Halloween again.

Halloween again.

This is a discussion on Halloween again. within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ok, seems like someone posts this every year, so I figured I would put it up. For those that are going to be staying home ...

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Thread: Halloween again.

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    Halloween again.

    Ok, seems like someone posts this every year, so I figured I would put it up.

    For those that are going to be staying home and giving candy, how are you going to be carrying while dealing with the little ghools and goblins?

    For those of you that are going to be walking around with the young ones, will your carry method change from your daily method.

    Mine will stay the same, OWB with untucked shirt. I will be hauling a trailer load of kids around for a sort of hay ride/trick or treat evening. At least one other dad will probably be carrying also in our group. We will be in a pretty remote neighborhood without much outside traffic, so I don't expect anything to happen.

    Mods if this should be under Concealed Carry Issues and Discussion please move it.
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    We are going to be picking up canned goods for the Collin County Food Bank instead of candy, but I plan on my regular IWB at 4:30 and will pocket an extra mag.
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    Halloween is a time when people go crazy, but also it is really hard to be sure of a target. Since I do not have my permit yet and I am staying home IWB sounds good to me. I definitely need more practice just walking around with the MTAC on while my permit is still pending.
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    I'll be carrying as normal....IWB under the t-shirt. I may add the Bushmaster slung over the shoulder as part of my costume....hey--nobody can tell a real AR from a fake AR right? Besides.....I'll be protecting my interests in Reeses peanut butter cups and Malted Milk Balls. Hey! I gotta have something for the work lunches next week! Chocolate is a good way of amping up legally!

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    carrying normal as always, 1911 at 330
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    Will be carrying for the first time, Smartcarry, following my daughter-in-law with my grandson. Heightened alertness, for sure!
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    Same Same. I'm in a K&D OWB.

    Only real differnceis I've got an extra light.

    I was going but the young'n got a fever..........I was SO looking forward to raiding his stash too.

    I do have several extra mags ready too.......I'm seeing midigt zombies EVERYWHERE!
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    I'll be carrying as usual, and more alert of stupid people who are not a threat that may look like one!

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    Ours was lastnight, not a ccw holder yet, thought about open carry lastnight since its legal in our state, BUT decided against it.

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    Half my day today I spent climbing ladders and up on a roof painting a historic building (volunteer work).
    I carried a Colt 'Defender' holstered IWB right side at the 3 and a spare mag on my left at the 10.
    I came home, changed clothes into my full Hunter Ed. instructors uniform with hat and ID around my neck.
    I'm carrying the same rig only now OWB at the kidney/4 with my Bandera 'Beltster' holster simply for reasons of maximum comfort and a spare mag on the left at my 5.
    I'll go see SAW V tonight at the movies and plan to walk out wearing this outfit and carrying concealed as I am and would beon any other day...even when taking my kids to the park to horse around.

    - Janq

    P.S. - I will though open carry my Gladius flashlight in it's belt holster considering tonight is stupid & crazy kids night.
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    Always carrying...Halloween is no exception.
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    I just got back from walking my son around the neighborhood and then standing in the yard giving out candy and talking to friends. I carried my Kimber and a spare mag the whole time, as usual.


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    IWB all day @ 4:00 and now sitting at home

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    I'll be carrying as normal....IWB under the t-shirt. I may add the Bushmaster slung over the shoulder as part of my costume....hey--nobody can tell a real AR from a fake AR right?
    + 1,there you go.
    lets all go military, or cowboy for our costume and carry whatever we want..

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    I carry when I am not in bed, shower, etc.
    What is so special about Halloween that I would do diffeently ?
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