You Get A Call From Your Neighbor.....

You Get A Call From Your Neighbor.....

This is a discussion on You Get A Call From Your Neighbor..... within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Here's one to ponder. You are woken up by the phone at 2am. It's your neighbor Judy who lives alone. She is whispering and in ...

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Thread: You Get A Call From Your Neighbor.....

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    You Get A Call From Your Neighbor.....

    Here's one to ponder. You are woken up by the phone at 2am. It's your neighbor Judy who lives alone. She is whispering and in a panic because someone has broken into her home and is downstairs right now. What do you do?
    First thing I would do is turn to the wife and say call 911 NOW, it's Judy and she needs help. I would tell her to call 911 herself and stay in her bedroom, do not go out of that room.

    My neighbors and I look out for each other so I would grab my gun and head over there. Now another question. Do I make a lot of noise in hopes of scaring whoever it is away or go into stealth mode to catch them in the act?

    So what do you all think?

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    Ok, you're dead.
    Look at it from the LEO side.
    There is a lady on the phone that has an intruder in her house.
    You're in her house with a gun.
    Going there is a bad idea.
    I would have 'Judy' come out one of her windows and make it to your house.
    Then you could call 911 again and inform them that the lady has left the home and is at your home.
    Anyone in the original house is an intruder.
    It would be much easier for them to clear the home knowing that there are only BGs inside it.
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    +1 on that. Running away is always a good choice if available.

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    Joe, I know that this isn't probably what you wanted to hear, but the above advice is good, and sound! If there is a "Judy" that lives next door to you, and you are concerned for her safety, maybe you could talk to her, get her to see just how vunerable she is, and that beyound calling 911, there just isn't much you can do. If you can, convince her that her best bet is to purchase a gun, and really learn how to use it. I don't know about where you live, but here where I am, the Sheriff's dept. offers free training to the ladies.
    Y'all be safe now, ya hear!

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    I'd sleep through the telephone call.

    Seriously bad idea, as others have said, to placing yourself in a location where the police are responding to an "Intruder Call". You will just get in the way and confuse the issue.

    Sorry to be so blunt, but that's a fact. Judy needs to take care of her own safety before the intruder gets in. The idea of having her escape and then come to your house is a good one. Besides, she should be calling 911 herself and not you.


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    Call 911, tell them there is a HOME INVASION IN PROGRESS at (insert her address here), get my family in a safe room.

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    I both agree and disagree with some of what has been posted. All depends on what 911 says the response time is likely to be, and how they respond if you inform them you can go over and they should notify responders. Also, lots depends on what is going on in the neighbors house.
    Can you ignore screams for help? Don't think so, unless you know the cops are only seconds behind.

    And if you respond to screams you have the very same risks as you did when it was only an invasion/theft deal.

    And, this is also complicated by the need to protect your own family--- does wife have ability to defend your home if you go out?

    Every situation in life has its own little nuances and often there is no one size fits all answers.

    I do agree that if there is a way to get her to get herself out you should have her go for it. And if you have to help her get out, then da/n the torpedoes and do what has to be done.

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    +1 on all the advice above. Certainly call 911. DO NOT go outside your home with a gun. The LEO's will have no idea who the burgaler is. Turning on lights may be a good idea to possibly scare the intruder, as is some noise. But you're number one priority is that you and your family stay safe.

    Sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear.
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    So you all could ignore "Judy"?? I don't think I could. Cops don't go into a house guns blazing. If they were to show up while you are are in the house with a gun just put it down when they tell you to.
    I think the problem with this society is that there are to many "Judy's" without a way to protect themselves but those who would just sit back and allow something to happen "Judy" without lifting a finger does not help either.

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    As much as I'd want to go over to help.... I'm MORE interested in keeping my family safe and coming home alive to MY wife. So I'd call 911 and try possibly try and stay on the line with the neighbor and/or 911. Get my family in a safe place and then look outside to try and keep an eye on the neighbor's house if I could.

    Unless the neighbor is family I'm just not sure I could risk throwing myself into that situation. Right now my family comes first.

