Possible violence averted at church today...

Possible violence averted at church today...

This is a discussion on Possible violence averted at church today... within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was at church today running the video system for the 10:30 service. I had an uneasy feeling before the service started and during the ...

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Thread: Possible violence averted at church today...

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    Possible violence averted at church today...

    I was at church today running the video system for the 10:30 service. I had an uneasy feeling before the service started and during the worship session. After the praise and worship session our pastor started to pray before the time of greeting and fellowship among the congregation. As he was praying he had come to a point where he said"... in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ...". I heard " AAAAGGHHH AH OH NO AAAAGGHH!!!!" come from a seat in the congregation to my right. A man started to stand up and reach into the inside of his coat. Our pastor just stopped looked him in the eyes for a moment and went back to his prayer. A large man behind him placed his hands on his shoulders and forced him down. I watched him be whisked out of the auditorium by about a 6 men. The pastor preached his sermon without missing a beat. Afterward, I spoke with one of the associate pastors and he informed me the "gentleman" will not be back(possible ride in police car?). Living in Kentucky does anybody know the law about carry in a place of worship? I don't not being sure and am wary of breaking any law. I did have some oc and a metal flashlight in my coat pocket. Remember be alert, it can happen anywhere, at anytime.
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    Maybe he was having a heart attack?
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    The look on his face was not one of pain.

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    Maybe he was demon possessed and couldn't stand to hear the Name.
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    Sounds like your church had a plan in place that worked.
    Handgunlaw.us will answer your carry questions.

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    Potential violence?
    Need more info, yes.
    Medical condition?
    Spiritual issue? (+1 HotGuns)
    Do agree be alert, stay armed and check your state carry laws.
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    you can carry in a church as long as the pastor says otherwise, respect the house of the Lord which i see you do. my grandfather is a pastor in Floyd Co. KY and i carry there too, and everyone knows (theyve all had a part in raising me). he doesnt mind at all b/c he knows im responsible with it. he tells me if something happens the lord will take care of it and i told him if someone came in guns blazing i would strike down with the hammer of god and a few .45acp rounds, he got a good giggle out of it ;)
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    That was an error in vocabulary on my part meant to type "possible" instead of "potential". Apologize for the type o on my part. The sound in his voice wasn't one of pain or alarm, which I would think would provide hints of medical distress. His facial expression also didn't indicate pain. I am inclined to agree with you, JAT40 and HotGuns on the spiritual issues. What the associate pastor indicated after I spoke with him contributes to that inclination. He appeared to be trying to grasp something inside his coat, nothing on his physical body. This made me uneasy as well. The situation was handled according to church protocols and the man needs help. I will be praying for him.
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    According to the KY codes you are fine to carry in Church if you have a CCW permit. Don't they give a copy of the KY laws at the training class? The best way to find the applicable laws for your state is to go to your State's website and search the penal codes for firearms. To find the information below I just googled "kentucky penal code". Then I searched for "firearms" on the index of the codes page using the search function in the browser. This is usually under the Edit menu and will be called search or find. Most browsers also let you do a keyboard shortcut of ctrl+f. When dealing with stuff this important it's best to go straight to the source.

    If you find out the rest of the story please let us know.

    from Kentucky Revised Statutes
    527.020 Carrying concealed deadly weapon.
    (4) Persons, except those specified in subsection (5) of this section, licensed to carry a concealed deadly weapon pursuant to KRS 237.110 may carry a firearm or other concealed deadly weapon on or about their persons at all times within the Commonwealth of Kentucky, if the firearm or concealed deadly weapon is carried in conformity with the requirements of that section. Unless otherwise specifically provided by the Kentucky Revised Statutes or applicable federal law, no criminal penalty shall attach to carrying a concealed firearm or other deadly weapon with a permit at any location at which an unconcealed firearm or other deadly weapon may be constitutionally carried. No person or organization, public or private, shall prohibit a person licensed to carry a concealed deadly weapon from possessing a firearm, ammunition, or both, or other deadly weapon in his or her vehicle in compliance with the provisions of KRS 237.110 and 237.115. Any attempt by a person or organization, public or private, to violate the provisions of this subsection may be the subject of an action for appropriate relief or for damages in a Circuit Court or District Court of competent jurisdiction.

    KRS 237.110
    (16) Except as provided in KRS 527.020, no license issued pursuant to this section shall authorize any person to carry a concealed firearm into:
    (a) Any police station or sheriff's office;
    (b) Any detention facility, prison, or jail;
    (c) Any courthouse, solely occupied by the Court of Justice courtroom, or court proceeding;
    (d) Any meeting of the governing body of a county, municipality, or special district; or any meeting of the General Assembly or a committee of the General Assembly, except that nothing in this section shall preclude a member of the body, holding a concealed deadly weapon license, from carrying a concealed deadly weapon at a meeting of the body of which he or she is a member;
    (e) Any portion of an establishment licensed to dispense beer or alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises, which portion of the establishment is primarily devoted to that purpose;(f) Any elementary or secondary school facility without the consent of school authorities as provided in KRS 527.070, any child-caring facility as defined in KRS 199.011, any day-care center as defined in KRS 199.894, or any certified family child-care home as defined in KRS 199.8982, except however, any owner of a certified child-care home may carry a concealed firearm into the owner's residence used as a certified child-care home;
    (g) An area of an airport to which access is controlled by the inspection of persons and property; or
    (h) Any place where the carrying of firearms is prohibited by federal law.
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    church carry

    In Ky a valid concealed weapons permit holder may carry a concealed wepon in church.

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    I would strongly suggest that all folks who are qualified with a firearm and can legally carry a firearm in their respective houses of worship do so.

    The proper post 9/11 mentality makes it smart and prudent to do so.

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    Add in the economy, the local 'wackos', all the news reports lately, and I would not be surprised to see something happen in our church as easily as in a WW parking lot.
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    Stay armed...trouble in church? make 'em holeeee...stay safe!
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