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Advice for woman who just broke up?

This is a discussion on Advice for woman who just broke up? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Hopyard ... Protective orders (not that they will help but at least there will be a record); new phone number along with ...

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Thread: Advice for woman who just broke up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hopyard View Post
    ... Protective orders (not that they will help but at least there will be a record); new phone number along with a new address. ...
    Actually, protective orders do help a bit. A person who is subject to a protective order cannot lawfully purchase or be in possession of a firearm. And having a protective order in effect gives the police authorization to actually do something in the event the guy gets too close. Otherwise, they'd have to say, "well, lady, call us if he actually kills you."
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    Be careful of restraining orders. Sometimes that is enough to push them over the edge.

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    I don't know what VA laws are like. However, there is a bill pending in PA and may be signed by the gov that would expedite the process for a carry permit for persons in this type of situation.

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    Grady has it analyzed correctly. The guy could go off any time, and she will be his target.

    Despite the author's anti-gun stance, I still recommend she read Gavin de Becker's The Gift Of Fear. Her Ex is displaying many of the signs he lists.

    Hope she survives.
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    i p.p.o order might be in order as mentioned before for a paper trail but
    maybe a edc and proper training would also be good idea also.(just in case)
    and for other issues that occure in every day life. goosd luck to ya.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gilraen View Post
    Despite the author's anti-gun stance, I still recommend she read Gavin de Becker's The Gift Of Fear. Her Ex is displaying many of the signs he lists.

    Recommend this book to ALL the women in your life. Just explain to them that de Becker is off base when it comes to guns.

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    I think he is just a LEECH sucking money from her and
    anyone he can.
    He will say anything to keep the money flowing.
    That being said , You can never tell what is in someone
    else's mind.
    Safety First
    I would follow Grady's lead on this one if I were you.
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    If what was posted was true there are serious Red Flags popping up on this one.

    I'm not trying to blame the victim here, but she needs to wake up and face reality. The guy is a major screwball. She needs to create a "papertrail". How she goes about handling her personal protection is up to her, but like I said, she needs to face reality.

    If she survives this situation I suggest she take a long hard look at her choices in men and life in general. Some things need to be changed there, unless she wants to keep going down this road. She also needs to accept responsibility for her own safety. If she is unwilling to do that, fine, but don't expect me to shed any tears for her.

    Churches and "organized religion" tend to attract two kinds of people, the seriously devout and faithful that bear witness to their faith, and the seriously whacked. One of those two is good, the other, I'll let you be the judge.

    Most people believe, or kid themselves, that other people are inherently good. I myself believe that people are niether. There are vicious people out there, I deal with some of them daily, but the vast majority of the population will take the path of least resistance. By my non-scientific calculations, 10% of the population is evil, 10% is inherently good and would do no wrong no matter what, and the other 80% just "go with the flow".

    I'm one of the 10%, I'll let you figure out which one.


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