder what it means that I've dreamt this twice.
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    Are you going through any big changes currently or the possibility of a big change in your life at the moment?

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    Wow, I think we hit a connection here. I am hispanic so if they talk spanish it won't bother me unless they say, "mata a ese cabron" (kill the *******). But I do dream of having to shoot a gun at a group of BG. My family is not always with me. Sometimes the gun shoots one or maybe two bullets before it disapears from my hand, turns into something no where nears a gun or the bullets that come out are like BBs with no effect or fall short of the target. I usually find something to use as a weapon like a pipe or bat and attack screaming and yelling. I then usually wake up.

    I have a question. Has anyone been shot in a dream or stabbed? I have but only in one dream that I can remember. I was stabbed and just sat against a car tire in the dark bleeding. I don't remember any one being around me. The assailant had dissapeared. I remember feeling the pain in my chest and the warmth of my blood on my body. I then woke up.

    I also dream that my car is out of control and I can't stop it. I read somewhere that these dreams are a reflection of feelings of not being in control of your life. Of feeling that events in your life are unfolding beyond your control.
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