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Chest or Gut?

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Thread: Chest or Gut?

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    "Gut shot" hits may effect a psychological stop, but that is true of any hit. A shot into the abdomen may hit the abdominal aorta, the spine, or the pelvis, any of which may greatly increase the incapacitation effect.

    A pelvic shot will NOT keep a bad guy from continuing to fight, so if he has a firearm, don't just stand there and admire your handiwork. We should also keep in mind that not just any old pelvic hit will do. The hip joints are your primary pelvic-area targets. And, the ammo must be powerful enough to break things. I wonder about the .32 pocket pistols, especially, in this regard. Particularly large opponents also present a complication, in that their guts will steal much of a bullet's thunder before it reaches the important structural parts.
    The crouching posture, typical of humans in body alarm reaction, will rotate that big belly to a position where it better covers the pelvic area from frontal shots. Not all criminals are skinny crack-heads and meth-heads! The portly gangster look is quite popular these days.

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    When I was in the academy many years ago they taught us that a gut shot would cause the BG to double over and if he was shooting at you his shots would tend to go into the ground.

    To be frank about it - in a real life or death situation most of us would be lucky just to hit the BG. Yes, lots of people talk big about where or how they would shot the bad guy but when the SHTF its a different story.

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    Chest shot for sure...and if you're aiming a little higher there should be instant results. A gut shot will only make them stumble for a second and still leave most of the upper body functions available.

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    right between the eyes

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    as an LEO in the 70's, we were trained to shoot at the greatest center of mass. We used a BG head and chest target.

    Now, with a CPL (concealed pistol license in MI), I train with a 8 1/2 x 12" piece of plain paper taped to a cardboard. The goal is to hit the paper.

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    Military trained always shoot center mass - train as you fight, fight as you train.
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