    I'm probably still on the younger end of readers here and if I was single/living alone then I may feel differently about going over to help, but even then I'm not sure if I would. At least in Florida I believe that legally I would be covered if I had to use deadly force to prevent a forcible felony.... but there would be a LOT of variables walking into a situation like that. You have no idea if it truly is a break in, no idea where the bad guy is, or if there is only one, etc....

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    I live in a suburban neighborhood with quick response time. To go into the home after she or the wife called the cops would be bad planning. The best plan then would be to grab the home defense gun, get out of my bed and scout the outside area of her house from inside my own. Is there a strange car in the street? Can I get the number? If it is likely they would escape through my back yard I might position myself to intercept there. Playing cops and robbers at night with the LEO is not a good idea for anyone. I will do something though.

    If we live in the country that is a different story. If I know the response time is long and my neighbor is at the mercy of others I will go help. I don't need to go room-to-room clearing the house to do it, but I will help. Get her out a window, something. My neighbors, my neighborhood, my business.

    We can no more leave the defense of our neighborhoods and our neighbors solely to the police than we can our own defense. To barricade ourselves inside our own homes is to admit defeat.
    But if you are authorized to carry a weapon, and you walk outside without it, just take a deep breath, and say this to yourself...
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    It's a tough call. In my book, there really isn't a totally correct answer. Is she the type to imagine things or exaggerate, etc. Is anyone else there in her family? No point in going on here, but check state law before it happen is number 1.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigiceman View Post

    We can no more leave the defense of our neighborhoods and our neighbors solely to the police than we can our own defense. To barricade ourselves inside our own homes is to admit defeat.
    This just about says it all! I do live out in the country and if there is a problem in the neighborhood @ night I usually get a call. Most of my neighbors are related to me so its not if I'll come but which way will I be approaching thier property. Most of them are armed but a little on the elderly side, and LEO responce time is poor around here as they have a large area to cover.

    So to answer the OP's question if Judy ( my neighbor) called I would be there ASAP.

    As for when LEO did arrive if all is secure Judy would let them know and invite them in. In the event all isn't secure the 911 operator could/would inform LEO of our(judy & myself) position in the home as I would keep an open line with 911.
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    We live in the sticks so to speak. Response time, who knows?? If my neighbor calls, and both him and her are home, my first question would be---does hubby have a gun in you room, or are they stored in a room other then the bed-room??? I would want to know if he/they are armed. If they are, I would tell them to wait it out until the LEO's get here.

    Now If they are unarmed, and can not safely get to their weapons, well I would tell them to stay in the room and I would make my way to their window. I would also inform them to expect several "discharges" into the air, and not to be alarmed. If---If someone is doing a home invasion/burglary one would think the last thing the BG is looking for is an arm confrontation, so with that thought---is why I would let a few rounds go, hoping they wanted out of the neighborhood as bad as we want them out.

    I would make my way to their window and tell them on the phone (cause we would be in constant contact) to open the window and come out. We would make our way back to my home--call my wife to let her know who's coming in. She would have been calling 911 from the start, telling them what I am carrying and a description of me. She would tell the LEO's to come with lights flashing, so we know its the cops and not the BG's buddy's coming.

    If the LEO's were not here yet by the time we made it back to our house, we would just hole up in our "safe" room with the neighbors until cops show up.

    An ounce of lead is worth 200lbs of cop.

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    Your neighbor should have called 911 first. Next, she should have been pondering why she didn't buy a gun like you told her to do months ago, and she said that she didn't need one.
    I am not my neighbor's keeper. I wish no one any harm, but I would not tread over to her house under those conditions.

    I have tried to talk to several of my neighbors, friends, and relatives about self-defense. I've also talked to many about buying extra food and items for a SHTF scenario...most were pleasantly amused...only replying that they would just come to me... to that.

    When crime or hard times hit, don't knock on my door.
    They have been warned.

    Why should the people who are armed have any duty to protect or assist those who refuse to arm or protect themselves?

    Stay armed...take heed/plan ahead...stay safe!
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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