Knife, chase

Knife, chase

This is a discussion on Knife, chase within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just hopped out of bed with this one. It wasn't really clear, but I thought I'd share what I remember. I was rolling down a ...

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    Knife, chase

    Just hopped out of bed with this one. It wasn't really clear, but I thought I'd share what I remember.

    I was rolling down a long, gentle hill on rollerblades (played roller hockey in yesteryears and occasionally use as transportation in warmer months) - may as well consider that I was walking, jogging, or bike-riding for applicable hypothetical purposes. I pass all kinds of people on the way, just minding my own business, and everything seems fine (was a DARK and STORMY night).

    Eventually the dream world decides that the road ends and that there's a store or something - later turned into a hardware / convenience type store on the bend of the road.

    Anyway, here's the important part:

    Rolling / moving down the road at good pace, keeping a state of "mellow yellow" (yeah, even in dream world!) - enjoying myself but not oblivious to what's going on - when all of a sudden, from the store or building ahead of me, come two guys running in my general direction. Imagine it like this:

    ME--> <--GUY1 <--GUY2

    To my discerning eye, I could tell (maybe it was just because it was my dream) that they weren't after me - not both running with an aggressive intention, but they certainly weren't out for a leisurely jog. Almost immediately, between how each guy was running and how fast they approached (and I started getting a clearer picture of each), I put together what was going on:

    Closest guy to me (1) was running AWAY from guy (2), who looked like he was brandishing some sort of weapon. My first reaction was to say in a very loud, commanding, authoritative voice, "WHAT THE [choice word] IS GOING ON HERE?!!" (since I was put right in the middle of the situation anyway, I made a split-second decision to get minimally involved - my thinking (I think!) was to try to further assess the situation while not putting myself between the guys - maybe get info and gtfo). Focus turned to the threat, guy (2), who was wielding a box-cutter. I thought to myself "that looks NASTY" and tried to keep some kind of distance from him while continuing to figure out what was up. Guy (1) said something about being chased...determined that guy (2) was a BG and instructed him, loud and clear, to back off and put down what he was holding.

    OH! I should probably mention that the second they entered my "danger zone" - when the unknown group got within about 5yds while still moving quickly in my direction - I made a BIG deal out of deploying an ASP baton while I yelled "what the [...] is going on here?!!" Thought that was important =)

    So now it seems I'm really involved in the situation now, playing "protector" to guy (1), focusing mostly on keeping guy (2) with knife away from both of us, but I don't know guy (1) so keeping watch on him too (sorry guy - don't know you and I'm not a cop - not gonna take your side and trust you quite like that).

    I think that this part of the dream ended here. Discuss?

    A second part ended up inside the store. Must have been an alternate way of things happening because it doesn't make sense as a continuation of the first. Guy with knife was on ground with other guy holding knife to his throat. Somehow I ended up walking by the pair (both on the ground at the end of an aisle) - seems like a very unlikely thing to chance upon, but I guess it's as valid as any other scenario / "what if?" I remember thinking about taking a swing at the BG with the baton, but this was dreamland - I wasn't even sure that I had it in my hand (and why would I have it in my hand when I just came upon the pair?).

    What do you think your reaction would be if you were suddenly in the middle of an assault in progress, like in the first scenario?

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    I would like to personally congratulate you on your outstanding self awareness on rollerblades, especially in the dream world-- I doubt I'd have the mind to do anything but enjoy the ride
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    To wake up and swear off taco's before bed!

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    Late night eating will make you dream

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    Sounds like a White Castle experience to me.

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    Hmmmmm.... White Castle. Yum.

    As far as the dream, it's just a standard "being chased" dream whether it's by monsters or bad guys.

    99.9% of the time, those dreams just mean that you are being chased by "problems" that are working on your head.
    Take a look at your waking life and examine what those things are that are weighing on you, and then overcome them... in reality mode.

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