Legally tinted windows a good deterent?

Legally tinted windows a good deterent?

This is a discussion on Legally tinted windows a good deterent? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; How many think that having aftermarket (or factory if available), tinted windows help to make you or your belongings or your vehicle less susceptible to ...

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  • I think tinted windows thwart crime against me or my vehicle

    51 36.96%
  • I like tinted windows because they make my ride look cool

    12 8.70%
  • Tinted windows only purpose is to keep my vehicle cool in the parking lot

    53 38.41%
  • I think titnted windows are against the law most places

    2 1.45%
  • Tinted windows make driving at night dangerous

    4 2.90%
  • I would never think about adding tint to my vehicle windows

    16 11.59%
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Thread: Legally tinted windows a good deterent?

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    Legally tinted windows a good deterent?

    How many think that having aftermarket (or factory if available), tinted windows help to make you or your belongings or your vehicle less susceptible to a crime? Maybe a theft, a break-in of the vehicle, or giving you the possible edge in a defensive scenario? With all intents, I speak of remaining legal in your state and adhering to it's tint laws. IMO....allowable tint is better than none. Some of us don't think the purpose of window tint is to hinder in any way law enforcement in doing their job nor to hide anything from them. Most vehicles do not come with darker tint on front windows for 4 door vehicles. Some factory vehicles come with just plain 'smoked' glass. Your opinion is appreciated. I for one think window tint has a very good purpose and intent for the common carrier.

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    I believe it to be beneficial for many reasons. One of them may be the same reason LE uses dark tint here. Hard to accurately shoot what you can't see. Just guessing but if in a firefight with my vehicle as cover I'd prefer the darkest possible. This is still not bullet proof but better than perfectly clear windows.

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    I like them. All my range bags and gear are black and I can drop one in the back floor board of my truck and its almost invisible. Plus a BG would have a hard time trying to figure out if I was alone.
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    I like the idea, though i currently dont have tint on my vehicle.

    I've actually wondered about this and I think it could add alot to your vehicles value from a CCW standpoint. For instance, when i get of work, the first thing I do is get in the car, get my Bersa out of the glove box (i cant carry at work) and transfer it to my holster. If my coworkers are also getting into nearby cars at the same time, i have to wait until they leave to transfer the pistol. I find myself going into No-carry zones alot and moving the gun from my holster to the glove box/center console is always something of a fiasco in crowded areas. It usually involves me draping a t-shirt across my lap & wraping it around the gun as i pull it out..

    With tinted windows this would be much easier. I'd still have to be careful, but the view from the rear sides would be especially hard to see into the car, which is the only place a could get near the car without me seeing him.

    If pulled over, i'd just roll all the windows down after you stop, turn on the interior lights and take the keys out of the ignition. Not only does this counteract the tint, but i think it gives the trooper a heads-up that you are going to be a very compliant individual. (obviously dont be stupid about this tho.. you dont want to be doggy-paddling your hands across the dash as the trooper is walking to your car..)
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    Tinted windows

    In California, its against the law to have your front windows tinted. But like the speed limit,few comply. Personally,mine are not tinted. I don't need to attract the attention of an LEO when I CCW.In the summer there are times I wish they were tinted.I might feel different if I lived in Arizona.

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    I only tint to the allowance of the law...keeps the car much cooler.

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    I want to 5% tint my truck, even though it's not legal. I think it looks sick. As far as theft deterrent, it wouldn't do much for me. I never leave anything in plain view in my truck.

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    I AM in Arizona and I wish I had my windows tinted even darker. Until I started CCing, I never even considered the tactical advantage. But then again, 99% of the cars here are tinted.
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    Tint is good.

    Never thought about it in terms of security, but just by chance both our current vehicles have tinted windows. I'll look for that on the next rigs we buy, or have it installed if necessary.

    Hmmmm, now I need to do some research to find out if I can tint my front windows here in MO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckE View Post
    I AM in Arizona and I wish I had my windows tinted even darker. Until I started CCing, I never even considered the tactical advantage. But then again, 99% of the cars here are tinted.
    "the tactical advantage"
    Exactly what I'm trying to get at with this thread. It is a tactical advantage in my book.

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    I have the maximum tint on my windows. Got it done aftermarket, about 8years ago when I bought the car.

    The tint isnt that extreme because here in VA they have regulations. My back/Back passenger are tinted to like 20percent, and my drivers/passnger are like 40percent or something, cant remember the numbers. Front cant be tinted at all.(These are at the time of 2000).

    I have never been pulled over because of my tint, or questions by an officer as to why I would have tint like this. It isn't extreme, and it helps people not see into my car.

    At night, you can tell people are inside, but you cannot see what they're specifically doing.

    When I got them, I thought they looked cool. Now 8 years later, I'm 26 and I have a different view. They give me an advantage over anyone else outside the car. I see them fine, and they cannot see me as well.

    I take any advantage I can get in this day and age. I could stealth pull my handgun if I needed too, without causing much 'motion' to be seen ect.

    Its a good thing in my opinion.

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    I have maximum legal tint on my driver's and front passenger side door windows, limousine tint on the back and rear windows. It's rare that you can see in my back seat from those darker windows and it is difficult to see in my back window when you are behind me with bright headlights on. Although window tint in Arizona is almost a necessity because of the heat and sun, I also believe it adds to the security to me and my property stored in the back seat or floorboard....
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    In the sense that tinting can hide the inside from casual view, it can be a security benefit.

    In the sense that tinting can draw attention where the car otherwise would not, it can be a security risk.

    Net: I believe tint helps. I have it, though it's the legal degree of tinting allowed.
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    you didn't have a increases security AND makes my ride look cool option!
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    The real B.G.'S like those Tinted windows also..Dont jack my ride bro..

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