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"Honey, Someone is walking down the hall" at 3am

This is a discussion on "Honey, Someone is walking down the hall" at 3am within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ive heard something and woken to go have a look around the house. What i hate is how difficult it is to try to calm ...

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Thread: "Honey, Someone is walking down the hall" at 3am

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    Ive heard something and woken to go have a look around the house.

    What i hate is how difficult it is to try to calm myself. I mean its like buck fever man, my heart beats so hard that i hear it in my ears. I hate that cuz im trying my best to listen for any little sound :(
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    I sleep stark naked and I did not take the time to pull on shorts before I cleared the house (although I keep a pair beside me on the floor). I don't really care about modesty if there will be possible intruder, perhaps my nakedness will cause a distraction (or blind the intruder).
    The intruder would either run in fright or roll on the floor laughing either way I would gain an advantage

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    I thought I read all of the replies but just in case I'm repeating someone else's advice, sorry.

    An instructor of ours once commented on the whole "sleeping naked" thing. He said he does the same and once had to clear his home in the middle of the night as he was awoken by the sound of breaking glass that turned out to be a picture that fell off the wall. He then got the idea to put a fanny pack on the side of his bed equipped with gun, flashlight, spare magazine and cell phone and anything else he might think he could need in a "middle-of-the-night" situation.

    He agreed that modesty was not his primary concern, and no one is completely clear-headed in the middle of the night, being awoken in a state of high alert anyway. Instead of having to remember to grab gun, flashlight, cell phone or anything else, all you have to do is remember to grab your fanny pack and then, since you aren't clothed, you can snap it around yourself or hang it over your shoulder to keep your hands free since it's quite evident that you don't have any pockets available.

    I say it's a good idea for any home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoda View Post
    That's what my wife told me at 3:15 in the morning a couple of nights ago. I thought she was talking in her sleep (she has talked in her sleep before) until she repeated it with a sense of urgency. You guys that have been married for a long time know when the tone of your spouse's voice conveys that seriousness and urgency... Made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, instant rush of adrenaline. We are currently empty nesters.

    I had been about half asleep/awake and was pretty sure she had dreamed it for 3 reasons.

    1) We have a driveway alarm that will ring the doorbell whenever anything breaks the plane about 200 feet from the house. (but if someone avoided the sensor the house can be approached)

    2) The wood flooring in our hallway creaks when someone walks on it.

    3) My dog never made a sound, but he is not infallible.

    But anyway, I got up with my handgun and a tactical flashlight and searched the house and double checked all the doors and windows.. nothing found! Everything was still locked.

    My wife then realized that from where she was laying she could not see the doorway to notice a shadow passing down the hall.

    I sleep stark naked and I did not take the time to pull on shorts before I cleared the house (although I keep a pair beside me on the floor). I don't really care about modesty if there will be possible intruder, perhaps my nakedness will cause a distraction (or blind the intruder).

    We live in the country, the closest neighbor is 500 feet away.

    A few minutes later my dog started barking outside but quickly ceased. I was convinced that she had been dreaming. I probably should have checked outside but my dog would not have stopped barking if there was an intruder, didn't want to go out in the cold, or take the time to get dressed.

    It took a while to calm down enough to fall back asleep.

    Put yourself in my shoes..

    Any criticisms?
    Well if you had to shoot him get some pants on before the cops get there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cj View Post
    ..."Squeal like a pig" ...
    I walked out of that movie at about that point. Now I have to rid my mind of BOTH that AND a naked Yoda. Merry Christmas to you, too, cj!
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    Well I am a conservative...soooo I sleep in my tighty whiteys.... as for you "liberals" and your sleepin in your bday suit, your on your own on that one! ;)

    I am also one of the "stupid" ones who sweeps the house looking for intruders when my wife wakes me up with a "noise" concern. The reason is simple... 3 kids on 2 floors of the house. My plan is this-
    1- open touchpad combo safe
    2- remove loaded 45 and tactical light
    3- hand .38 special to wife along with 2nd light
    4- I sweep upstairs, turning on lights as I go(checking door and window locks)
    5- once upstairs is clear my wife takes both others that sleep upstairs into bedroom with her and has phone in hand
    6- I then clear downstairs proceeding same as upstairs
    ...at this point (Lord willing) there is no threat and I then call an all clear signal upstairs for my wife (repeating several times until I hear a reply from her).
    If........there is an intruder upstairs then I will address right away and there will be some spackling and carpet cleaning to do the next day at the least.
    If........there is an intruder downstairs I do same as above while paying VERY close attn to the bedrooms down and the direction of where I would shoot.
    If........I have to hole up- The safe rooms on each level are above each other so that I minimize the likelyhood of friendly fire.
    If.....I pray there are no "if's" EVER!

    Also, there are contingency/b-up guns located strategicly (I know I spelled that wrong, hmm s.t.r.a...) in the house. I know that this is overkill but I also have my valuable document in a fire safe in the unlikely event of a fire. Stupid? I hope to prove it completely unnecesarry (u.n.n.e...)
    Pray for our nations leaders!

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    If you can't clear a home with a clear sense of calm and control, then you might what to do it with a nerf bat rather than a pistol.

    Be careful, guys:
    Phantom Noises in the Middle of the Night | Baby | Babies Online The Blog

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