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Garage Invasion ? Maybe not ???

This is a discussion on Garage Invasion ? Maybe not ??? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I don't have a garage, but I live in a very rural area. Unless you count the cows, across the road, my nearest neighbor is ...

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Thread: Garage Invasion ? Maybe not ???

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    I don't have a garage, but I live in a very rural area. Unless you count the cows, across the road, my nearest neighbor is measured in fractions of a mile instead of feet or yards. That said, I have gone out to investigate noises several times. The chances of it being something other than a coon or possum are rather remote.

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    My attached garage is just another part of my home.

    I'll investigate. I'll be smart and careful about it, but I'll find out what's going on, just as I would anywhere else in my house.
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    In most homes, the garage is a tough spot to get into to investigate safely. There is a huge fatal funnel you have to move through leaving yourself wide open.
    It depends on the noise I heard and a number of other factors on what I'd do.
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    I'd hit the panic button on the car remote (doors are always locked on house and cars) and then go and clean the person's/critter's pee pee up later.
    Tad A.

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    If I had a garage... oh I miss those days.... First if someone or something was in there, my dogs would let me know. I would arm my car alarm and make sure the door leading to the house is locked tight. If the dogs are going nuts and the car alarm goes off, call the police.

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    Honestly, haveing grown up in a rual area, I would go out and check on it. Wouldn't bother me in the least. We often had neighborhood dogs that came down and sometimes nosed around before wondering off in search of a pat on the head. If its something that spooked me, I'd probably take a shotgun in case it was a wild animal of some sort, and either way I am legally able to carry, and always do so now so if it is a critter of the two legged variety that was going to threaten my life then no need to be more prepared I don't think. I always have a flashlight on me, so even at night its not that big of a deal. Because of where I lived it was also a country road with a hill in front and behind the house, so I have slipped out the back door so I could come around and come in from the garage door - just in case. A tactic specific for that location, granted, but also a neighborhood with a fairly low threat level as well.

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    I also have video surveillance in garage. If it is daytime I can see from inside house what is going on in garage. At night garage is also covered by house ADT Monitored Alarm. If they break in , I am the least of their troubles. Local sheriff's substation is only two miles away and is on repeater system from ADT(equipment purchased with the panic Homeland Security grants!) They will be rolling before ADT even calls me to confirm alarm.

    Not too long ago, in broad daylight, my son opened door to house and then went back to his car (without disarming alarm.) He found himself staring down the muzzles of two Glocks before he could reach the door again!

    I pay for alarm service, and I can save on ammo costs by letting the local boys in brown handle the garage break in! Local SD, FD, PD and Insurance Company all try to have homeowners get the integrated alarm system.

    That said, I would still arm myself with the house shotgun and a cell phone to cover me and momma, but we would be in our safe area inside house.
    Retired Marine, Retired School Teacher, Independent voter, Goldwater Conservative.

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    I have cameras around my house, a dog, and usually an AK. I would check it out. papa

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