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Just feeling "neighborly" again...

This is a discussion on Just feeling "neighborly" again... within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; +1 On the lights they can help identify a foe. I'm not a fan of cameras ,they are only good after the fact. To me ...

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Thread: Just feeling "neighborly" again...

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    On the lights they can help identify a foe.
    I'm not a fan of cameras ,they are only good
    after the fact.
    To me they are good at watching you get mugged,
    not stopping the mugging.
    I guess my point is they are good as evidence
    but will not help you stay alive , the lights will,
    and they are cheaper
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    Quote Originally Posted by packinnova View Post
    No, no point really. Not without any evidence other than my word. At this point it's a simple trespass issue and its going to be my word vs his. So I'm going to need to get a camera up and start recording that whole end of the yard and just give the tapes to the local leo's once a month or something and let them have a field day with them.
    Not a good way to think about it, you should have started a paper trail of any and all incidents with them. Chances are probably pretty good that they already have a record which would definitely sway law enforcement to take your story seriously.
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    packin, do you think the DB even knew you were there?

    As packin said, the trespassing call would just be a "he said she said" deal. The only "documentation" would be the dispatch.

    Dogs are property in VA and you are not allowed to use deadly force to defend property in this state.

    Motion lights are good, video is as well. Sometimes very obvious picture taking and video taking can help. I have used both with successful results. People who aren't on the level don't like attention. So give them attention and they will tend to avoid you. If they don't, well then there is that.
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    Inform the police, and start a flipping paper trail...

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    I like the "become an annoying neighbor" advice. Can you set up your own private target range on their side of your house? If it won't bother the "good" neighbors get an early start on mornings when they have been up late. Be sure and set up silhouettes for target practice that they can see.

    I usually wait until my closest neighbors are gone before I use my back pasture for shooting drills because of the noise.
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