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The art of sitting

This is a discussion on The art of sitting within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Sort of a joke with my family. My wife will go to sit down in a spot that they know I want to sit in ...

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  • Wherever I can.

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  • I like to be able to see the entrance.

    115 45.63%
  • I have to see the entrance and my wife knows it.

    90 35.71%
  • If there are several entrances, we manage to cover them between the two of us.

    27 10.71%
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Thread: The art of sitting

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    Sort of a joke with my family. My wife will go to sit down in a spot that they know I want to sit in and the kids will go, "Can't sit there, Mom, that's Dad's spot". Doesn't happen too much any more. They are pretty conditioned now.

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    I started sitting in the corner or with my back against the wall many years ago. Back then there were some folks who didn't like me very much and I wanted to see them first if they came in where we were. As time passed and the list of "folks" got smaller the habit was already burned in. So yeah I like to sit with my back in the corner if at all possible and the wife knows it.
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    My ideal spot is;

    1. Sitting where I can see the entrance.
    2. Near an emergency Exit.
    3. Away from natural lines of drift, such as the path to the kitchen or the bathroom.
    4. With good cover and concealment available.
    5. Where I can see the parking lot and hopefully my vehicle.

    Pretty much in that order. I go to a lot of places where I seat myself, so this usually isn't that difficult. Of course I rarely get everything I want, so I'm happy if I get half of them.

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    I like to sit so as to see the entrance /reception area. However, and more important for me I always want to know how I am going to get out of where I am. Interestingly enough, I formed that habit during my Firefighting days and it has developed due to learning about SA, concealed carry and refusing to be a victim.

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    I prefer to sit facing the entrance. I picked this up from my dad, a Vietnam Vet. Also like using the lefty line to get the seat I want.

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    I 'have' to always sit facing the main entrance or I am not comfortable, so thats my vote. Preferably with my back to a wall. Corners are good, as long as I'm not trapped. As someone said; halfway in on long tables are bad.
    I even sit towards the back, on the end of the pew in church. (drives the ushers nuts! but they ought to be used to it by now)
    I politely stand up and invite others to file past me. It's one place ya can't sit facing the door! I do sit so I can watch the only side door we have.
    Also, being a former firefighter I am always looking for escape routes in case the lights were to go out, secondary means of escape etc. With 30 years in building design, I usually see things others don't notice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bark'n View Post
    I feel booths are too restrictive of my movement
    My thoughts on that have changed. Maybe, as one bro says I never reached my full growth potential. I can easily slide under the table so booths as a good place to be if SHTF offers some degree of cover. The best way to not be a target is to not be there or not be seen

    Quote Originally Posted by JudoJake View Post
    5. Where I can see the parking lot and hopefully my vehicle.
    Good catch I forgot that one. I need to see my bike so automatic I did not even think of it. Your 1 thru 4 was also well stated
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    between the two of us, my husband and I both watch doors. With small children, generally the restaurants we go to have play places in them, and with those there are two doors on each side of the building. Works just fine. We also try to get an out of the way spot. I prefer to sit with my gun side inside, in case the butt is poking out a bit, but that doesn't always work. Really,'s not like many sheeple are actually paying any attention.
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    My wife used to sigh at the fact that I must always see the entrance of any eating establishment. But I still pull out her chair for her even though sometimes Id like to keep pulling as she sits
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    I like to see the entrance, but I don't lose sleep if I can't. I also prefer to keep my strong side to the wall if possible.
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    I usually try to sit so I can see the entrance, and any emergency doors leading to the outside. If there are more than one, my wife tries to cover one, if I can't cover them both. I always ask for a table, not a booth, and I always try to sit with my back to a wall, if not in a corner. The wall I want to sit with my back to is not a wall that has parking along it on the outside. Definitely don't want to get run over while eating!
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