The use of cover

The use of cover

This is a discussion on The use of cover within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This is in part sparked by this thread: , but I would like to ask for some feedback of the "use of cover" outside ...

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Thread: The use of cover

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    The use of cover

    This is in part sparked by this thread: , but I would like to ask for some feedback of the "use of cover" outside of IDPA ;-)

    As I walk my neighborhood, I do consider various scenarios to prepare myself should excrement hit the air conditioning at some point. I live in an urban neighborhood. Most houses have driveways, retention walls and stairs that should provide for decent cover. Let me propose two scenarios:

    (these are potential scenarios, not something that has already happened to me ;-) )...

    1 - I hear a gun shot ahead of me, and see a guy with gun running in my direction. He probably didn't see me yet. In this case, my reaction would be to seek cover, draw my gun, and wait/observe. Legally (Florida), I may get away with shooting but I don't exactly know what happened and it would be questionable to do so. In short: Survive by avoiding the fight. If he sees me and starts shooting at me, the cover is likely to increase my chances of not getting hit and it may provide some support for me shooting back.

    2 - I walk down the street, and a guy comes up with a knife (or gun) demanding money. The same walls and houses will of course work for them as well as for me. I think this situation is more tricky. I could:
    a) fall to the ground behind a retention wall, at the same time draw and shoot... difficult and once I am on the ground I will be a "sitting duck" with a hard time moving. This may work in the knife scenario.
    b) comply... hand over the cash, and maybe try to draw once he is distracted by counting the cash or such.
    c) shoot him in the back while he leaves, hoping that he didn't take my gun first. This would be legally questionable again.

    I find the second scenario in particular difficult as it gives the attacker a big advantage.

    Any feedback or ideas?
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    these are choices you need to make on your own. We can't tell you what to do, because we are not there.. each situation may be different . A lot depends on BG's demeanor, distances involved, angles ect.
    Best advice is keep up good situational awareness and plan on what your options are before a subject gets close.
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    Every situation is different...too hard to comment on...

    Being alert and watching 360' will go a long way in SD.

    Stay armed...stay congizant...stay safe!
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    I will say this.......if my spidey senses start to tingle, I hate to be out in the open. I also think that venues like IDPA matches and such may very well nurture the sense for using cover. I think about using cover. Maybe it should be higher on my list, but alot of my scenarios involve the supermarket or department store where cover is rather easy to find...and I think finding cover for me would be pretty much natural for me and readily available in those circumstances. Something like a bank lobby, or seeing the sights at the local county fair would be totally different scenarios for me, and I'd more than likely be stunned and have to think for a second or two to find suitable cover. Our minds think like the way we train, or the imagined/played out scenarios we all have while carrying/being alert. We can prepare ourselves to a certain extent. But when the chips fall out of the bag and get stepped on, real life happens very quick, and whatever instincts we've gained through any venue will come into play long as we practice them often. Whatever happens---when it does, we can almost count on it being something surprising and out of the ordinary no matter how well we think we are prepared.

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    Well, when the excrement hits the spinny thing, remember that just because there is something to hid behind doesn't mean you have cover, it means you have concealment. If what you are hiding behind can stop bullets from hitting you, then it is cover (a lot of times dues to psychological reasons people won't shoot into barriers that are only concealment.)

    As far as your situations, do whatever you have to do inside of the law to keep yourself a live, too many variables to give a more direct answer.
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