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The art of sitting

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View Poll Results: How do you sit in a restaurant, coffee shop, etc

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  • Wherever I can.

    20 7.94%
  • I like to be able to see the entrance.

    115 45.63%
  • I have to see the entrance and my wife knows it.

    90 35.71%
  • If there are several entrances, we manage to cover them between the two of us.

    27 10.71%
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Thread: The art of sitting

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    Great thread. Subscribed.

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    I feel weird if I can't see the entrance. If I'm working then I need to have a view of my vehicle as well to keep an eye on my equipment. My wife knows these particulars and always attempts to set me up since, "he needs to sit here 'cause he's a lefty and will elbow everybody!)

    I also like to sit with my strong side inside if in a booth. I feel less exposed for some reason if I needed to get to my pistol without much attention.
    Tad A.

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    I like to be able to see the entrance. Wife is up to speed on letting me sit where I choose to.

    Table over booth any day.
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    I have to sit with my back to a wall, because of hearing difficulties. That usually provides a good view to the room & entrance.
    My wife understands that is for seeing and hearing. (Works good.)
    It’s so much easier now days, to "Love and honor" my wife, when she is armed, and shoots a better group than I do. (Till death do us part, eh?)

    “The way you get shot by a concealed weapons permit holder is, you point a gun at him,” the Sheriff said.

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    State of Discombobulation
    I like to sit in the seat that allows the best visability and manuverabilty.

    I am not against moving to another seat, table or booth if the one offered is one that I feel is unacceptable. I don't always have my back to a wall, but I do take in to consideration the layout of the room. Also, I prefer tables with chairs, as they are easier to get up from.


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    Northern Piedmont of Va. & Middle of Nowhere, W.Va.
    I like to be able to see most or all of the plate-glass windows, too, and as broad a view of the room as possible.
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    I have to say that I try to keep in a corner to cover all area's. Not always possible, but I try. Too many years of being in countries that are not always US friendly. Where ever we went we always tried to stay in a corner area and keep people from getting behind us.

    I still do that here in the US. Wife thinks I'm paranoid, I just plan for anything to go wrong at any moment. Maybe I am paranoid... (did you hear that???)
    "Without fear there can be no Courage!"

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    I always want to see the entrance and my wife knows it. If the hostess seats us somewhere that my back is not covered, we ask to move until I'm sure nobody can sneak up on us plus I have a full view of the sheep herd.

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    I voted If there are several entrances, we manage to cover them between the two of us. though the fact is I prefer to watch the entrances myself, but also need to be able to see the whole room with nothing behind me. Given a choice of seeing the entrances or seeing the whole room with nothing behind me I'd pick the latter every time. From that position I have always been able to monitor who comes and goes even if I can not see the door. Also like to have an escape route available window, side door, emergency exit, whatever works as a way out
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    My wife knows I want to see the entrance. If seated by a hostess, I don't get too picky but sit in the seat that faces the entrance.

    If it's seat yourself, I prefer being with my back against a wall towards the rear of the restaurant and I also prefer a table and chair over a booth.

    I feel booths are too restrictive of my movement.

    I actually prefer being back by the kitchen! If bad guy comes from the kitchen (a rare occurrence), I'll be right there as they come through the door but they'll be focused more on the front towards the cashier or bar area. More importantly, it's a quick exit out of there through the kitchen when the bad guys come through the front doors (most likely).
    Semper Fi

    "The gun is the great equalizer... For it is the gun, that allows the meek to repel the monsters; Whom are bigger, stronger and without conscience, prey on those who without one, would surely perish."

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    I will always sit so I can see the entrance but when my wife and I are in a place where there are more than one entrance, we cover them between us. My oldest son who is almost 18 and my daughter who is 14 have picked up this habit as well.
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    I have to admit I sit where I can. I will pay more attention to where I sit when I go out. Usually at the Starbucks or wherever, you usually have a pretty good view of entrances. As far as seating arrangements, I usually dont like to face the wall.

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    Nassau, NY(Long Island)
    Before carrying my wife liked sitting facing the door. Now she knows that seat is now mine. I too like to sit with strong side facing a wall or inside of the booth. Still trying to get her to get her license then we will have better coverage.

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    Face the door, better situational awareness.
    The choices you make today define you of who you are tommorow

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    I also picked "I have to see the entrance and my wife knows it". She appreciates my dedication to keeping her safe!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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