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Where do you carry your money?

This is a discussion on Where do you carry your money? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The guvmint and my creditors keep all my money for me. Pocket change goes in my right front pocket. Wallet in back left pocket. Glock ...

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Thread: Where do you carry your money?

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    The guvmint and my creditors keep all my money for me. Pocket change goes in my right front pocket. Wallet in back left pocket. Glock on right hip 4 o'clock. Spare mag and folder in left front pocket or on belt at 4 o'clock left side. Other folder clipped inside right front pocket. OC on belt at 2 o'clock left side. Robber would probably just get mad at me for having less money than he does!
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    I go for weeks sometimes without any cash on me whatsoever. Rarely spend money as I go about my day to day. If I do, it's usually on a check-card linked to an account with only a small balance in it.

    I've heard arguments that not carrying any cash is dangerous and may cause a perp to think you're just holding out on him. I don't know if it's true or not.

    If I'm gonna carry any significant cash, I'll tuck it down my SmartCarry.

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    Just carry plastic... but it stills shoots reliable!
    Quote Originally Posted by atctimmy View Post
    If you really need it, you will need it really fast. ALWAYS one in the chamber.
    Nuf said!

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    When I finally purchase a Beltman Ill probably make an improvised velcro rig or something like that and carry my serious cash in that.. I don't carry a wallet right now.. I'll keep my spending money in my money clip like I always do.

    You could always buy a cheap wallet from wal mart and put some gag money, and an old drivers license and old cc's in there.. the money has a similar size and appearance to the real thing, I doubt a BG is going to sit there counting it and inspecting it unless hes really dumb.. which if he does take his focus off you to inspect the money You would have the chance to pull on him and/or disarm him and take control of the situation.

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    Usually in my front pocket wallet. When out of town, I use my SmartCarry for my ID and loot, even when I don't have a gun!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    I've read this thread and the thought keeps banging away in my head. "Why would I want to tell anyone where I keep my money?" LOL
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    When I was younger, and willing to get mugged, I would carry two wallets.

    I have been in Germany and had people steal from me (about 1/3 of what I took with me). When I travel, I carry funds in many different locations. In some ways this can increase the chance of theft, but you don't want to be fund less when traveling.

    I'm a guy who has been mugged, and felt sorry for the mugger. I'm a guy who would never want to take another's life. I had been mugged twice in Detroit. A few weeks later a friend of mine was then mugged. But the mugger punched his face in, then took the money.

    Now, my friend had a way of putting himself into situations I would not. We might walk the same street corner, but I always felt he did it at the wrong time and in the wrong way.

    Still, shortly after his mugging, I changed. Then, I became more aware how muggings were often brutal with the victim not even being give the choice to surrender their wallet / purse.

    When muggings started to become shot / stab / bash first mug later, the clear option became carry money in a wallet and make room for a SD weapon.

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    Have cash, will spend. No cash here.

    Those of you that keep your money separate from your wallet, ever hear of "Crimes of opportunity"? You pull out your money clip, or other random place when you are making a purchase, and that catches someones eye...If they decide to get you, they will be very specific about where to reach for that money.

    I gave a good arse chewing to a coworker of mine who cashes his paychecks and keeps the wad in his front pocket. He wanted me to go pick up a 12 pack of pop for him, so he pulls out this wad of cash and digs through the 100s, 50s, 20,s until he found a 10. I guesstimated over $400.

    "You do that when buying stuff, I guarantee you that you will wake up in an alley, ditch, or dumpster one day with empty pockets. If I was going to mark you, I would not even bother with the typical mugging, just follow you until you were isolated and knock you upside the head."

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    Quote Originally Posted by nutz4utwo View Post

    edit: does anyone know where I could find a wallet that looks like a Glock magazine? Maybe I should make one. I think it would be fairly cool...

    hmm. cool idea.

    will think about this. should of thought of this month ago. would of given some as xmaspresents! hah.

    idea 1. a coin dispenser/holder (what ever u call the kind they use in taxis and busses) from top comes coins just like bullets. -to use in car for parking coins :)
    idea 2. a magazine cut half an half length wise. with small hinges and maybe small spring to keep it shut. and money inside folded length wise. need to do measurements which mag would be about right width (bit over half of bills width).

    yeah. probably will make atleast one someday. just an cool item.

    -one con. it really wont be a good thing to be able to load your money holder mag into your gun and try to shoot BG with it.

    sorry for offtopic.

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